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Thread: Chat
15/08/2016 23:12:53

Thanks to all for good wishes for dd and I. She hopes to be discharged on Thursday: we have a fitness to participate in uni life meeting tomorrow, she will return part time, not full time. I had a fabulous time at the FoQ on Sunday, great journey with 6 friends and one husband driving. DD's ticket was resold so I got the money back. Really exciting to see my sketchbook quilt alongside the other entries... very proud moments for me as I returned a few times during the day.


Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
11/08/2016 20:05:15

Ooh, too exciting. DD had a ward round today and is preparing for discharge next Thursday, she hopes to go walking with ASGMA on Sunday while I am at the Festival of Quilts.

126 entries, I am so glad I tried; just hope mine is up and not lost in transit.


About to watch Full Steam Ahead blush

Thread: Demos and meet the PP team at FOQ 2016
06/08/2016 09:50:06

I hope to be there on Sunday but DD won't now be able to. So 11 to noon on Sunday for Sashiko.... is it a plan!


That should have been it is a plan. 

Edited By Myra of Cheadle on 06/08/2016 09:51:20

Thread: Chat
05/08/2016 11:50:08

Best wishes to all those who aren't well; Maria, Fiona.... DD

Off to ward round or MDT for 1pm. Let's see how many present and how many we know or have met before. What is an Integrated Neighbourhood Team for? Community? No idea! She's very anxious, I have had a text this am, her first phone aged 20 years! For using Brain in Hand app at Uni next year....

Sorry you cannot sew Fiona but your daughter can sew on your behalf! GIANT Jacob's ladder block? How big will this baby be?

6 or 7 months... She's getting ready a bit early! Good to plan though, and prepare for new arrivals.

Best wishes Terry and Tessa with moving house...

And thank you to Winnie for her good wishes for DD, let's see what discharge date we might be working towards today!

TTFN Myra 🎢

31/07/2016 10:26:41

Glenda, I know I still owe you a Miss Molly's Garden block. Have you filled in that gap or is there another block I could send you in return for yours?

Thinking of you, Myra

31/07/2016 10:24:14

June, We understand. Friends here who do. I am currently quilting my Quilt Together 2013/4 quilt in the day whilst sleeping under it on the sofa at night. Might move stuff off my bed and return upstairs to sleep today? DD is in hospital so things are rather chaotic but I think we are getting there..... slowly...

TTFN Myra 🎢

27/07/2016 17:46:16

Irene, a Swiss cow will have an accented Moo, could confuse the child! Reminds me of being in the foyer of a Hotel in Salzburg, a child on Dad's back went 'oh-oh' as she dropped her toy! Meaningful in many languages,


Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
07/07/2016 14:47:23

I have posted mine today. I enjoyed doing but doubt I will get a prize. I am looking forward to seeing them all at the FoQ


Thread: Chat
24/06/2016 09:58:35

Oh, Winnie, that's so hard. I fear many changes and quite a rough ride ahead for the UK as we leave the EU and those who are living in the EU who are unable to remain there. Enjoy your visitors and reflect upon your future plans. Take care of yourself

My thoughts are with those who aren't well and those reeling from the leave vote.....


22/05/2016 23:47:18

Dear Fiona, good to hear your quilt is providing warmth and comfort. Sorry to hear you are in hospital, get well soon. TTFN Myra

16/05/2016 21:17:14

Quilt and Patch, I am watching..... TTFN Myra

Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
17/03/2016 16:41:08

Dear Lexie, If we are the only two to enter, what will happen to the third prize? Come along other subscribers, try something with your wadding........ TTFN Myra

Thread: Chat
17/03/2016 16:37:03

Well done Alison and Eileen, like Winnie I don't enter competitions but applaud your success. Having said that, I am progressing steadily with my sketchbook quilt from March's magazine.... I hope to enter the exhibition at the Festival of Quilts. Off to Buxton tonight for dd's RNP at Sea Cadets, I ironed her uniform on Monday as she did her cap and boots! TTFN Myra in the sunshine.....

Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
13/03/2016 09:17:11

Dear Katy, Yes, I enjoyed the free wadding.... and am making a crazy quilt in shades of lilac, mauve, purple, violet...... I began at my Patchwork Class when I had left the love ring block pieces I intened to sew at home, they were done at the Sewing Social the following Monday. I had the magazine and wadding in my bag, an extra quadrant cut for the love ring block and other scraps in my stuff, added fabric from the stash in the corner of the classroom and just enjoyed trying anything. Not finished yet and no idea how to quilit it but in progress and I am having fun. How are others doing? TTFN Myra

Thread: Hug Hearts for March
13/03/2016 09:01:08

Dear PP Forum members, Thank you to all who sent hearts to us, they were a special surprise on Friday morning dropping through the letterbox with dd's First News. Thank you to Katy and Daisy for their contribution too. Friday was a busy day arranging appointments and making phone calls, answering her emails etc. Saturday we attended a Sing Day with Stockport Community Choir to prepare for our 5th Anniversary event next month, very enjoyable day with friendship, food, fun and songs. First day out for her, she's back in Buxton on Monday and at Uni Tuesday. Breaking up for Easter on Friday, about 2.5 weeks work in 4 days....... Thus I am catching up with messages resting on Sunday morning listening to GMS from Crufts on Radio 2. Thank you for your good wishes TTFN Myra and daughter, who is improving ☺

Thread: Worldwide Quilting Day, 2016
11/03/2016 00:21:33

Dear Margaret, you are missing sewing for a good reason though. I am glad it's the 19th as we are at a choir sing day on Satuday 12th, Stockport Community Choir are 5 years old and are having an event to mark that milestone by inviting former members to revise pieces and join in an event in April. We didn't join until June 2011 when the choir started in February, after Mum died 1st May 2011. Poignant milestone for two reasons. I will attempt an hour or two of sewing on the 19th..... may be more? I enjoyed joining in in 2014 and am looking forward to seeing what we all create this year. TTFN Myra

Thread: Block Identification
11/03/2016 00:11:36

Dear Stereochild, Only 9 months to come up with, Massachusetts could also work for May.... 8 more to go? I have returned to my Quilt Together 2013, having moved house in January 2014, and didn't unpack the inspiration, quilting brain or other blocks until 2016. I now have one block remaining, Rosebud which I never received from the USA. I nearly cut out all the pieces on Wednesday at Wilmslow Guild but needed a 26 inch piece, cut two 13.5 inch pieces but need 4 x 6.5 inch pieces....... Well, Friday is supposed to be shopping and tidy up for dd at the weekend but she's been at home since Thursday 3rd, having been discharged from Hospital. Went to see her GP this Thursday am and they had had notification of her admission but no discharge report? We filled him in. TTFN Myra. PS this is a bit random but it is 00.14 and I should really be asleep!?

Thread: Chat
07/03/2016 07:28:34

Angela, those quilts are lovely. I especially like the Bunnykins one, I have 4 collections of Bunnykins pottery, Mum, older brother, mine and dd's. 3 generations, still packed for safety in the kitchen until we have an extension. Happy memories.... Mothering Sunday was interesting, 60 minutes at the out of hours GP, 30 finding a pharmacy with some of the prescription, collect the remainder after 4 pm today. I expected to return her to Uni between 2 and 4 today..... She's still here for the forseeable future... GP for me this morning, then a coffee with a friend, home for lunch if dd is eating..... It is all go. My tablet still won't add returns to my text so the layout isn't what I wanted! Clear blue skies and a frost here, 17 cm in Buxton when we were there on Friday. Best wishes to all, TTFN Myra and lodger

05/03/2016 23:33:56

Congratulations on the new and expected babies but sextuplets beats most of us! Lovely quilt Rosemary and a weighted blanket strengthens the muscles of those who make the beds, dd has one at home and one at Uni. I couldn't manage 6, one has caused enough bother this week. Phone rang at 6 pm on Weds when I was talking to our former next door neighbour. Support worker for dd, she's been sick since 9 am, can I come up? Yes, on my way, via home to collect extra bedding, towels and a bowl etc. At A and E for 21.10, left 09.10 on Thursday. Anti sickness, IV antibiotic, etc. 3 litres saline... Waited almost an hour for triage, I warned she can faint after taking blood, she did on the trolley. I asked her a question, got no response..... didnt shout for help. Good job Dr David was more alert. The day staff also reprimanded me. Not my finest moment. So, she is spending 4 nights at home this weekend instead of the usual one. 17 cm snow in Buxton as we collected her belonging on Friday ☺, none left at home by about six tonight. She's still not well but just gone to bed.......TTFN Myra (sorry something removes all the new lines/returns I type?)

02/03/2016 10:21:01

Dear Community, Heading to my Patchwork class later today. I WILL be working on my Quilt Together 2013 blocks. Love ring to machine the squares this week, this was my choice of block since it reminds me of meeting Amanda Holden in London when dd was interviewed by her for Text Santa. We were near Crystal Palace Park so popped in to see the Maze and palace foundations before catching the train back. Unfortunatley it was never broadcast. Then I will have another try, with help, on Foundation piecing for Glenda's block. Finally will be Rosebud, since mine didn't arrive. TTFN Myra

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