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Thread: Easter ATC
10/03/2017 18:23:13

Ooooh, Carols...

Who will I be chosen with from the hat?

Need my yellow fabric box first.....

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
10/03/2017 18:19:21

Hmm, that should have read bobbing. 🏊🏄⛵🎢

10/03/2017 18:17:18

How are things in France, Winnie?

Dipper dipping here. Or bodding. Looking at a final year flat tomorrow with Kate, Buxton im the White Peak are! atTfn Myra amd Katr

Thread: Thank you everyone
10/03/2017 08:34:27

P. s.

I will update my 2010 photo.......

M x

10/03/2017 08:30:15

Katy, it is with sadness and joy I type now,

As Cathy comments above, I am in a different time zone, occasionally upside down and am using my 27 hug hearts to share the love of and for and from the PP Forum in the Stockport area this Spring.

Wishing you and yours every success and may all your sorrows be small

TTFN myra, Myra in Cheadle

Thread: Easter ATC
07/03/2017 15:35:03

Count me in again...

Watching Griff Rhys Jones in the sewers under Manchester, he has just tripped but ok. Culverts and sluice gates. Manchester is enveloped in a canal network.. High Lane, Marple. Limestone, Industrial 18th Century He is headimg to Huddersfield now

TTFN Myra of Cheshire and Derbyshire

Thread: 4 patch swap
07/03/2017 00:01:29


Car and I headed to the garage. Port, rear tyre, left on Friday has no evidence of a puncture. AA patrol and I, with dd couldn't see a hole when tyre removed in Feb. Tyre repair person at the garwge can't find a hole. Starboard front tyre tends to look a bit flat.. so I started looking at used cars. Test drove one, diesel version of petrol car I chose. Great. Blue, in Birmingham, Chloe will try to arrange it's progress north tomorrow for me to look, approve etc and choose a delivery date. She is heading to Essex on Thursday and returning by train, via L8nd8n! so wanted to aim for Tuesday test drive.. She is from the Liverpool area so worried about getting THE WRONG TRAIN. So, I said, get off it and go back to where you were. She's a lovely lady and will manage ☺

So, sew, I didn't leave the garage in my car but a smart car, in red... for the sew7ng social. Passed the church, went home, closed the shed door, headed to the church and we 5 enjoyed sewing, being social, supper (i.e. Tea, coffee and a cream egg) circles and table moving 5 tables, 5 people and 5 chair waltz.

I left my scissors in thr lounge, at home, so worked out my 4 patches from 3 materials and will cut them in the morning. TTFN mary, myra and midge.

Thread: Chat
04/03/2017 22:57:09

My April PP dropped through my letterbox this morning, had a quick glance before the Bring and Sing Handel's Messiah rehersals started at 11. We performed excerpts with soloists and orchestra from 5 to 6 pm before collecting a takeaway for our evening meal. I collected dd from Buxton yesterday and she returns tomorrow, after baking and trying to resolve the lack of memory in her phone!

The new mag looks fab... roll on Monday afternon when I can study it in depth!

I need to collect a car tyre left for repair and then they will look why there's a small pond where the spare tyre should be. My guess is the seal has perished around the hatchback? Did work for the AA taking breakdown calls so have been out for training with 2 patrol men. An off duty motorcycle patrol came to the car park and small groups were shown the tools carried by them. Seem to remember a small and larger van too. One training trip was on a full lift vehicle, which was great to participate in and really helped our understanding when taking calls.

Magazine digesting, hot chocolate and maybe a biscuit while the car is fixed..... I had probably better not take a sewing machine to the garage!

Bit late for an essay


Thread: 4 patch swap
01/03/2017 17:41:03

I am interested Rosemary. Is this just once or will it be repeated a few months?


Thread: Easter ATC
01/03/2017 17:38:35


Count me in for an Easter ATC


Thread: Quiltlet Challenge for 2017
30/12/2016 15:10:42

I too think this sounds interesting Rosemary,

I will have a ponder about it... depends if I can choose one programme from my many favourites!

It might help if I had not just eaten a triangle from a 360g Toblerone and now have sticky fingers!

Having chosen the programme I won't have the correct colours or materials so maybe I should look in my fabric stashes to see if I can spot a clue to a tv programme there! The double edition tv mags finish today so I can open a page to seek inspiration....


Thread: Chat
28/12/2016 09:26:11

I am awake, dd not yet!

I collected new glasses yesterday, not put them on yet this morning. They are varifocal so I can only see some distance, some reading but mostly double vision as my eyes adjust to them.

Having a rest from sewing until the Social on 9th January, when I am preparing a wall hanging to be finishing and then quilted at Thursday at One.... It will be finished this year.

At my patchwork class on Wednesdays I hope to make a Japanese folded patchwork bag to carry my calligraphy materials to Thursday evening classes.

Let's see what I achieve this year!

Wishing Forum Members a peaceful and prosperous, sewing and quilting 2017


18/12/2016 12:37:33

Morning Rosemary, oh, it's afternoon already!

British P & Q, Fabrications, and Popular patchwork? UK or world domination......

Probably both!

Sorry to hear you have a cold, Katy... hope is clears up soon. Thanks for your good wishes, Katy and Rosemary

May I wish all on the Forum, from PP, BP+Q and F... or further afield, a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2017. You may not get either but I can still wish you all the very best, or the strength to manage your woes and strife rainbowgiftcake and a cup of tea or coffee...

Myra in Cheadle

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
17/12/2016 05:48:42

And there was a power cut 05:44... so there was no cd, my scented candle had burned down, alarms went off locally and i grabbed my AA torch to see if the water table had risen or .... I noticed the street lights were off so concluded wider than just my house. All back on again as I was walking upstairs! Will read this thread again later....

TTFN myra in a momentarily very dark cheadle.....

Edited By Myra of Cheadle on 17/12/2016 05:49:43

Thread: Chat
17/12/2016 05:39:53

Hopefully British Patchwork and quilting, along with Popular Patchwork will be stronger together?

I am awake at silly o'clock, 7 hexagons for the wall hanging in reach to sew, sitting under my Exodus quilt..... listenimg to Military Wives, Stronget together cd.

Track 12 is called Counting time, 13 Sing but track 3 is Stronger Together.

TTFN Myra, still in Cheadle and awake.

Greetings to all whom I have exchanged fabric creations.... And warmer greetings to each and everyone who is accessing, or who has accessed, this forum.... and those who will continue in the future?

16/12/2016 19:37:34

Maria, that looks great. Catching a glimpse of the photo, I took the tiles as being patchwork!


I collect my dd from Uni i Buxton tomorrow, she is going walking Sunday then we buy and begin our tree on Monday.

She is struggling at Uni, so the last couple of weeks have been busy: the most memorable moment, seeing the lit Christmas tree at the Rising Sun junction at midnight... or was it the Midnight Sun at rising? I had a camp bed and my bedding in the car... dd slept but I sat in the kitchen, reading and planning.... and so e doodling.

When she returns to uni, weekend of 14th - 15th January I sohould have more time to organise myself and join in more with the forum... but not now! I am going to listen to Friday is music night, sitting in bed (that night on the camp bed catching up)

I am joining 7 hexagons for a wall hanging begun in 2013, which should be ready to be quilted in the new year... I hope to post a photo when it is finally finished?

Well, ttfn I must head upstairs to put the cover on the duvet and fetch a drink... etc.

Myra in warm but dark Gatley? No, I have moved to Cheadle! 


Missing you Katy... hope you are back with us soon.

Edited By Myra of Cheadle on 16/12/2016 19:38:21

16/08/2016 20:40:20

Congratulations to new Mum and Granny. Very exciting to celebrate a new life.

DD and I went to a Fitness to participate in Uni life meeting today... hour travelling each way, 30 mins preparation, 2 hour meeting. Took a housing benefit application to the town hall with supporting documentation. Bought McD's and took to eat in the park by the hospital and returned for visiting time. I am confused and exhausted and I don't have autism nor am I an inpatient in hospital. Still questions to be asked and answered before discharge.... but getting closer

Went to the sewing social last night and quilted two blocks, only 4 more to quilt!


Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
16/08/2016 20:33:21

Katy, mine is at the bottom of that photo: above and to the left of floral ones. There was one on the top row which was a crazy purple quilt but not mine! It's hard to identify them without names, the numbers are small in the photos.


16/08/2016 11:52:06

Katy, it's purple, crazy patchwork. At the bottom right, with number on, is a quadrant left over from a love ring block, with gathered strip attached. Other leftover diamonds added and a butterfly appliquéd onto it. Hope you can spot it now Myra

16/08/2016 11:30:11

Mine is number 107


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