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Thread: Chat
18/07/2020 20:19:06

Well, delayed greetings from my Dipper nest,

I have been recieiving (it underlines each version I type! - receiving - an extra i bonus) email updates from the forum but haven't managed to login for a while - I need to note my password!

I am not sure the last time I posted but it is a while back.... Dove Patchers haven't met since the first Saturday in March but I have been progressing my current works in progress at home - I will upload photos tomorrow? Or soon.

I have spent the day with dd in Buxton - her household split in lockdown - 3 including her went to offices of the Day Centre in Matlock while the other 2 went to family. She preferred the staff there but has been back in Buxton since 8th June - almost 5 weeks.

Having finished her Degree - the final 10 weeks or so remotely - she is now certified as having a Foundation Degree (Arts) Distinction. She has printed a copy of her certificate and I took the frame for it today. She had to access two separate parts of her login to print the certificate and the additional marks - modules studied!


Myra Dipper

18/07/2019 22:12:19

Hello Maria,

I have a Cuttlebug which folds up. I haven't used it much so I will look for the dies, in a shoebox and the cuttlebug itself and give it another go


13/03/2019 17:40:58

Greetings Rosemary,

I hope to do some patchwork on Friday at Friendly Fridays, I am making a Welcome to Friendly Fridays tablecloth as a collaberative project... I cut some hexagons out this morning for others to join.

I have a job interview tomorrow so I am hoping I will be sucessful...

Which day is quilting day?

Nearly time to eat, so I will let you know over the weekend my patchwork and work success?



24/02/2019 07:55:18

Just uploaded some photos, in a 2019 update album and viewed it. The photos were cropped when memory card was taken from old phone to new one but seem rectangular on my tablet... so they are not really cropped but because of my left-handedness probably not all the right way up.

Kate and I discussed sailing yesterday, I passed Start Yachting in August 2018 and am studying for RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory course for this summer. Possible voyages could be Lowestoft to Whitby or Inverkip to Inverness this summer

I remembered my password from yesterday so I hope I can remember it again soon.

I like Winnie's idea but can't think of a way to add it to Friendly Fridays but might add a letter or number as the tablecloth progresses.


23/02/2019 19:16:20

Greetings from Cheadle to Rosemary and Winnie,

I rejoined the digital age last October and have still to catch my tablet up with my phone...

But my tablet doesn't yet have a sim card..

However may I update all of you?

I have finished the Thursday at One wall hanging and it has been hung. I also finished a hexagonal wall hanging for my home essentially rainbow colours, that hangs from the picture rail.

My next group project is a Welcome to Friendly Fridays tablecloth, which will be added to the sign in table most Fridays and moved to Gorsey Bank Park when we picnic there in the warmer weather. I am doing the lettering applique onto curtain samples joined first, others will add hexagons and I hope to have a teddy bear or more in the border for the picnics.

Dove Holes Patchers was postponed in February because of the snow and Kate and I didn't then go the next Saturday, hoping to both make it next week, with a visit to the Pavillion Arts Centre the next week for the Lego movie 2.

TTFN Myra 😊🎢🦉 i

I will upload photos later, probably tomorrow as I have to reset my password

Thread: Hug hearts
19/01/2019 23:31:57

I am still treasuring my hug hearts and missing Gatley.

I am wondering whether to make a cloth or bunting? Since there isn't a hall table here in Cheadle. A cloth could go on the low Trofast unit next to the radiator and bunting could be hung from picture rails on most rooms...

Thread: Chat
19/01/2019 23:22:36

Greetings from Cheadle, I invested in a new tablet in October 😊,

Happy New Year to each of you and yours🎉🎊🎆

I have seen the trailer for GBSB and am looking forward to February 12th.

We, dd and I, are going to Dove Patchers in Dove Holes, High Peak, Derbyshire on Saturday 2nd February



Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
06/05/2018 10:50:37
I was saddened to collect my magazine from home yesterday and to read it is the final edition...
My computer tablet has broken so I have missed discussion on the forum. Staying in a Premier Inn with dd who has moved out of a flat but not yet signed her new tenancy agreement..
However, we spent 6 hours with Dove Patchers yesterday so some sanity was restored.
I too have a subscription to BP&Q so will evolve with the changes. Hope to be part of the forum again soon,
TTFN Myra and dd in Stockport
Thread: Chat
20/12/2017 12:43:35

Seasonal Greetings to all from Cheadle....

I look on the forum fairly often but post so rarely....

I'm Dipping in today 🐦, 🎢🎄

My daughter will be 22 in January, she has suspended her degree studies for 12 months... we have looked at 2 supported accommodation flats where she will be more supported for health needs, life skills and study skills and the new staff and course will be in its 2nd year - we hope

Our next group meeting with Dove Patchers is February 3rd... they had an Exhibition in Buxton that I visited. Thank you to all for a lovely Exhibition and welcome to the group by all...

I am full of Kate's cold... but it is on its way out...

Yesterday we drove many times through and around Chesterfield to Clowne, not the best day for us to try heading east. Thankful for the Police and Army who protect us.


Myra in Cheadle

03/11/2017 13:59:12

Oh, Margaret S,

I am so sorry to hear this... as Letia has said so well your intentions are honourable, their actions are questionable.


I agree with sending a few hug hearts to Margaret

My news is I am temporariy lodging in Buxton with dd...

She started the second part of her 2nd year in September but the course has been updated since last June!

Most of her 1 to 1 support has also changed and she had to leave halls of residence in July. She's been in a private rental 1 bed flat since July. About 2 weeks ago a leak has started, current depth in the tall trofast box is about 10 inches and there is heavy rain forecast from 10 pm tonight for most of Saturday the line of containers is across the room, basically making it 2 thirds the size!

She is also struggling with a different group of students and a new module not being prepared.

I have to put three bean bags in a line.. think snowman, and use a fleece sleeping bag and 3 quilts for a bed...


18/09/2017 18:30:35

So sorry to hear this news, Rosemary

Thinking of Dany and her freinds and relations and the group in France

Best wishes to you and Winnie as you meet together soon,

With sympathy Myra

Thread: Colouring pages
06/09/2017 13:17:39

Good afternoon Alex,

These look great, I will ask my daughter at the weekend to print some out for me - I usually draw my own! My computer needs updating and I cannot print from my tablet, hence needing dd to help.

I have requested a copy of BP & Q under the current offer but it hasn't yet been delivered.

I began a Wall Hanging with a group that i hope will be quilted by the end of the year.... we only began in 2011.


Myra in Cheadle, Cheshire

Thread: Chat
06/09/2017 13:07:19

Greetings to all,

Quick question...

Does anyone know when and where the Chelford Patchers meet.. they are not listed on the village hall website?

Or is Anne Gater teaching at Wilmslow Guild? Answers to either of these may help to unbefuddle my brain and explain things I have wondered



PS. dd will start the final year of her degree on September 18th 😊

06/09/2017 12:56:20

I agree with Winnie and Margaret S, freebies not posted overseas.

My October megazine has arrived today... and I am sorting the living room (and dining room) in anticipation of an extension. It's all one room so I need to move towards the front of the house and condense everything to leave the back to be remodeled!

This move had brought to light and moderate organisation my patchwork projects, extent of unfinished items, fabric in assorted colours - just in case, or I like that - I will have plenty to keep me busy in the dining end of room over thr winter!

Sue, ATCs are 2.5 by 3.5 inch sewn examples that we swap among the group from time to time. Mine are always soft cos I have not tracked down the correct viliene yet! (6 × 9 cm approx.)

It is my golden jubilee birthday this month, Happy Birthday to Troy from CHS whose birthday is today and all those who are celebrating this month too!


Thread: 4 patch swap
05/09/2017 08:25:01

Dear Rosemary and Sue,

Since dd is heading back to Uni this month I hope to find my autumn fabrics and make some 4 patches.😀

I think it was Easter, spring time I managed my last lot! Did 2 ATCs but didn't receive any in return 😕


TTFN Myra in Cheadle, heading to Buxton for the morning 💧☔☁💧💧

Thread: Chat
24/05/2017 13:34:29

Greetings Brenda in OZ, I too am from Stockport. Where abouts did you live and how long have you been down under?

DD and I had been to the Manchester Arena for the first time on Sunday evening to see Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince. There but for the grace of God we went. Incredulous waking on Tuesday morning to the news and the realisation how close we could have been, that's the route to the car park we took.

One young man locally lost his life but it affects so many families and individuals in many different ways. Manchester will be strong again as we were after the IRA bomb in 1996.

Tidying calls so I can sew again,

TTTN Myra in Cheadle

24/05/2017 13:25:02

Well done Marion,

You are a whizz on ebay, I am a novice, bought some purple gingham from there over 5 years ago!

I have finished the Japanese patchwork for my Calligraphy paper, I need to make the lining and handles next, just need to clear the table to put my machine on and track down the wadding for handles..... soon


21/05/2017 14:56:06


That was a view!

DD and I helped sail TS Pelican from Weymouth to Poole for her to be viewed at the Poole boat show this weekend.

We left Weymouth about 1pm on Monday, out into the channel. We had been sailing, well engine power, just over an hour and I was seasick. Dd took a photo of me asking to be back in a calligraphy class before I was seasick! The sails were out by then and I was around when there was a cheer for voyaging under sail power with no engine but until about 6pm I was out of action. I had a lay down, cup of tea and ate my evening meal and was on the bridge to pass into the Solent, see the Needles and anchor off Yarmouth for the night. No sickness after that.

Fabulous experience for Tuesday, using the RIB to visit Yarmouth and then sail in Poole harbour on Wednesday and more alongside Queen Galadriel and Nao Victoria. TS Royaĺist arrived later and had moored inside Queen Galadriel by Thursday as we sat on the harbour wall eating lunch.

Back home now and off to hear Prof Brian Cox at the Manchester Arena tonight and take dd back to Buxton and flat-sit while her broadband is fitted tomorrow. We have just put a chest of drawers carcass in the car, the drawers are in the shed until I visit again. She is still in halls but she has rented a flat for her final year and we are in the process of furnishing it... an IxxA delivery of 17 boxes has been assembled!

I will take my latest patchwork project to sew tomorrow , it is a Japanese patchwork squares with circles to make into a bag to take my things to Calligraphy, it won't be finished for this week but hopefully before the end of term! Too few partakers for the patchwork class to run and my alternate Monday evening Sewing Social was dissolved while I was on the ship I need to find some local alternatives!


Thread: 4 patch swap
28/03/2017 16:00:23


I have posted my 4 patches today.... hope they reach you quickly

Looking forward to getting some in return


Thread: Easter ATC
21/03/2017 14:53:52

Not to worry either way, Rosemary

I have 3 spring ATCs to complete this afternoon since I left my wadding at home last night while at my sewing social! I managed 2 by 2 squares though and hope to post those to you tomorrow, or when I locate some stamps!

Please reassure June that she can post my ATC when she is able, it will be just as much a surprise after Easter as before


Myra in Cheadle

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