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Thread: Chat
23/01/2014 19:05:05

maria, can you put up a link to it. Thanks

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
22/01/2014 13:12:37

I am back from WW and my weekly coffee trip. I lost 1.5lb this week so I am very very pleased. Would love to carry on like this.

Last year in a whole year of going to WW I was only 7lb lighter at the end of the year, but all I can say is if I ghad not been going to WW I would have been about 2st heavier, so all who have stayed the same, it is progress.

22/01/2014 09:17:15

DiT 2lb is a brilliant weight loss. we shouldn't be aiming for more than 2lb per week. Just think 2lb per week is over 7st in just one year.

my weigh in today, just hoping I have not gained too much!!!

21/01/2014 14:49:04

Yes but Pam you had such a big loss last week, and it will balance

21/01/2014 14:33:48

Hi Winnie, well tomorrow is weigh in for me!!! My friend does the shop at WW and if I don't turn up she will be after me. We always go to Morrisons after and cause trouble and have a coffee. No we don't have cake!!!!

At the moment I have a red pepper and tomato soup brewing on the stove. forgot to buy fromage frais for it, but can add that later, but it does make it creammy. When in the zone I do make a lot of soup, can't stand tinned etc any more

by the way i have been quite because my internet service had hiccups, and  was so slow I left it alone.

Edited By JillR on 21/01/2014 14:35:29

20/01/2014 09:16:58

Hi I have been looking, but have been having a bad time, not much bad stuff left in the house now as I have been a piggy for days. still we will get there.

Thread: Chat
15/01/2014 16:39:11

Pam, it was a while ago I lectured at Hallam, but I do know one of the Principle lectures in the Maths dept, he is really nice, I'll have a word with him.

Yes Dr Reeves at Huddersfield is my daughter, she lectures Criminology, I am told she is the youngest Grade 9 they have ever had!!!! I'll get her to suss out Huddersfield etc.

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
15/01/2014 16:35:46

Hi all, despite my very bad eat all I could find weekend I have lost 2lb this week. very happy with that. 2lb a week would be fab, but realistically a loss of anysize will be most acceptable.

Pam Jeffrey and I were watching each others packed lunch at quilt group today, we were both good!!!

14/01/2014 14:55:08

I weigh in tomorrow, after the weekend I would be pleased for a stay the same. I usually make lots of soup when I am trying to loose, also a veg curry that is very low in calories, it was a zero points on the old weight watchers, and really was useful to fill the gaps.

Will start to post when I have time some of my favourite recipes, Most are from WW books, but are really nice. I also eat alot veggie when on the diet.

14/01/2014 09:57:42

Hi all, the 5-2 diet has been on BBC this morning, mixed opinions, but then this is the same for all diet plans.

On a positive note I got through yesterday behaving very well on the food front. Woke in the night with the munchies, but just finished the kids grapes off. Still it was a busy day, that helps. Shopping in the morning, then late afternoon visited a friend to discuss sewing , whatelse would normal people discuss? Then straight out to take my GD's to their swimming lessons. Then home to a meal prepared earlier.

13/01/2014 14:36:19

Just back from supermarket, I was starving as i walked around. I lost count of how many quick snacks I looked at that seemed yummy and quick as I am out again this afternoon and evening.

I bought a mixed watercress, rocket and spinach salad, celery and radishes and have come home and had it with some lean bacon I roasted the other day, now for that bannana.

My head def feels better for not having sausage rolls and cake!!!

13/01/2014 11:35:20

I did get the kitchen and sitting room reasonable for Xmas, but have the Xmas decorations to put away, they are down. My work room/ bedroom are the main problem and the spare room. have started on the work room first, I can then sew comfortably and hope I will be busy and feel comfortable.

The trouble is i am a hoarder , every bit of fabric, ribbon, button pattern I might want sometime, but I am running out of room!!!!

13/01/2014 09:16:14

I think my main problem is I have let the house get insuch a mess I don't have room to do anything. I am trying to tidy and get things where they belong, then perhaps I will get organised to have the right food prepared and cook decent food, it is amazing how often i have all the right stuff in, but then don't prepare it and end up eating quick snacks and throw the good stuff away eventually because it has gone off. What a waste of money as well.

13/01/2014 07:33:08

3kg is a fantastic loss. I have had a terrible weekend, just eaten anything in sight, still I will keep focused on the long term, one weekend is not the end for ever!!!

Thread: Chat
11/01/2014 23:42:22

Carol that is fantastic.

Thread: My first quilt
11/01/2014 23:39:51

Lovely quilts. I think a lot of us started with a sampler quilt. I did. This is the first quilt I started. I had all the top made, then did a few other things before plucking up the courage to quilt it.

The blue red and cream side is the front, the other is the back. My DD likes the back best.

start 2004, complete 2011 (4).jpg

start 2004, complete 2011 (2).jpg

Thread: UFO Zapping 2014
10/01/2014 18:46:50

Oh ndeaer Katy, the Hearts all around thread has reminded me I still have that to be added to the UFO list. I dread to think what else may still be lurking in some forgotten corner

Thread: Hearts are all around
10/01/2014 15:59:23

That is wonderful, love the colours. Mine is still on the go!!!! I will finish it one day.

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
10/01/2014 12:45:00

I have taken my photos by our great big gate, will take them there again. They are on this site in my photos IF you want to look.

Winnie, my weight is round my middle and I can't find a tape measure long enough!!!!

off to knit and natter this afternoon, taking orange segments to nibble when they have biscuits.

Thread: Chat
10/01/2014 11:22:45

What is altered art???

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