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Thread: Hug Hearts for February
08/02/2014 19:40:46

Thanks everyone, I received a lot of hugs today. I can't believe a year has gone by since Mum died. as old as we are I think we all still miss our parents when they are gone.

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
07/02/2014 09:47:25

Di the recipe sounds really good. Post it on here then all who want it can take it down/

not a good day yesterday, but will try again today.

Di I have been told I need anew knee and hip, both on the right side, but I can feel both starting up on the left. I used to swim, but my right shoulder has also gone and now I find all exercise difficult.

06/02/2014 08:18:46

Good Morning ladies. Happy food control today. We are not dieting, just taking a healthy attitude to food. I don't know how many of you find that when you start on a 'diet', the food choices you make are much healthier, less processed food and more fresh food. I then find I am much more awake and 'alive' . I really do start to feel better, so I have no idea why I always seem to go back to my old ways!!!

I'm always looking for good simple recipes, either for one or stuff I can freeze. Lets swap recipes when we find one we really like.

I have looked at the stats for the people I have on the spreadsheet, it is not too late to be added, and have previous weeks put on if you let me know, here are some figures.

Total loss to date 71.25lb. Wow that is just over 5st

All on the sheet have loss weight, so keep it up ladies.

05/02/2014 11:56:27

Get well soon Winnie. My spread sheet is filling up, thanks ladies.

1/2 lb for me this week, I'm happy with that after the week I have had. Marlene, it makes 6 1/2lb for me also.

05/02/2014 09:03:07

Well done Lesley. I weigh today, but am dreading it after the bad week I have had.

05/02/2014 09:03:06

Well done Lesley. I weigh today, but am dreading it after the bad week I have had.

04/02/2014 22:54:15

Well done pam, onto the spread sheet. Well it is O.K. going on the spread sheet so long as we are not spreading!!!!

04/02/2014 08:35:56

Good Morning all. I hope you are doing better than I am this week, I seem to have really fallen off the wagon this week. tomorrow a stay the same would be a miracle.

My spreadsheet is filling up, I have the results for the first 3 weeks from, Winnie, margaretS, rosemary, Pam Jeffrey, Marlene, Cathy Turner ( and week 4) and myself. We are now onto week4.

If you want your week 1 to 3 results added to the sheet, please post them so I know what they are and I will add them.

03/02/2014 10:10:01

I must be mad, but I have taken photos of me at the beginning of this journey, taken on my initial weigh of the year, at the weight I am starting this journey.

here goes!!!!!!!


jan 7th 2014 (6).jpg

02/02/2014 18:23:07

Wow Cathy another loss,

Thread: Chat
02/02/2014 09:59:37

Wow Fiona, what a busy day!!!

Pratts Bottom, memories, one of the name places that always sticks in my head, nearly home when I passed that when I used to visit Mum. I can't believe it is a year this month since she died.

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
02/02/2014 08:06:47

Thanks Cathy, that's really good.  1 stone already, twice what I lost ALL of last year

Edited By JillR on 02/02/2014 08:07:52

Thread: New Projects to make and Ideas to try 2014
02/02/2014 05:28:23

Marlene, is that a bag to keep your oranges in or one from orange T towels??

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
02/02/2014 05:23:44

Ladies I have a spread sheet set up for weight losses, I have been going back through the posts to try to get all your weight losses for the time we have been going. It is a mammoth job with 25 pages to plough through.

It would help me greatly if you would post all your previously weekly weight losses.

Week 1 losses for week beginning Sunday 12th Jan

Week2 w/b Sunday 19th Jan

Week3 w/b Sunday 26th Jan

Week 4 w/b Sunday 2nd feb (today)

It would be helpful if when you post your 'official' week loss you make it clear that is the official one for the week.


I will then be able to give you stats each week for total losses etc etc.


Thanks ladies and happy slimming.

Edited By JillR on 02/02/2014 05:24:04

29/01/2014 14:06:12

Managed to loose 2.5lb this week, so I am very pleased. That is 6lb in 3 weeks.

Will work on a spread sheet over the weekend to get results started for next week.

28/01/2014 07:56:05

Winnie, how come the French are not all big? Sounds a fantastic feast.

27/01/2014 09:12:50

I could try and sort out a spreadsheet, after all it was me asking for companions on this journey that got this ball rolling, could do a bit to help. It would also help me focus more as well.

I will get the names and the previous losses from the old posts. , we do put ups in as well to get our overall loss. Then with a bit of luck I will be able to post weekly stats of our progress. A week starting Sunday.

give me a few days to organise myself.

Thread: Chat
27/01/2014 08:38:36

hi Kimberly. Sorry to hear about your OH. thinking of you, especially when I drive down to Wheatly tro fetch my GD's and son. I arrived at Wheatley with DS and DG1 as the heavens were really open and were noisy!!! When I got back there had not been nearly as much at Scawsby.

If push really came to shove you could always consider a stair lift, but I agree if you don't use it you loose it. All the best, thinking of you.


Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
27/01/2014 05:27:33

Winnie, I used to keep a spread sheet for WW swimming groups a few years back. Each week when people posted their weight or gain I added it to their column. Then I could use the spreadsheet to get total weekly losses and total losses for each person, averages etc . Was good as totals were automatically added with each update of the sheet..

Sitting here, trying to loose weight, but I am being a bit erratic, but definatly being better then the binging I was doing to gain all the weight.

I am finding the exercise difficult. I need a new knee and a new hip, but don't want it done untill I have loss some weight. I have now developed shoulder problems and find it difficult to swim. last time I loss weight I used to swim about 2000m per day at the early morning swim, but that is out of the window.

Edited By JillR on 27/01/2014 05:30:27

24/01/2014 09:37:02

I had the munchies again last night. Fatal if I can't sleep. Still as there was not any 'bad' food around I pigged out on a whole packet of crab sticks. Better than a packet of biscuits.

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