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Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
25/08/2014 18:28:03

Well done Marlene, as you say - in the right direction-- Wet, cold and miserable here today, and gobbled crisps!!!!!

20/08/2014 19:25:30

Marlene saw the quilt you did for Pam today, it is lovely. I have blood tests again at begin of sept to see if diet alone is working for me. I have been caught early so hope so, but even on tabs etc would have to stick to the diet.

20/08/2014 18:33:13

Hi all, I have lost 3 lb this week, just shows after the last few weeks of disappointment it pays to stick at it. food wise there is no reason why I only lost 1lb over the last 3 weeks, then lost 3lb this week. Still I am very pleased as now since the type 2 diagnosis I have lost 1st 2lb.

I am not even looking at what I was in Jan, my diagnosis was a new start for me, the past months of binging are over.

18/08/2014 21:17:38

Marlene, I feel much better now I am eating properly. I am on diet only at the moment, I go back beginning of Sept for more blood tests to see how it is going. That will be 3 months and they can tell your average glucose over the last 3 months, so can't cheat and try to just get them down before the tests. Mind you I didn't realise how important keeping the blood glucose down was. It really helps me eat correctly.

The diet I have been advised is very much what WW recomend, but just a bit more emphasise on the sugar content .

18/08/2014 14:59:48

Hi Marlene, the low sugar diet and spreading carbs etc will fall in well with a weight reducing diet. It is amazing when you look how much sugar is in things. I have started using soya yogurt, plain due to the sugar content. In fact I think I prefer it, Alpro, and it is not tart like plain cows milk yog.

Cereal is full of sugar, even those you think are good. I now only use porridge, shreddied wheat and occasionally puffed wheat, sweeten it a bit with fresh fruit and the soya yogurrt.

I was naughty at thwe weekend and had chips and crisps!!!!!! Very bad as my cholestral is also high and have to get that down.

Thread: wadding
17/08/2014 21:34:18

Yes cotton does shrink, but even the cotton/ poly mixes have a small amount of shrinkage, they usually stae on the info with it what the shrinkage rate is. I wash my wadding before I use it because I don't like the wrinkled aged look. Others like this look and do not wash so the quilts get that look after washing. Again it is all down to personal preference.

Thread: Chat
16/08/2014 21:24:56

Thanks Tessa, I have the pattern, but not really studied it yet. I have so many patterns I have never done, I am a bit crazy for buying them if I like them, just in case I can't get them when I do!!!!!

Your bags look so good I really must have a go.

16/08/2014 20:23:28

They are available at Quilter's Haven. They are a pattern.

16/08/2014 20:09:02

Tessa's bags have inspired me to actually get my pattern for them out. I did promise my GD's one each, Will have to get them done for Xmas

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
15/08/2014 21:28:05

I only stayed the same again this week, still only 13lb lost!!!!

Marlene, I didn't have to go to the hospital to get the diabetes diagnosis, just blood tests at the Dr. have had to go since as have had to have retinas checked and feet checks. I have been lucky as I have been picked up early before I got too bad. Mind you I have had quite a few infections this year, think they got me down and put me off track, but I seem to be settling now, but I am being very strict on the sugar etc. I have however been referred for urinary tract investigations, hate that I had it all a few years ago.

Looking back Marlene i see you went to Whitby show, our quilt group went also. had a good day, called in the sewing center at Scarbrough as well.

Winnie you have done very well with the weight loss, I am really quite ashamed that I went right off track. I have started to get back to the swimming pool at long last, and have also been taking my grandaughters. I am a bit despondant as the last 3 weeks i have only lost 1lb.

10/08/2014 23:25:43

Hi all, I am still around, lurking. I spent ages putting it on, but got back on track a few weeks ago. Well I wasn't given much choice as I have now been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. So far since the diagnosis in June I have lost 13lb, but have been really slow this last couple off weeks. pleased to see you all sticking to it. had a bad weekend food wise, but will have to buckle down again as I have more blood tests in 4 weeks and it can tell my average blood glucose levels over the last 3 months.

Thread: Chat
22/02/2014 20:29:10

Love the needle case, think I should sort mine.

Isobel seemed to love her throw and book cover for her birthday today.

Birthday girl

20/02/2014 20:12:36

Lovely picture of Roman, enjoy him. He is bigger than my twins were put together at birth.

Margaret, do get your shoulder looked at. I hurt mine over 18 months ago and left it and I really was silly.

I read the Flowers in the Attic series a long time ago. Hard to imagine anything like that could really happen, but look how recently it has come to light how people have been imprisoned away for years. The film sound s really good.

Thanks all for the kind comments about my work. It is great to do something useful.

20/02/2014 12:50:59

Had to measure it! The apron is 11 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches. Winnie I have put pictures of GD's birthday presents on the new for 2014 thread

20/02/2014 12:22:09

Kindle holderI've also been watching the curling, I can get quite excited and I am English .

I've been making bits and bobs to sell ( I hope) Little note book holders for the handbag and note holders for the kitchen. I also had an order from DD to make her BF a kindle holder with room for pens and notebook as well. The top is slightly wonky but he won't mind.

Handbag note book holder

Kitchen notes

Inside kindle holder

Thread: New Projects to make and Ideas to try 2014
20/02/2014 12:17:42

I have also completed the disappearing 9 patc with my sheep fabric, which I think I did put on my list. This is also for Isobel's birthday

Disappearing 9 patch

20/02/2014 12:15:58

I should have added book covers to my list to try, but never got around to it. It is amazing I have been quilting now for over 10 years and never made one. I was pushed by my GD who declares she LOOOOOOOOOVES patchwork and wanted a covered book for her birthday, she will be 7 on saturday.

Here is my first attempt and the owl one I did this morning for her

Book coverBook cover

Thread: PP Slimming Group 2014
13/02/2014 00:55:16

Juliet, just concentrate on getting well. Enjoy the chocs and eat some for me!!!


Winnie I know why I put the weight on, too many crisps and sausage rolls. Been ultra good today, I really do want it OFF OFF OFF

Done a lot of sewing today, just one simple border to finish on GD's throw. Then it is just going on a fleece and being quilted in the ditch. It is a simple one, but she will love it. 

Edited By JillR on 13/02/2014 00:56:39

12/02/2014 14:38:42

well done ladies, but I am here hanging my head in SHAME!!!!!! 1.5lb ON!!!!!1

Will update the spreadsheet later, busy as it is DGD birthday in a week and I have yet to put the border on the quilt I am making.

10/02/2014 09:41:58

Cathy, wish I could get my boobs to stick out instead of my stomach!!!. I am aiming to have my boobs out further than the middle.


DiT I have been refered to the hospital. The consultant would be prepared to do it now, but I have decided I want to loose the weight. My brother has had a knee, my mother had 2, and younger brother needs them. I know how bad crutches can be so want to loose down to at least 12st before I have it done. I was referred to the knee man, but have been told to get my doctor to refer me again when I am ready, but to the hip man. It was the hospital who found my hip needed doing as well.


Last week 12.75lb was declaared lost by the group. Cathy T has us off to a good start this week with her 1lb loss. A good steady pace of a 1lb per week is good.

Anyone else who wants including on the spread sheet just declare your losses or gains, or if you want it on, but without a public posting you can PM me.

Edited By JillR on 10/02/2014 09:48:21

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