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Thread: Chat
20/06/2017 20:54:39

Hi Girls,

I have just been reading through the posts about the forum -(a rare extra day off work), I thought I would add that I have not had a subscription but followed the forum since joining in 2009, I was not working then so enjoyed the swaps and connections having just moved from my groups in Auckland to a small town in the South Island of NZ and didn't know many people. Since then I have been working again on a 40 hr week and so my time is limited but the daily read just helps me relax when I get home. I don't get into the quilting as I perhaps should but soon I will be able to retire again and then go for it. So remember that the forum group is much, much bigger than it would seem on the posts. ps I don't do face book much either.

Thank you to all for just being there.

Pam Weg nz

14/11/2016 06:45:28

Thanks for your thoughts, I live in Blenheim and am a member of the Marlborough Civil Defence. All go today.

Lots of damage in the way of slips on major roads, damage to ferry terminals on both sides of the cook straight but most damage is around Kaikoura with the roads in both directions completely blocked and will be for some time as well as the rail line out. Issue will be to get food and water into the area. Heading off to bed early whilst it is a little quieter and hope we are not awake again by midnight. Just shows how important it is to be prepared with food, lights and water.. Quilting will have to wait this week I think. Quakes still coming far too strong and too often.

Take care

Pam Wegener

08/08/2016 00:01:48

Hi Girls, I am wondering if any of the girls that were involved in the Friendship swaps I participated in during 2010/11 ish. I am travelling from New Zealand during mid September to see my elderly mother. I will be going to the craft show at Alexander Palace on Sunday 9th Oct, by coach from Alton Hampshire, the weekend before I return to NZ.

So, I was wondering if any of the members of the swap are also likely to be at the show on that day (it is the only day a coach is going from Alton area). I would dearly love to catch up for a short time if possible.

Pam Weg tea

Edited By Pam Wegener on 08/08/2016 00:04:05

Thread: Friendship Swap Blocks 2012
30/07/2012 09:50:43

Hi Liz,

I'm sorry to say I have let the side down at the first hurdle. I have not finished your block so you will not get it by Tuesday. I will however have it finished and in the mail by the weekend. - due to work and that same tummy bug I think that is your side of the world. I just hope it fits with the rest when you get it.

Pam Weg NZ

Thread: Friendship Block Swap 2011
23/07/2012 10:17:47

Hi, I'm sorry my posting from last week doesn't seem to have made it to the page. It must be still travelling in cyber space. surprise

However I would like to thank Sol-Britt for the lovely heart block that arrived here last Saturday. It will fit in well with my others which I will now bring closer to the top of the.

Take care.

Pam Weg NZ

Thread: Strip Swap!
18/07/2012 09:36:45

Thank you Katy, My strips arrived in NZ on Tuesday morning our time - pretty quick. They are all lovely (14) and I have a few ideas.


I am sorry to say I have not finished your block yet and it may be Tuesday before I get it to post. I hope it arrives quickly from then.

Pam Weg.

11/07/2012 09:37:10

Right Hand of Friendship

Thread: Friendship Block Swap 2011
09/07/2012 10:39:49

Hi Sol-Britt,

I am sorry you have been unwell but trust you are improving daily. I have looked at your block to me in the album and am thrilled. It will fit so well with all the others, I look forward to including it a quilt soon.

Take care

Pam Weg (NZ)

09/07/2012 10:35:04


Thread: Friendship Swap Blocks 2012
09/07/2012 10:06:19

Hi Beryl,

I am in group A, I left Hampshire in UK in 1974 and now live in the South Island of New Zealand so I'm afreaid my blocks have a little further to travel. I work full time but love to read through and follow the threads with all the girls on this site. I did my first swap ever last year with them and love the blocks I have, although I still have to put them together. I found it stretched me a little to make outside my comfort zone in both colour and design but so good for me. I often drop in later at night when your side of the world is just getting up.

I hope you gain as much from the group as I have.

Happy swaping.

Pam Weg, (NZ)

Thread: Strip Swap!
05/07/2012 13:24:34

Hi Katy,

Not sure if my strips have arrived because I spespect the Pam you mention is the other one in UK. I posted Wedneday NZ time last week so should be with you by the end of this week at the latest. If not I may cut and post again fast mail so that I don't hold everybody up any longer.

Pam Weg dont know

Thread: Friendship Swap Blocks 2012
30/06/2012 12:34:52

Make that two,

I was wondering if the size given was in general or for this block? Do we have any colour guide also?

I've never actually made a crazy patch so here we go.

Pam Weg NZ

Thread: Strip Swap!
30/06/2012 00:44:27

Ummm, mine has some very - very dark red/black on .We will have fun putting them together I'm sure.

The results will be interesting to compare.

Pam Weg

Thread: Friendship Swap Blocks 2012
29/06/2012 20:49:23

Hi Katy,

I enjoyed last year doing two blocks in a month. Some months things were tight to get them posted on time from NZ but I found it interesting and stretched me a little out of my comfort zone. Just no really hard blocks girls!!!

I am happy to go with flow.

Pam Weg

Thread: Strip Swap!
27/06/2012 11:28:28

Hi Katy

I have posted my strips today and should only take 4 - 6 days so hope they will be with you soon.

Pam Weg

22/06/2012 10:49:28

Thank you Irene, It is amazing how much I've realised I missed the contacts. I have settled into a new job so should be better able to fit in some sewing now.

I have a very simple pattern in mind for this one.


22/06/2012 09:17:14

Hi Katy and all you others that side of the world.

I have only just found this thread and it is 8pm Friday here in NZ, but as it is only am that side I assume I can still put my name in. I promise to rush off and get my strips sorted and in the mail so that I don’t hold you up. I managed to get number 1 son to bring back some UK coins and stamps last year just for such an event, so I will get cost of postage to NZ and send the goods to cover.

Fabric washing Pam NZ

Thread: Friendship Swap Blocks 2012
19/06/2012 12:38:32

Thanks Katy, it feels good to be back already. Lots to read up and catch up on but I see some super quilts/bags and other bits in the photos


19/06/2012 12:08:45

Oh how I get sucked in !!! I have a J O B (keeps me just over broke) so have not been on the site for months. When I drop in, what do I find - another great friendship swap about to start.
I love my blue hearts on white and have just been away on a retreat and made flying geese to go into the quilt. whilst it is not finished it is in my mind and I am working on it.

I am a relatively inxperianced quilter but love the one little challenge each month that made me sit and sew instead of games on the computer. - So please add my name to the list Katy.

Pam Weg (NZ)

Thread: Warning
23/03/2012 09:44:39

I also have one card that I use on line and only have a low limit on it $200 NZ which covers fabric and things I may purchase on line. Never use the same passwords for banking as anything else and make sure your password is not real words i.e. a name - jumble the letters /with caps and numbers in the middle. making it harder to hack.


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