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Thread: Ask Aunty Babs.
26/07/2008 13:38:00
Great idea, Babs, am sure you'll be inundated!  I've just posted a question on the Autumn swap thread - would it be better to move it here?
Thread: It's your community - how would you like to use it?
26/07/2008 13:32:00


Just to say thanks again for the computer help - it only took two minutes to resize the photo and resave it (and it went from being 840kb to 63kb!) and even less time to upload it!

Thanks, H

Thread: Ideas for an Autumn Swap
26/07/2008 13:15:00

Hi Babs,

Thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll help me in my quest for perfect stripping ;o)  I think I'm having more of a problem at the moment as I have a splint on my right wrist which is making it difficult to make fine adjustments to the position of the fabric.  Hopefully using starch (and getting rid of the splint in a couple of weeks!) will make all the difference and will stop the frustration! 

Just one more (silly) question...when folding the fabric in half after washing & pressing do you line up the selvedges or follow the original centre fold from when it was on the bolt?

Thanks for your patience,


24/07/2008 16:43:00

Hi Babs,

Thanks Babs for the great info on where to buy starch and how to make my own.  The cutting board looks useful and it's obviously stood the test of time!

Does using starch before you cut help stop the fabric 'creeping' apart?  I find that if I'm cutting a large (i.e. over about 1.5m) piece of fabric into strips then the cut edges slide slightly apart as I move it along the cutting board and I then sometimes spend quite a while trying to match them back up again!  (Mind you, I'm willing to accept that this could just be my incompetence at play!!). The strips Katy cut do look nice and crisp and don't have that 'I know it's straight and exactly the right width all the way along but it doesn't look it now I've moved it' look that mine sometimes have...

Can't wait to get to Lidl and start starching ;o)


23/07/2008 12:35:00
Hi Babs, I was wondering whether we would be better starching the fabric before cutting - it's not something I've ever done but have often wondered whether it would help.  Will have to remember to look out for some, presumably I'll find some in the supermarket or the village 'handyman' shop...mind you, I thought that about a palette knife for icing cakes and ended up looking everywhere!  Why is it that the little things you think will be easy to find actually end up turning into some sort of endurance treasure hunt?!
Thread: It's your community - how would you like to use it?
23/07/2008 12:29:00

Thanks for the help Katy - I'll have a go when I've got a bit of time to play around with it and will hopefully be able to post pictures by the weekend!

22/07/2008 19:58:00

Hi Katy,

I was wondering if you could help me - I've just tried to upload some photos into my gallery but unfortunately all of my images are too big (i.e. over 250kb), I suspect because they're saved as 'Kodak Easyshare' there any way of making them smaller so that they can be uploaded?

Thanks, Helen

Thread: flutterbye fandango.jpg
22/07/2008 19:50:00
Wow!  This is a gorgeous quilt, I love it (&would really like to make one of my own!)
Thread: Ideas for an Autumn Swap
21/07/2008 19:19:00

Like the sound of 'Autumn leaves' - saw a lovely 'Maple Leaf' raffle quilt at a local show a couple of weeks ago so will try to cast my mind back to find inspiration on fabric choices!  It was quite exciting to see the details on the PP homepage - hope we get lots of strippers! 

Also like the idea of swapping blocks and postcards in the future - will have to work on my seam allowance if it's going to be sent to someone else though...

20/07/2008 18:52:00

Hi Kimberly,

My preference is to prewash for the same reasons as you. 

As for there any way we can run a poll - maybe give four (or so) choices and go with the most popular?  Maybe Katy could tell us if setting this up would be possible?  I particularly love blues, purples and pinks but must admit that I haven't yet learned to love what I think of as 'country' colours - kind of muted reds, browns and greens.  However, I'd be willing to give it a try if it was really popular! 

 Would be great if we could decide so that we all have a valid excuse to browse the LQS/online stores (like we really need one!) - my LQS is having a sale this week and it would be great if I actually had a reason to go rather than "While I'm passing it would be rude not to pop in and have a look!"

I wasn't expecting to remove one selvedge - does it matter which one we remove?

Hope you haven't got that 'Sunday night, going back to work' feeling...


Thread: How to quilt?
20/07/2008 11:02:00
Not yet but I'll try to borrow a camera this afternoon and take a snap - I've never shown my work to anyone other than close friends before so putting a photo of it online will be a first!
Thread: Bryn's Quilt
20/07/2008 10:56:00
What a lovely quilt!  I'm sure it will be treasured for many years by your granddaughter - lucky girl!
Thread: How to quilt?
19/07/2008 10:18:00

Just thought I'd let you know that I've finished the quilt - I couldn't quilt it as intended as the horizontal and vertical lines occasionally 'squashed' over each other and it didn't look right so I quilted all the way round each frame so that there are 3 squares round each inner square (sorry if that doesn't make much sense but I can't think how else to describe it!).  Anyway, it looks nice enough...even if it doesn't match the picture I had in my head!  Thanks again for the advice.

Thread: Ideas for an Autumn Swap
19/07/2008 10:10:00

Hi Kimberly, I'd love to join the strip club!  I've sent you my info (wasn't really sure what you'd need at the moment so please let me know if I've missed anything out).  I don't think I have any real preference for colours/themes but I'll put my thinking cap on (if I can find it!).  Thanks for organising this - I'm really looking forward to it!


Thread: How to quilt?
06/06/2008 19:50:00
Thanks for that, Babs. That was what I was thinking too but wasn't entirely sure! I've almost finished basting the quilt so will hopefully be starting the quilting over the weekend. Thanks again for the advice.
06/06/2008 15:47:00

Hi.  Before I ask my question I just thought I'd say how nice it is to have an active quilting forum that's based in the UK - I've really enjoyed reading the posts and am struck by how friendly everyone is!

I'm about to start quilting a 'framed square' quilt and would like to quilt horizontal and vertical lines at regular intervals (1/2") in the frame of the squares (like in this picture of one of Kaffe Fassett's quilts ). 

What I can't decide is what order to quilt the lines...should I sew all the vertical lines first (working out from the middle) and then the horizontal or would it be better to work gradually out from the middle in all four directions?  Would it make any difference?!  Any thoughts would be gratefully received!  Thanks, H.

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