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Thread: Block of The Month Quilt
16/06/2009 08:55:20
Many congratulations to all the girls, in UK and abroad, who have attempted the SG quilt.

You have used such a wonderful variety of colour schemes and styles to personalize your quilts.

Cannot wait to see them all showcased later in the year, as mentioned in earlier thread. 


Thread: Dusie's lovely SG Quilt
16/06/2009 08:37:00
Hi Dusie,

Returned from Edinburgh late last night after a few days break -  flipped through emails/websites etc.,this morning to see if I'd missed anything and espied your SG quilt.

Such a lovely restricted colour palette, Dusie, which confirms that old adage "less is sometimes more!" 

As Margaret says it is very interesting to see so many variations of SG. 

Looking forward to seeing them showcased in the magazine later this year.

Thread: Block of The Month Quilt
10/06/2009 12:49:10
PS.  Juliet,

Sorry - missed the earlier posting. Not used the Grid Marker as am still piecing the blocks, so can't give you any advice. From the look of it - a bit of trial and error.  Diagonal lines usually look best.

10/06/2009 12:46:57

Your quilt is lovely, and frankly I prefer your colours to my original SG.  Very very pretty and looks beautiful on your bed.

I see you too have moved the blocks around - as I have had to on my winter version - the balance was not right .  In fact, I confess to having blindly copied the original version without thinking - and then had to unpick it. Still working on it. Oh, woe is me!


Amazing how you girls have taken the original blocks and adapted them. Yours is wonderfully colourful and strictly Tessa's Own Garden. Reminds me of autumn colours in the Lake district.

04/04/2009 23:57:28

I have just returned from the hospital - Stephen was rushed in earlier this evening - and I saw all the messages on my computer stating how lovely your quilt looked so thought I must congratulate you. It is a super quilt and so different from the original.  The red corners look magnificent. Well done. Hope you are able to showcase it before your trip to Canada. Get some good photographs taken of it. What are you going to call your quilt? 
I do believe we should give a name to our quilts - makes them personal.

Seeing your lovely quilt lifted my spirits, which have been pretty low this evening. Yours is a powerful quilt - full of strength, which I need at this moment in time.

02/04/2009 10:28:23
Yes, Tessa, cannot wait to see all these new versions of SG!!

An ex sampler student called in to collect some templates - she has made the SG quilt in shades of lilac, pink and green. Sounds lovely, but she's not letting anyone see it until it's finished.  She's appliquéd fairies in place of birds and is calling it Fairies in the Dell or some such name. I imagine it will be superb as her past work has been immaculate.
Like Juliet, she wants me to do another BOM, but will have to wait and see how things pan out at this end. 

Juliet, flattery will get you everywhere!

The Grid Marker has arrived -  so we've no excuses now, Juliet - and it's first thing on my agenda after my lilac sampler is completed -  next week I hope. 

As an added snippet - my much sought after Breville Magic Piemaker arrived from eBay - so having a go at making pies today - then into freezer as Stephen can't  eat at moment. But I can!!!

Edited By Babs on 02/04/2009 10:29:55

01/04/2009 09:36:40
Thanks Tessa,

Error: For those who are interested the website above should have read (

Have to do some maths and see which is cheaper. Then there's loyalty of course - towards you, Tessa!!

Bye for now. 

01/04/2009 08:47:11

Thanks for info and I shall bear it in mind if I want to make a wallhanging or pop up to Penrith if I need some in a hurry.  Let me know the cost + postage.

54" wide fusible wadding is fine for most wallhangings etc., but I buy packs from ( either the crib size (£6.95) or more often the queen size 90" X 108" (£16.95) and cut it down to the sizes I require. 
I don't like to piece wadding if I can help it - but have done so in the past when it was absolutely necessary.
If you apply for a card online you will receive a discount on sales and their postal charges are low.

Off to hospital - 4th bout of chemo looms!

Thanks for greetings, Janet. Trust you are well!! 


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Edited By Babs on 01/04/2009 08:53:31

31/03/2009 23:29:45
Hi Juliet,

You lucky person - my GM hasn't arrived, but will keep a look out for the postman now I know you've received yours.  Hope it's OK and that you didn't have to pay extra for tax etc., at this end.
Glad the fabric is to your liking. I buy loads of fabric from Roxanne -  received a parcel only this morning containing 7 yards of lovely batiks.  
I ordered 3 more yards of batiks when I ordered the GM - to ensure its safe passage.
All that remains is for me to say - Happy Marking and quilting.

Tessa, am interested to know how much queen size fusible wadding costs at Just Sew. Also postage charges.  Might be cheaper and quicker to order it from you.


31/03/2009 10:22:12
Sorry girls - it is called FUSIBLE wadding as Tessa states - not iron-on as I mentioned.

I bought mine from Creative Grids - but have only used it for Linus quilts and wallhangings up to now. Was v effective and saved a heap of time.  

Will probably use it for the autumn version of SG as I am stuck for time at the moment with so many things on the go.

Almost finished my latest Sampler which I used to demonstrate techniques to my GPQ Heirloom Sampler group. Can see latest work in progress pics of the samplers on my Blog  (  or  just Google  "Babs Banter "which should get you there.

I must warn those ladies of a delicate nature that  there are some explicit pictures of me cooking an Ox Tongue from start to finish!!! 


Edited By Babs on 31/03/2009 10:22:52

29/03/2009 23:42:52
Glad you found the ribbons easy, Juliet. 
Be careful when qppliqueing doves 'cos the top dove is upside down which wasn't my original intention - got carried away  . . . 

Received some wide backing fabric for autumn SG - but going to mark the quilt top using GM before layering it. I use tack gun and tacks to layer most of my quilts  - but I see some of the girls are using 505 which is good and I use it for wallhangings and small quilts  - but not baby quilts for obvious reasons.  I also use iron-on wadding for some quilts and just might use some for the autumn SG as I plan to machine quilt it. Not made up my mind yet.

29/03/2009 16:42:03
Hi Juliet,
Received your messages loud and clear. Must now wait patiently for GM's to arrive.
No doubt Dusie will have finished marking her quilt!!
Received 7 yards of batiks last week in Global Envelope from Roxanne - lovely fabrics- and unusual.

Besides cooking an ox tongue - am finishing off a sampler quilt I've done with my sampler gels in time for the GPQ exhibition on 24 - 26th April at Bilsborrow. 

Happy sewing.

23/03/2009 14:49:33
Grid Markers have arrived. Will you check your message box. Babs

Edited By Babs on 23/03/2009 14:51:16

21/03/2009 23:01:02
Hi Dusie,

Sounds like you're having 'fun!' 

Notice you're using the tak gun - to which I am completely converted, but take your point re needing a large table. 

One of my groups used to take all the sampler quilts to a local working mans' club which had a huge, carpeted billiard room. Great, we thought as we tent-pegged the backings to the carpet, followed by the quilted tops - then proceeded to work in threes with needles and thread going in all directions from the centre. 

Downside was that the quilts reeked of smoke and beer for the next 4 weeks!! 
So now you know. 

It's very exciting seeing the layers tacked together - but daunting to think of the quilting that lies ahead. My advice is to take your time, do a bit each day, and that way you will enjoy the process and not feel stressed. 

I'm at a standstill with the autumn version until the Grid Marker arrives. 
Talking about arriving - my daughter arrived from Edinburgh last night with the original SG quilt. Must say it does look lovely. 

Night night, 

21/03/2009 17:46:50
Gosh, you're all doing so well. As you know, I bound my quilt with background fabric as I thought a contrasting colour would be too fussy with the pale turquoise ribbons. Without ribbons is another ball game altogether. A coloured binding would be fine.

Envious that you've received the Grid Marker, Dusie.  Juliet and me are waiting patiently for ours - from Roxanne from cottoncapers quilt shop.
Not heard from her for a while - so will email her this evening.

13/03/2009 19:59:59
You lucky girl. I went on Ebay yesterday and found lots of June Tailor templates etc., but no sign of a Grid Marker. How much did it cost pre postage?
Anyhow, I've ordered one via Roxanne at Cotton Capers. You'll probably have marked your whole quilt by the time my marker arrives.

Wasn't able to get to Frodsham as we had a hospital appointment this morning and had to return again this afternoon for a scan.  Have asked our social secretary at GPQ  to try and book Phillipa for a workshop here some time. Good isn't she?

Off to watch Poirrot. Yes, I know . . . . .'nuff said!

13/03/2009 08:39:36
Woke up thinking abut masking tape for the windows (painting) and remembered that I hadn't answered your query.
I am not keen on using masking tape on quilts unless you stick it onto some spare fabric first to remove excess glue. Once had a disaster when I left some one for a few days and couldn't remove the stain.  

There's no doubt it can be a useful aid when marking straight lines - as long as you don't leave it on too long as I said  i.e.overnight  - or a week!!

If you want a GRID MARKER you can email: ( and she'll get one for you. Think Juliet has contacted Roxanne.

It's such a pity that stores in the UK don't stock GRID MARKERS yet do stock the ones that cut strips made by the same firm (June Tailor). 
Perhaps they think crosshatching is out of fashion?

Phillipa Naylor is a marvellous machine quilter - take a peek at her website. 
She is with Frodsham quilters today giving workshops and talk.


12/03/2009 08:53:17

Roxanne from cotton capers quilt shop  - where I have always obtained most of my fabrics - is going to order a Grid Marker from her wholesalers for me. 
I could order Grid Markers for others but a large package attracts customs + VAT + PO charges so it's better to order one at a time.

She hasn't given me a price but I think they are in the region of $20 plus postage of course, which isn't cheap. But would have to pay around £29 in UK if you could get hold of one.
I usually pay $11.95 for a Global International Envelope which holds up to 7 yards fabric. 
The Grid Marker will not fit into this envelope so cannot guarantee how much it will cost all together.  I want one whatever it costs - to mark the autumn version of SG - will save loads of time and does away with light boxes and suchlike and keeps lines on the straight and narrow so to speak, on light or dark fabrics.

If you email ( and mention my name (Babs McInnis) I'm sure she will gladly order and send one to you.  Have a look around the site whilst you're at it. Some nice fabrics and tho' the exchange rate is not what it was when I ordered the bulk of my fabrics - it's still cheaper than the UK and Roxanne can be relied upon to give good service.
I'm ordering some batiks today - there's some on sale at $6.50 (£4.68).
Send me an email if you like. I'll send addressto you via message box.


11/03/2009 10:19:13
Good mornin' Dusie (and Juliet),

When marking light coloured fabrics I use a propelling pencil  (no sharpening and gives a fine line)  with a softish lead. I say 'softish' because some leads are hard and you have to really press the pencil to obtain a visible mark.   
I try out a few pencils in the shop to obtain one that suits and which gives a nice light mark without too much effort.  
The one I'm using at the moment is a Papermate Grip 0.7mm. It has a soft rubber band around it which makes the job even easier and a soft rubber at the end  (useful).
 I buy them in packs from a local £ shop.

For dark fabrics I have always used - and found nothing better - than a white Lakeland WATER COLOUR pencil crayon which I keep well sharpened. The alternative is a little wheeled gadget containing white powder (can't remember it's name right now) which is OK for marking a single block as the powder line soon disappears, whereas the Lakeland pencil crayon wears off gradually. 

Some quilters use a pencil crayon of the same hue but a shade lighter/darker than the fabric they're marking. Matter of choice. 

I always mark with a dashed _  _  _  _  _  line not _______________ for obvious reasons.


11/03/2009 09:19:55
Oh, Juliet,

A thought.  
I take it you will be marking the quilt BEFORE sandwiching the layers together!!  

I mention this because in my hurry once to 'get the thing finished' I went ahead and layered a quilt before marking the blocks and ended up having to 'vermicelli' the quilt, which was not my original intention.

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