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Thread: Quilted
01/12/2008 07:16:00

I love the quilted leaves ( and the maple ones too of course!)

I usually prefer to machine in the ditch to show off the patchwork and save my handquilting for plain stuff, or printed panels so I don't have to plan ahead, just sew but I recently did do some acorn leaves in borders. I was disappointed at first as the thread I'd chosen disappeared on the front but it looks good on the  plain back so 2 for 1!


Thread: hexagon-wip.jpg
01/12/2008 07:12:00


It's gorgeous!  I've only done a couple of handsewen blocks but enjoyed them. My friend does all of hers by hand and I greatly admire you both.


Thread: Batik Swap!
01/12/2008 07:08:00

Thanks for the bondaweb tip - I always manage to get some on the iron. Often the ironing board too, even if I use baking paper to protect it. I've also got a teflon sheet and it rubs off of that but it's not always handy.

Advent calander finished - photo once I get someone help me upload pics tonight! It's a printed panel of Santa that I've hand quilted with beads as holly "berries" to hang printed decorations backed with felt on each day. The 2 girls (11 and 4) also each have a commercial chocolate calander and a printed card scene to put reusable stickers on for a nativity. We started the advent candle last night as Daddy won't be here for dinner tonight and it was the first Sunday in Advent too. Must get out the one with cross stitch pockets that I finally finished last year for the older 2 (16 & 18).

Finished the lap quilt to post today and my class quilt is done. That gives me some time to plan my batik swap properly, although hoping to do a bit of my son's xmas quilt in the occasional hour he is at school today (6th form!)


30/11/2008 14:00:00

Thought I'd check to see how everyone is doing with THEIR squares before I get down to serious stuff - advent calander, lap quilt for xmas pressie and son's xmas quilt layout. THEN I can plan the batik stuff...

Inbetween of course, is the "normal" day to day stuff. Our oven is playing sillies so cooking dinner is fun. The washing machine door is also broken so having to handwash some stuff for little one although got a load done at the laundrette yesterday. And the dishwasher also died last month - funny it's the one job no-one rushes to do...

And although I love xmas, I'm a bit grumpy this year about the glitter the 4yr old gets EVERYWHERE!

Happy Advent everyone!


28/11/2008 23:06:00


I'll be at the switch -on parade for Queenborough Lights  on the 6th with the family as they are making lanterns. It's a lovely atmosphere, with bands then carols afterwards and a walk round to Foxley Rd to see all the decorated houses (they do it for charity.) Maybe a few fireworks too...


Not so much tourists as Londoners at their caravans - I don't shop at Tesco on friday night / saturday morning if I can help it as they're there making the most of our big store/ home'n'wear section.

Have now got a plan for my swap fabric but ned to find some green - son and husband have given me inspiration for my first "art quilt!"

28/11/2008 14:19:00
I'm actually in Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey, Babs! Leysdown has a Blue Flag for swimming but we generally just walk the 2 streets to the beach here when we have a paddle with the children. Leysdown is too full of tourists for us although my middle girl loves it! I'm originally from Scotland and never dreamt I would one day live so close to the sea...well, estuary anyway! When I was small, a trip to the seaside was an adventure and we still had organised Sunday School daytrips.
28/11/2008 06:40:00
Oops, Kimberley, I live in Kent!
28/11/2008 06:36:00


You're a sweetheart - thank you. My own mum isn't as creative as my aunt, although she made all our clothes when we were little and now makes cards. Funny how genes jump about in families, isn't it?

My mum's mum was an excellent dressmaker and HER mum was a lady tailor who worked for Holyrood House in Edinburgh, hence my own fascination for getting the most from a piece of fabric. I always thought though that my love of decorative stitching came from my dad's side as my granny embroidered tablemats, etc and I've inherited my great, great aunt's Singer plus embroidery cottons. My own aunt though is a miracle maker with fabric and thread and can put her hand to most things.

Wonder if my own children will do anytrhing once they are grown or are they just humouring me?


27/11/2008 13:47:00

Mine has just arrived too - even more delicious than the pic! Will have to wait till the weekend as forgot have to finish an advent calander and it's the 1st on Monday....

Brain working overtime on ideas though!


26/11/2008 22:07:00

Oops, forgot to add to the above - it must be lovely to see your mum / grown daughter on a regular basis. My mum lives 450 miles away in scotland so I count myself lucky to see her twice a year.

My 18 yr old daughter has just helped to make a cot quilt as a present but it was hard work. We are very similar in nature so it will probably be a relief in some ways when she moves out. Her 11 year old sister is very crafty and has just made 7 bracelets as Xmas presents for her friends and asked if she can make scarves as I've just made one from the remnants of the fleece I used to back the lap quilt. Now need to buy another cheap fleece blanket - 2 layers are good for lap quilts, with no need for extra wadding. I got mine for £3!

Little one is very into "making" - as long as it involves glitter, scissors and glue. She's very good at suggesting new projects for me and is my biggest critic.

16yr old son now no longer is interested in sewing himself but used to enjoy Young Embroiderers and his cushion won a national prize at 8! Hope he likes the bed quilt I am planning to make when he is away with Sea Cadets in a few weeks - now he is at college, he is ore often home than not and it's impossible to keep a sewing secret from him as I use the dining table!


PS In case he fells left out, hubby is very supportive too. He's an artist so keeps giving me encouragement - and lots of ideas which i am then supposed to translate. I will let you all know when I finally work out how to do the Dalek design...

26/11/2008 21:54:00

Hi, I'm Fiona and looking forward to getting my parcel in the post immensely! This is my first swap so I'm very excited that Katy let me squeeze in - thanks.

I've only been quilting and patching for just over a year but have a big body of work under my belt now - I did need something to use up the stash I've been collecting for years. I haven't used batiks at all yet so this will be another first.

The only problem will really be finding some time this close to Christmas as I have 4 children from 4-18yrs and home educate the 4 yr old. I've also got a quilt top to quilt, a lap quilt to bind and another quilt to make before Santa comes calling....


Thread: The Swap Squares
26/11/2008 21:38:00
Ooh, delicious - can't wait to get started!
Thread: Inches or centimetres?
22/11/2008 12:50:00

Having started school just as metrification became official, I grew up with both systems - imperial at home and metric at school. I do find it very confusing as now my children only use metric. When they were tiny, I used to weigh them in metric for the chart in their baby records then convert it into "real money" but I basically measure their height in cm  as that's how clothes are sold! I cook in imperial as most of my books are that way (and the markings on the kitchen scale are bigger than the metric ones.)  My weight in kg means nothing without converting it back. I cannot visialise a journey in terms of km although I can convert it to miles.

I buy fabric in metres but use imperial for cutting - and that "extra" 3 inches of fabric can come in handy at times.

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