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Thread: Quilt Together 2013
05/09/2020 15:28:36

One more to make but time for that. I had 4 already handquilted and another almost done. I have cut the setting triangles & backing for the rest, and one more block is layered ready to quilt. (It's another Quilt As You Go project, set on point to make it bigger!) I'm currently working on a machine quilted qayg, which is ridiculously boring much as I love the finished blocks, so this will make a good alternative. Miss is due to begin college soon so I am planning on making good use of all my extra free time before my diary fills!

05/09/2020 15:22:48

Thanks Rosemary but I think I have finally managed it! Seems I was actually missing two blocks. I was inspired by Dany's August block so made one for myself.img_20200905_141809178_burst000_cover_top.jpg

Edited By Fiona on 05/09/2020 15:29:23

05/09/2020 10:25:04

Yay! I've tracked the swap down, now to work out my missing block and go from there!

Thread: Chat
05/09/2020 09:47:01

Ooh, I love those Brenda and Sylvia! I used that technique a while ago to make a doll's House Trip Around the World but a bit too fiddly at that size for me. We had Paula Doyle give a talk on it at Oast a few years back, after she published her book Mosaic Quilts. Useful for wallhangings & miniatures but even using today's ultra lightweight interfacing, I can't imagine using it in a quilt.

Sylvia, I cut my pieces at the same time as other things then used as leaders & enders a la Bonnie Hunter so didn't really take much time. The original idea I saw used 2.5" squares with just 36 per block. I've been looking at my I-spy fabrics and thinking that using even larger squares would be an easy result for fussy cutting something for Project Linus, but I need to quilt two small tops for that cause before I begin another one!

I'm actually getting through my UFO pile at a reasonable rate but I do keep getting new ideas! My current machine quilt is fast but very very boring to work on, hence the colour blocks. I actually came on here this morning to research a swap we did way back as I think I am missing a block and need to identify it. Then I can start cutting red fabrics alongside the "missing" block! 😋

30/08/2020 13:49:13


30/08/2020 13:48:12


30/08/2020 13:47:22

Just finished the yellow block so took pics of all 3. I had thought my yellow stash was low and bought some fqs yesterday but found that I had just over 100 different fabrics! Quite a few were mere scraps though! Purple is my middle girl's favourite and I have been making a scrappy sampler referring to Women's Suffrage for years so I wasn't really surprised that I had 97 without hunting and I could probably make another green block, as that's my own favourite. My shelves seem to have a lot of blues so maybe I'll do two of those!img_20200830_133429468.jpg

29/08/2020 12:07:26

Well, it took me a week but I finally managed to track down a copy of the latest issue! I admit to not buying many over the last year or so, as not many of the featured quilts appealed but this one was good. I still have the articles to read fully but I particularly liked the art quilt as it features irises!

I couldn't decide what to sew this morning so instead I am cutting 2" squares. I've been inspired by lots of pics on IG so a few weeks ago, I started cutting to make scrappy blocks, each fabric being different. I think the original uses 6x6 squares so 36 different fabrics. My first block was in purples and when I first counted, I had 97! Another rummage and I had 100. So that's my target - I managed it with greens. Today, I am cutting yellow, with the odd orange, as I come to it in the pile. Depending on numbers, this may be a blended block!

Thread: tying a quilt
26/08/2020 12:58:44

Eileen, I have tried several quilts & it's a slow process (is never as fast as I imagine!) but very effective. I usually use Perle cotton (no 5or 8) in a big darning needle. I generally start at one end of a row and make my way to the other, stitching through at each intended point twice without cutting but leaving enough slack to knot later. Once I get to the end, I then go back & cut & knot the thread securely. You can trim close to the knot or leave longer as decoration. It can seen wasteful in terms of thread doing it this way but it seems easier on my hands & is quicker this way.

You can add buttons or other trims, tie on the front or back, the choice is endless!

Have you seen Karin Hellaby's method of quilt as you go where she bastes the backing & wadding together and then stitches down complete rows, working from the centre out. You could then go back and add ties if you like. A friend is currently quilting a sampler quilt in a similar way by just quilting through the wadding then stitch& flip onto the backing, so she's never dealing with more than one row at a time under her machine and didn't have to cut up the glorious duvet cover she bought for the backing!

Thread: Chat
26/08/2020 12:36:57

Hello, ladies! Been ages since I last checked in here. Life trundles on its' merry way regardless of what else is happening (or not! 😉 and somehow, it's almost the end of August already. Youngest is now back at her usual activities (Sea Cadets, ponies and volunteering 2 days at a local farm charity, & the local RSPCA shop). Waiting for information about starting her college course next month and developing her own unique fashions from the ragbag at the charity shop so at least doing something creative too.

I've been working my way through various UFOs, adding yet more fabric to my stash and looking at lots of pretty things on Instagram (a very good timewaster!) I do very little cooking nowadays as DH is working at home, with not a lot of actual work to do! DS got stuck living with us when lockdown happened and his new job vanished but he's very busy with 2new jobs & has just finished community volunteering. My other two girls are enjoying their new jobs too. As a family, we've been blessed really not to be personally affected by Covid-19 but I really miss not being able to travel to Scotland and see my mum and other family. Hopefully, soon.

In the meantime, I'll keep plodding on with the UFOs!

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
29/06/2020 21:46:13

Very nice, despite your hassles. I think I would have been tempted to try my trusty Print Stick - a light touch is often enough to hold 2 fabrics together without gumming up a needle and it washes out easily. Cheaper than marketed sewing versions too!

Thread: What product do I need? help!
29/06/2020 21:40:53

I think you are after a fusible wadding - Vilene make it (can't remember the new company name!) Try Empress Mills or Creative Grids, to at least give you a starting point. I think I purchased a crib sized piece from Alison Smart at Smartfrog.

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
26/09/2019 21:49:57

Maria, so pleased you are sewing again. It's been a godsend for me, even if it's just flicking through books, looking at pretty pictures on instagram or videos on YouTube.

I've been trying to be strict with myself about new projects - I aim to finish one UFO for each new one. This one is a bit of a cheat! I had made the hexies in 2015 and decided to use them when I came across the Kingfisher Stitch along earlier this year. I used recycled denim for the patches and borders then big stitch quilted with sashiko thread once I had machined in the ditch. It's turned out rather pretty for a utility quilt! This one is destined for my eldest at Christmas, as a car quilt I think, as I spent a lot of time thinking about her as I stitched.Kingfisher Blues

Edited By Fiona on 26/09/2019 21:50:53

Thread: Noodle box reversible bag
26/09/2019 21:39:16

This is my large version, made in batiks from my local shop. Not perfect, as I cobbled together the stabiliser from remnants but absolutely fine as a storage basket. I did make straps though, in case I change my mind! Thanks to Brenda for the templates. Brendas bag

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
16/08/2019 11:09:43

Sounds fair to me, Steph. Although I expect people would be surprised at how long each takes.

Thread: Do you match thread colour to fabric when machine piecing?
16/08/2019 11:07:24

I tend to use off-white, beige or grey for machine piecing unless it's a pure white or dark fabric, when I prefer to match. Much the same for hand piecing.

I tend to use Gutterman polyester but Coats Moon is much cheaper at £1 per reel instead of £10! I do like YLI's bobbin thread, as it's around £7 but much longer and rather fine. I used to use Maderia's bobbin thread but as I like to shop locally when I can, it's usually the Moon thread. To be honest, I could affird to match everything with the Moon thread, but I'm lazy!

The Moon thread is also good for quilting, although my Featherweight isn't so keen on it. May have something to do with the needle on that one, though!

Thread: Canadian Geese King Size Quilt Finished
16/08/2019 10:55:56

Love this!

Thread: Noodle box reversible bag
16/08/2019 10:50:59

Thanks Rosemary!

Not anything to do with you, but it's disappointing, especially as the next issue is due out today.

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
13/08/2019 12:45:36

Eileen and Margaret, you have both been very busy! Beautiful quilts, as ever ladies.

Thread: Noodle box reversible bag
13/08/2019 12:43:44

I'm planning on trying the large size but can't locate the templates on the website. Any ideas, anyone???

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