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Thread: Chat
05/05/2010 11:31:26
Hi all you knowledgeable UK quilters,
Have you any recommendations for textile art type courses anywhere.  I am thinking about Autumn this year.  Would like 4/5 days, residential would be good but could always stay nearby. 
Have done loads of trad. p & q things in the past and am now more interested in creating different things. 
Thread: Curved Log Cabin
01/05/2010 12:48:14
Maggi, I LOVE your curved log cabin completed UFO.  Well done.  Is that bobbin stitching in the border?  It completes it beautifully.
Thread: Teenage Cancer Trust
30/04/2010 17:35:40
Thanks Katy.  Looks good.  Have just printed off the instructions and am going to try it soon.  Sylvia
30/04/2010 07:49:17
Janet,  HOW???......
Thread: Chat
29/04/2010 18:04:47
Lucky you Juliet to have been to Berko Quilters show today.  I lived in Berko for 5 years and belonged to them.  Do you live somewhere nearby.  I now live in Andorra.
Thread: Teenage Cancer Trust
29/04/2010 14:00:16
Thanks Fiona.  Have just been looking at the flower one and some of the other videos.  That's a good site.
29/04/2010 10:27:31
Well, Tessa, that sounds like another thing for my Janome purchases list for FoQ!  I have the 6600P, what's yours.  Have you seen the discussion re Janomes on Tech. Questions?
28/04/2010 17:02:40
Thanks Tessa.  Love your circular flowers, how are they done?
Hope the Trust make lots of lovely money.
I too had an email from Pam when they arrived.
27/04/2010 18:12:43

These are my 4 already sent off.  What lovely ones you have all done.
Thread: Chat
24/04/2010 08:07:11
Definitely yummy Cath.  Guess baby playmats etc. will be high on your list now?
Best wishes to you and the family, Sylvia
23/04/2010 13:55:57
Hi Irene
I have the same problem.  It's so horrible when rough skin catches on fabric isn't it?  The air is very dry here in Andorra so it's a constant problem.  One of my solutions is to rub good old Vaseline Petrolium Jelly into them either night or early morning (good for the nails too).  Obviously not a solution for just before sewing though as it's quite gunky!
Thread: Journal for a friend
23/04/2010 13:43:10
Hi Katie
Count me in for this one.  Sounds good as it only involves one other person and myself sending something to/fro Andorra.  Oh, just realised you want a PM so will do that.
Thread: Stay at Home Round Robin
21/04/2010 17:20:14
Seeing alll these lovely round robin quilts I am thinking I must have a go when there is another one.  Stay at home rr seems like a great idea to me.
They are all gorgeous.
Thread: Janome MC 6600P
19/04/2010 14:39:12
Received this reply from Janome today :

Good morning Sylvia

Thank you for your email 

If you use your machine regularly then yes you can put a tiny drop of oil in the hole under the bobbin holder,

When you remove the bobbin holder you will see what looks like a piece of thread in the centre hole, DO NOT remove it as it is the wick which holds the oil. 


Ann White

Customer Service
Well, let's try it.  Thanks for the tip about only getting a tiny drop in there Carol.  Interesting info from Ann White about the wick.  I didn't know it was there.  Hope it is still there cos I use strong suction on my vacuum cleaner to clean that area!
Have just taken off my needle plate (how I hate having to undoe those two screws.  On my old Pfaff it's a click down plate) and taken out the bobbin holder.  I suppose by "wick" Ann means what is in that small central hole???



Thread: Chat
18/04/2010 14:00:55
It really hurts to think of someone practically giving that beautiful sampler away.  However, as my husband said, when I showed him the pic, "at least it didn't go in the rubbish". 
I have been working with an enormous grandmother flower garden throw which someone here in Andorra put into our Christmas Fair. It's not nearly as beautiful as your quilt Pam.  I wish.
 Actually there were two of them and they were given to we few quilters here.  We had a little raffle amongst ourselves for the funds of the Fair and I won one.  I am making part of it into a couple of long and two square cushions for the garden.  The remainder  I have given to other members.  When I think of the hours, weeks, months, years which went into stitching it by someone unknown and then it was thrown out by another unknown person.  Anyway it will be used and appreciated now.
Thread: Horizontal thread holder for Janome Machines??
17/04/2010 17:18:36
Hi Caz
Just realised I haven't said thanks for that info.  Now I know about the convertible bobbin case and foot set I hope to get one at FoQ.
Thread: Janome MC 6600P
17/04/2010 08:28:05
Hi again girls
I have just sent a message to Janome, via their website, asking about the advisability of putting oil in this hole.  Will let you know what they say.
Lucky you to be in NZ Cath.
15/04/2010 09:00:45
Well done you.  I was just thinking this morning that I must have a look at the Horizon on the stand at FoQ.  Not because I am going to change my 6600 but for interest.  Will be very interested to hear what you think of it.
£500 for a tip worthy machine sounds like a great deal!!  Almost worth buying an old cheap machine for when a part exchange comes along. 
I still have my trusty Pfaff and at present am wondering how to reorganise my studio so that I can have both machines up and running at the same time.  The idea always was that I could have one for free machine and one for piecing without having to change everything over.  I do like to have lots of projects on the go at the same time so that can do what the mood dictates.
Carol, if you read this, I have just taken out my bobbin and looked.  I see that with the bobbin holder in place there are two holes visible.  One biggish and one small.  Is it the small one where I should put a drop of oil?
Has anyone else tried this?
14/04/2010 21:01:31
Hi againMargaret
Guess you have seen on this website the announcement about the new Janome.  Now you have another thing to think about!
Interesting about that drop of oil Carol.  I have always wondered how my machine could keep going without any lubrication.  Will look at it tomorrow and see if I can see what you mean.
Thread: Brenda's Strip and Flip
13/04/2010 13:35:10
Hi Brenda
Joining in with my congrats for lovely colour choices for this interesting design.  Look forward to seeing the instructions.  Thanks.  Sylvia
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