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Thread: Chat
23/08/2010 14:23:11
Hi Pam
I am one of the Janome MC 6600P owners here.  I like it and find it good for everything I ask of it but do agree that you must try lotsof different stitches, fabrics, sandwiches, etc. etc. before you buy.
Assume you will get the new quieter free motion quilting foot with it nowadays.  I have just shelled out £49 at FoQ to buy it after trying old and then new on the stand.  It does seem much better.
Interesting Caz that they told you no oil cos if you remember some while ago I posted a reply from Janome saying a tiny drop on the wick under the bobbin is a good idea.!!!
Re cleaning, I do my bobbin area every month of two and give it a good clean with a small attachment on the vacuum cleaner - it sucks out everything.
I remember once having big problems with tension on my Pfaff and it was only when I sucked that area hard with the vacuum and got out a piece of invisible filament thread that it was cured.
Thread: Durham Quilting
17/08/2010 21:44:56
Hi Aude
I have done several of the Sandie Lush cushions, they are lovely.
Personally I always use a thin pencil and don't always wash it straight away.  I think that the slight darkness emphasises the quilting.
One of our group here has also done some and she uses one of these wash away pens for her marking.  They always frighten me but they do seem to completely disappear as long as you don't get any heat on them before getting it out.  Even spit seems to work.
Thread: Foq 2010
15/08/2010 15:02:02
Love it Irene.  At least you will be one person I am sure to call by the right name.
15/08/2010 10:32:34
Oh, great!!!! have just been looking at weather forecasts and it's going to rain every day of FoQ with temps. around 18/19.   Actually it's horrible here today.  Have socks and fan heater on!   Sylvia
15/08/2010 09:13:59

Have finally made my little hat badge for FoQ.
Thread: Chat
15/08/2010 07:58:28
Hi Pam
About your cushion.  I usually put wadding behind the top/front part and then quilt it before assembly.  Depending on the wadding I am using and if it is very catchy on the machine I sometimes put a piece of fine muslin as a backing before quilting.
I am always joining pieces of wadding and use a wide zigzag on the machine.
Hope this helps.  Sylvia
14/08/2010 19:30:42
Congrats Maggie.  Hope all goes well.  Enjoy.  Don't think I will ever have any - grandkids that is.
Thread: Foq 2010
14/08/2010 19:27:27
Hey girls
If your hotel room doesn't have tea making facilities (which many UK and most abroad don't) then I always take a little thing I bought years ago somewhere in England.  It's like the heater coil inside an electric kettle with a plastic stand and lead and plug.  It just fits nicely into a mug and heats the water really quickly.    With tea bags or whatever and some milk it's all systems go.  I certainly always take it to Spanish hotels to enjoy an early  morning cuppa.
See ya all.  Sylvia
Thread: Chat
10/08/2010 20:16:12
Hi Angela
Just had a look at your C & T cover.  How exciting.  Love your piece, not that I want to think about snow when we are enjoying our all too brief summer.
Hope to meet you at FoQ.
Thread: Looking for .....
10/08/2010 19:56:12
Lucky you tohave got this penny if it's no longer available.  Think they are lovely.  Think you have enough ideas.  Good luck with it.  Sylvia
Thread: Chat
08/08/2010 08:52:25
Hi Pam
Didn't see your pics on previous page when I was on yesterday.  These popular threads move so fast...........   Love your quilt as you go.  It's an interesting way to do it.  I have only done roman stripes which all go in the same direction from a diagonal strip in the centre.  It's great to only quilt small pieces isn't it?
Thread: Foq 2010
08/08/2010 08:45:08
Wow, Tessa, that is really something, we won't miss you.  Have to get on with my decorating but am making a last minute little bag for the evenings with a lovely fat quarter dear Irene sent me.  Also my daughter who lives in Saudi arrives tomorrow for a week so I have to get myself organised today if I can!!!
So looking forward to meeting you all there.  Sylvia
Thread: Chat
07/08/2010 19:46:23
Hi Caz
I don't know if you can get these in England but here in Andorra in the housewares, stationery, etc. part of big supermarkets they have these rotary cutters.  They are red plastic and look like Olfa and called "rotary cutters"  ha,ha.  They are made in China and cost me Euros 1.54 each!    The plastic part isn't as good as Olfa BUT I am pretty sure the blades are identical to the expensive ones.  Even if they aren't at that price it doesn't matter if they wear out a bit quicker. 
Might be worth looking in hardware shops etc.  These Chinese products get everywhere.
06/08/2010 09:12:51
Hi Rosemary
Love your pennant.  I have made a few which I am taking with me to FoQ.  Hadn't thought to post pics of them on my albums, maybe I will.
Anyway I have sussed out that the Pennants for Patchworkers stand is A59 which is over to the right from the entrance just before all the miniatures.
Thread: Summer 2010 Strip Swap
05/08/2010 16:06:20
Of course, Katy, obvious solution - why didn't I think of that?  Bring them anyway, will save postage.  I am there for all 4 days.
05/08/2010 14:04:46
Have a great break in your forest Katy.  Hope the sun shines and the mossies don't bite.
Being in "oriental shopping mode" at FoQ would be great.  Doubt I will have got my package of strips before I leave but hopefully one of you other girls will have yours so I can see what I would like to go with it.
Thread: Foq 2010
04/08/2010 15:16:17
Thanks to Irene I now have a little hat to decorate, plus some other goodies from a generous lady.
Should all of us going swap mobile numbers publicly here, or would that not be a good idea in today's world?
Guess we can send PMs to each other.
What do you all think?
Thread: Summer 2010 Strip Swap
04/08/2010 15:12:44
Hi Irene
Just tried this and lost it cos i went to look at "My Profile" to see how to put up a photo.  It's done, if it works, via upload member atavar, or something like that.  I tried to upload a new pic yesterday without success cos I have to admit mine is a couple of years old!  Anyway snap cos I am 67 this month.  Don't feel it, most of the time but I do not like it!!
Chris my DH is not coming to FoQ with me this year but he has been before and to lots of other quilt shows too.  He really enjoys them but has no wish to do it himself.
Will be fun looking out for all those hats.  The name, if included, would be very small.
Sylvia xx
03/08/2010 20:24:52
Hey Irene & Kim
Your latest certainly struck a cord with me.  I have been very lucky with this my first fabric swap on the forum because, as I live abroad, Katy has been lovely and bought my fabric and obviously cut it too.  Phew,,,,,,,
Am really looking forward to receiving my strips.
I am always reading and re-reading instructions, trying to remember that they say measure twice and cut once.  I still often get it wrong.  Don't know how old you two are but from your pics I expect you are younger than me.
I have lost count of who I will meet at FoQ.  Will either/both of you be there? 
Thread: japanese fabric and what to do with it!
30/07/2010 17:02:02
Hi Louise
I can  feel those beautiful fabrics just by looking at the photo.  You have to make something really luscious with them.  Can't tell you what though.  We will all be looking for clever ways to use our swap Orientals soon.  I've used iron on vylene sometimes too.  The kind dressmakers use for collars etc.  It comes in different weights.
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