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Thread: Trip around the world 2013
18/02/2013 11:13:41

Have pm'ed with Sandy and she agreed I could put the France card I made for her up here. One less thing to do after her husband's operation. I sent it a week or so ago, so hope she has it now. Not sure how long it would take to get to her.

Sandy from Jytte

It is of lavender fields in Provence. I love lavender. Have been to France many times and I love to see the fields in bloom. It is part of a painting by someone called Ralph Taylor.

Love to all of you and best wishes for speedy recovey to all of you who are ill or have problems.


10/02/2013 17:12:59

So sorry my France card is so delayed, but it is now finished and ready to be sent.

Sandy, please could you pm me your address so I can get it in the post. Thank you.

It has been necessary for me to stop joining in the swaps for a bit. Not been very well, and as I hate being late with these things, I'll stop for a while until I'm better.


28/01/2013 12:22:20

Katy, your terriffic card arrived in the post today, and as I have been ill in bed with a vile cold and cough since Friday, it cheered me up no end. I particularly love the moustaches!!

Am I right in noticing that you have used a bit of your lovely doily printed fabric for the back ground? It is most effective. I have them sitting on a shelf by the bed, and they do make me laugh. My kids loved Asterix and Obelix when they were younger, and I do too.

Thank you

Here is the card

From Katy to Jytte

... great isn't it !


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Thread: Chat
14/01/2013 11:54:34

Hi Margaret

Many years ago (in the eighties and early nineties) I made mainly cot and crib quilts plus a few other children's items. I always made the backing bigger and turned over to the front. I would alter the width of the turn over to fit the design, ie making a border, mostly using plain fabric, which would then give a nice border, and if necessary, using sashing in the same fabric to set off the quilt. The quilting would give the plain back a pattern. If I used patterned fabric, I would try to use the same pattern in part of the quilt to bring it together, if not I found that even if the turn over was narrow, it would never make the quilt look fussy. I always turned the long edges first. I would sometimes make the corners with a triangular turn which I would sew together with a ladder stitch. Sometimes with a corner stone, if appropriate to the rest of the front. I would machine the turn over near the edge which is close to the middle of the quilt. I never had any problems with the edges 'rolling over'. I used this method as the quilts would invariably be washed often, and I hoped this method would keep the quilt together better with less stitching getting damaged.

I should mention that I had a partnership with a friend, and we went to craft fairs - often big ones - to sell our stuff (I don't have anything left, most were sold and some were given to family as gifts) We took commissions too, and each of us did different designs. Apart from recurring designs, my friend was brilliant at stitching lettering, so she made childrens stuff with f.ex nursery rhymes, and I made small quilts from drawings supplied by the child. I would ask for a selection of drawings by the child and make a quilt either using different ones or some repeated, according to the size commmisioned. There is one left, which belongs to my youngest as I used her drawings. This is the first one I made, the 'prototype' and her little girl uses it now. It is a bit washed out but still in one piece.

We were called Kinderquilts. I was rooting round some old boxes of stuff last autumn and found about 10 leftover labels. Hmmmmm.

We stopped for the invariable reason that people were, and are not willing to pay the true cost of hand made items. If I ever got into this again, I would do it for charity and only make small, quick items. Certainly not take commissions.

Your question brought it all back to me.

Just looked out of the window, it is snowing. I woke to a dusting on the roof tops and the cars. It was gone by about 10. I am in West London near Heathrow. Wish I don't have to go out later, but have an appointment with the physio.

I am sure your quilts will be lovely. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Ooops, this is a long posting, but it was amazing to be reminded of that period of my 'sewing life'. We lived in an a flat, with 4 children, and I used to do all the sewing at weekends and at night after work in the kitchen. Husband was at uni as a mature student, and I worked for the local authority as a playworker.


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Thread: Trip around the world 2013
11/01/2013 15:27:30

Hi Katy

If it's not too late, count me in.


Thread: Secret Santa 2012
26/12/2012 12:24:02

Dear Secret Santa

Thank you so so much for the beautiful gifts of 3 fabrics, drawer sachets fra Laura A, and the sweetest little bookmark with s sewing machine on it. I love it all and it is beautifully colour co-ordinated, including the card. Unfortunately my photo is not that good. I need a better camera.

Wonder if I know who my SS is! I know someone who makes things with lovely little charms! Could be wrong I suppose.

Here is a picture of the fabrics - I have folded over the corners so all three fabrics can be seen, the card and sachets.

Jytte from Secret Santa 2012

Here is the lovely bookmark

Jytte bookmark SS 2012

Thank you Santa


13/12/2012 10:35:01

Here is my lovely autumn card from Helen. Gorgeous autumn fabrics Helen. Thank you.

From Helen to Jytte


11/12/2012 10:42:50

Hi Jan

The TAWP is in the post. Sorry it has taken so long. As said on general card swap, not been well. Cold and poorly knee. All on top of previous recovery issues, but am much better now. Miss you on here.

Love Jytte

11/12/2012 09:51:01

Hi Helen

Your lovely Autumn card arrived a week or so ago, but I have not been well - only a cold and the poorly knee giving way again, so many apologies for taking so long to let you know. The fabrics are lovely. I will put a picture in here a bit later, just waiting for the camera to charge up to take apic.

Also, my autumn card to Fay has gone in the post. Late too, sorry, see above.

All the best


Thread: Secret Santa 2012
11/12/2012 09:46:17

My Secret Santa parcel has arrived. Thank you. Being Danish, we do Christmas on the 24th, but to keep in the spirit of things, I will save it till the 25th. If the will power holds out !

Thank you Claire for organising this. It is very exciting.

Best wishes to everyone


20/11/2012 11:13:37

Here is the great card from Sandy.

card from  sandy 002.jpg

The blue fabric looks sparkly here, but it is not. The green is also a better colour in reality, but although I have tried to edit, I can't get it any better. Sorry Sandy, maybe you could add it. I must have a useless camera. (Blaming the tool!!!!)


16/11/2012 08:43:33

Morning all

Well, should teach me not to post here so late. My post was indeed for the TATW thread, I just put it in the wrong one. Thanks for moving it Katy, and sorry if I confused you Sandy.

My post mentions the 9th - it refers to a previous post Sandy made here which was a bit obtuse - evidently GB is the 9th biggest island in the world according to Sandy's message on the back of my card.

I am normally in bed, reading, by 10. Since my treatment, I get tired in the evenings and find it hard to make it past 10.

Hope this makes sense now.


15/11/2012 22:49:00

Hi Sandy

Your postcard arrived today. It is terrific. Thank you. Oh, and I didn't know it was the 9th.

It certainly is 'green and pleasant land' as the saying goes!

I will get a photo here as soon as I can get a pic done.

All the best.



Edited By Katy on 16/11/2012 07:41:54

Thread: Secret Santa 2012
15/11/2012 09:37:50

Hi Claire

I would like to join in if possible. Some 'stuff'' I thought I would have to do is no longer on my agenda, so feel I could join in this one off swap. I have been in one before, and it is great fun. Plus I know what I'm making!!

I have pm'd you my details. Let me know if you need more.

Jytte XX

Edited By Jytte on 15/11/2012 09:38:47

Thread: Popular Patchwork Calendar for 2013
06/11/2012 22:40:22

Hi Rosemary

My calendars arrived today. Thank you for organising this. It is a lovely calendar, and I will be giving 3 of them as presents for Christmas.


05/11/2012 22:02:50

Hi Katy

I was part of this swap a little while back, so please count me in for the GB one.


05/11/2012 22:00:16

Hi Jan

I'm in too.


28/10/2012 14:14:44

Hi Marian

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to get your great card here. It arrived while we were in Spain. Thank you, and very apt! Also beautifully sewn.

Your card will go in the post tomorrow.

JytteFrom Marian T to Jytte


Edited By Batsews on 31/10/2012 01:53:06

Thread: Popular Patchwork Calendar for 2013
25/10/2012 18:46:29

Hi Rosemary

I have sent you a pm with an order for calendars and mugs.

Many thanks


Thread: Chat
25/10/2012 18:42:44

Things got a bit crazy recently.

My son got married

My great grandson was born on 17th - his name is Arlo

We went to Spain for a week (me and my husband) staying with my brother and sister in law. They live near San Pedro on Costa del Sol. Had a great time.

Started what I hope will be my final year of college for my C&G Diploma.

And life otherwise carried on of course.

Phew, home again and hope to catch up.

Love to you all


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