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Thread: PP Slimming Group 2016
29/11/2016 08:41:32

hi Jayne

I too have a husband with diabetes who is able to control his eating in a wonderful fashion ! I also wish I could do the same .......but I just yoyo dieted which is/or was, I think, even worse than just staying larger than I should be. I encourage you to try and eat the same as you hubby - try eating on a smaller plate if you want to control portions. Actually I am happy even if I can just stay the same! Getting thinner for an occasion and then getting even bigger than you are now is not a very good option. Perhaps it is time for a new dress!

Best wishes


Thread: Half Square Triangle Swap
21/11/2016 16:46:35

Hi Sheila

This is really beautiful - so bright and interesting! I think I am going to copy it!!!!

best wishes


Thread: UFO Zapping 2016
20/11/2016 09:45:51

Hello Glenda

What a wonderful and beautiful quilt. It might have taken a long time but it was surely worth it!

hope you enjoy using it.

BTW I think of you quite often as your daughter 's owl notebook has a place of honour on my desk, Hope all your family is well!

Best Wisihes


14/10/2016 11:10:15

This is charming. I love it!

best wishes


Thread: Half Square Triangle Swap
30/09/2016 17:54:43

Hi Sue

Best wishes for a speedy toe recovery


Thread: UFO Zapping 2016
07/08/2016 12:06:22


It is very pretty and so is the back. I think the large "empty" background is considered modern. Am I correct?

the quilting is also wonderful and I like the darkish areas top and bottom !

great work


06/08/2016 14:36:31

Hi Beryl and all my other friends

You are very brave to count your UFO's - I need to do that too! There is lots to be done but in the meantime I have got hooked on making other things so watch the show and tell in a short time!

Good luck to all of us and Happy stitching!


05/07/2016 15:48:48

Hi everyone

Margaret, I love the cushion cover. In our guild a few years ago we collected all our 'orphan" blocks (something of the idea of your fan block) and some of our members sewed them into interesting quilts which were given to charity. Much better use than sitting in the cupboard!

Well done Rosemary for the June prize!

best wishes


22/06/2016 16:55:11

Hi again

organized the photo of the kaidescope

hope you like it

Faykalescope 2016.jpg

22/06/2016 16:46:51

Katy and everyone else, Hello

I was so pleased when I went to my post box to find the useful book which you sent to me as a prize for my UFO bag some time ago. Our postal service is not what it once was, and the thing is that I moved from Ramat Gan where my post box is to another area called Kiriat Ono, and since I haven't been driving as much, it means that the book might have sat there for quite some time. BUT the important thing is that I now have the book and THANK YOU very much.

Thanks to everyone who is participating in this forum and thereby encouraging all of us to get as the song more or less says "get your UFO up, pick it and yourself up, and start all over again to get it finished" My cupboard is still quite full, a kalidescope - very interesting but unfinished with not much to do except to start, and a collage flower quilt which has been hiding in a box for quite a few years. 2x2 yard top complete but needs batting and quilting but I have not yet decided how to add the extra 3 sides which would make it a more useful quilt - whether it will be quilted or just be "a skirt" and in the meantime I am making some other things. I am making two cushion covers for a friend but she wanted them with zips and the final outcome is a flop so I have bought new fabric (not that there is any lack of it in my stash - only not quite the right colours) and I will "start all over again" and send pictures to "show and tell" when it is completed.

I will send a picture of the kalidescope soon

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy summer (or winter for those in Australia, my birthplace, South Africa etc)


02/06/2016 12:15:33

Hi Letia and Rosemary

Nice work

Letia - you can only get better by doing less and less bad points. Keep trying

Katy - thank you for the prize!

Best wishes


26/05/2016 11:03:21

Hi Glenda

That is cute and I am sure it will be very useful. What a nice "find" at the bottom of a bag!

Best wishes and regards to you and Irene


17/05/2016 09:57:03

Tamaras  bag May 2016


Hello Everyone

I have finally finished the bag I started making in 2011 from the PP special bag edition. I made a similar one which was finished in 2011 but this one - which was done absolutely according to directions in the magazine and which cost a lot of money ( because of the material and the sticky ribbon ) got pushed to the back of the cupboard and was only finished recently.

It is, in my opinion, very beautiful and I am very proud of it

Best wishes to all



Tamaras bag May 2016



Edited By Fay Morris on 17/05/2016 09:58:05

11/04/2016 06:32:18

lovely and interesting


06/04/2016 16:25:38

Hello Stereochild

What a happy wall hanging - it is sure to make everyone smile! It's charming and you are going to enjoy it a lot

BTW nobody is sending the "quilt police" regarding your errors. My late father used to say "people who never make mistakes, never do anything"

best wishes


04/04/2016 10:51:38

Congratulations Winnie!

I have put my heart quilt - cloth on the table in my sitting room so I can enjoy it every day

I'm working on finishing another bag which has been around for 2 or 3 years - DD is waiting for it!

love to all, hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday


Thread: PP Slimming Group 2016
19/03/2016 12:43:58

Hi Diane

Actually, I do the same thing - I tell everyone how old I am - nearly 73 and as you say you don't need to tell anyone your weight - it shows. Of course we are not all the same - I was merely trying to say that you need to do whatever is good for you. I try to be positive - but it is sometimes very hard .........!

very best wishes


19/03/2016 07:12:50

Hi Diane and everybody on the line

I sometimes go to workshops by a Toa'ist Master and he refuses to tell anyone how old he is (his wife is the same)

They believe that it is negative to think about one's age as that causes the mind to tell the body "Hey, you oldie, behave like your age" Behave like you feel you are able to behave. It's true that as we age the difference between us and our parents gets smaller and also having middle aged children makes the ages difference between us and them get smaller!

Look at children - a child of one and a child of eight are completely different yet a woman of 30 and a woman of 40 are more or less the same!

Anyway, concentrate on releasing weight and improving your fitness and enjoy whatever you can do. And as I tell myself "get out of the house" as much as you can.

best wishes


Thread: Hug Hearts for March
07/03/2016 10:37:58

Wow Sylvia

that is really beautiful and interesting - good idea for the future

Hope you feel the warmth every time you look at it - I do when I look at mine

thanks and love


05/03/2016 12:24:21

I am so glad Liz has sent a bunch of virtual flowers to Katy - It is a great idea

I will add some more - thank you Kary!!!!




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