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Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
23/08/2010 19:55:31
Hi Katy,
Those blocks look awesome, It was a real pleasure to make you one. How could we leave you out after what must have been eighteen months or more of you organising it for us every month!! It was a great idea of Kim's, and you certainly deserve a friendship quilt too. Enjoy.
Thread: Foq 2010
22/08/2010 20:58:54
Oh Caz, well done for finding out about that quilt. It just goes to show that we shouldn't make assumptions! When I think what my Mum was like when she died at 79 with Alzheimers, I realise what an absolutely amazing achievement it is for that 90 year old lady to have made! Thankyou for letting us know.
As for your carpark fee.........what can I say, someone, somewhere is having a laugh, at our expense!! Dreadful!!
22/08/2010 18:20:31
I really enjoyed the show too, and felt completely overwhelmed by all those stunning quilts. I only took a few pics this year, just the quilts that I really REALLY liked. Otherwise I end up not looking at them if I take too many.
It was also just sooooo nice to meet up with so many of you all, and to have the chance to all get together in the Ibis for a drink or two and a meal. Nine of us managed it on Friday evening, how many of you did it all again on Saturday?  Sorry I missed meeting Jan, NN and Kerstin! Still, hopefully there will be another chance again next year.
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
09/08/2010 22:00:07
Hi caz, your quilt and bag are really lovely, and please don't apologise for not using my block yet. I will probably be doing the same with mine, as I know I will find it difficult to put the different sizes together. I may even make two smaller quilts, or maybe even three. Must get them out again and have a play!
I will be looking out for your bag at the FOQ's, although I've got a feeling that yet again, our visit may not be coinciding. I'm there Thursday and Friday, coming home Saturday, and I think that's the day you will be there? Never mind, there's always next year!!  
Thread: Foq 2010
09/08/2010 21:49:39
HEY TESSA!!        I'll be there at the Etap Thursday evening. I should be arriving about mid day, so hoping to have a good afternoon at the FOQ's. I'll be looking out for you, and ofcourse that wonderful straw hat. It's fabulous, still haven't done mine yet, must get my thinking cap on...........Now there's an idea!!     
05/08/2010 13:31:52
Hi Tessa,
Your lovely little straw hat was waiting on the mat for me when we arrived home from a short break last evening. Thankyou so much, I shall also enjoy decorating it.  If Caz is going to buy you a cuppa      at the FOQ's, maybe I'll have to buy you a scrummy cake    to go with it! See you there!!! 
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
30/07/2010 18:29:33
Ooops! the gremlins are around again!
30/07/2010 18:28:36
Really lovely quilt Caz. You put me to shame, I received my blocks very early on too, but still not put together! They will though, PROMISE!
30/07/2010 18:28:31
Really lovely quilt Caz. You put me to shame, I received my blocks very early on too, but still not put together! They will though, PROMISE!
30/07/2010 18:28:21
Really lovely quilt Caz. You put me to shame, I received my blocks very early on too, but still not put together! They will though, PROMISE!
Thread: Foq 2010
28/07/2010 20:09:30
Hi Tessa, one of your hats would be great, many thanks, let me know what you want for it. I'll send you a pm with my address. 
Thread: August Square Dance
27/07/2010 21:47:39
Wow! it looks like a kaleidescope.....gorgeous!
Thread: Foq 2010
27/07/2010 21:44:30
Hi Caz,
I wish I could draw something on here, it would be easier! Anyway, what you could do would be to cut two circles in felt, one smaller for the middle, and imagine looking down onto the hat as a birds eye view. then decorate on one side where the smaller circle edges onto the larger one. use some small beads and bits of felt to look like flowers or fruit. I would just stitch a small safety pin on the back, the rigid bit, not the pin bit, and if you're careful you should be able to just catch the single layer of felt in the middle so it wouldn't show on the right side. If you wanted a more 3D effect, you could pad out the smaller circle from the back, a bit like trapunto. Hope you can understand this, I'm much better at drawing instructions than writing them!!!  
27/07/2010 18:13:52
We have one coming soon, but I'd be happy to make myself a small hat and decorate it with some small bits. If we can't get to a Hobby Store, I'm sure we would still recognise a small decorated hat pinned to our top. What say others? (Brilliant idea Irene!)  
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
22/07/2010 19:33:46
Hi Kerstin, I'm pleased to know my block arrived safely, i must say, you have some real beauties there, it will be a lovely quilt.
I can't believe it's all over now, or how quickly the time has flown since this swap started. (I still haven't made up my quilt yet either!!!) It will get done, something to do when I finally retire...........that day can't come quick enough!
Thanks everyone for such a great swap, I also still love all my blocks, and will treasure the quilt when it finally gets made! 
17/07/2010 12:56:58
Hi Kerstin, Your blocks so far are all beautiful, you must be so pleased, but you deserve them after being so patient! I put mine in the post yesterday (Friday), but forgot to take a photo of it to send to Katy. I think you are posting pics of them anyway, so it shouldn't matter.
Thread: Davina is on TV today!
11/07/2010 19:32:03
I managed to watch it online......Davina was great, I just wish she could have been doing the show solo!! Nothing against the presenter, she was lovely but I found the interruptions annoying. 
We really should be having more tv like this, if I'm made to suffer non stop football, then I'm sure all those footy fans wouldn't think it unfair if we had an hour of quilting tv a week........would they?     
Thread: Chat
11/07/2010 19:21:34
Hi Cathy,
I went to the Quilts at Sandown a couple of weeks ago, and visited the Janome stand. I have the same machine as you, and have often wondered about oiling it. I asked the gentleman there, and he said exactly what Carol B has said above. One drop into the larger hole of the bobbin holder. I still haven't done mine yet, but as I use it nearly everyday, I really must remember to do it!
04/07/2010 21:02:59
Wonderful Lions Jan, I think it must be a theme around the's elephants in London! Maybe we have a whole zoo in the making?    heehee!"!
Cath.......who is still feeling a bit merry after a lovely family lunch to celebrate our Ruby anniversary!     hic!
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
04/07/2010 20:57:07
Jackie seems to have two albums for her star blocks, most are in one album, the "Star block Album", but a few are in her personal album.......if that makes sense?! 
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