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Thread: Chat
30/08/2019 20:50:32

Just did a long post and lost it!

I've used small scraps for stuffing, fabric postcards and extra loft for trapunto. I've made 2 quilts using narrow strips in the logs of QAYG log cabin, uses tons of scrap wadding.

I join wadding using 3 stitch zig zag - not too small a stitch, widest width the machine will do and Pfaff IDT on. Works well. I've got some wadding joining tape but not used it as stitching it together works for me. Before I started joining it by machine, I used to join by hand sewing with ladder-stitch.


30/08/2019 20:41:07

Oops. Somehow missing post turned up.



Edited By Margaret S on 30/08/2019 20:52:05

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
25/08/2019 13:28:12

Getting ready early! Based on a Jordan Fabrics design ' Christmas Grandeur Secret Window', using a Robert Kaufman 'Winter's Grandeur' panel, and adapting Jordan Fabrics free 'Secret Window panel wallhanging' pattern.

Gold and silver metallic threads for quilting and gold star sequins for embellishment. 'Merry Christmas' fabric on the reverse.

Christmas Grandeur Secret Window


Thread: Do you match thread colour to fabric when machine piecing?
14/08/2019 11:49:07

I have seen all these collections of expensive, beautifully curated threads for piecing and quilting. Whilst I would match thread colour to fabric for dressmaking, I do not do this for quilt piecing by machine. I use mainly cream or beige cotton thread and occasionally grey, black or white. It's cheaper and less changing of bobbins. Am I the only one who does this for piecing?


Thread: Show and Tell 2019
10/08/2019 11:44:46

Well done, Eileen.

UFO zapped. I have used 9 blocks from Rosemary's Block Challenge (Non Swap) and zapped this charity I Spy quilt. Backing was an ebay win. I think it is probably curtaining but it came up soft when washed.

UFO Zapped - Block Challenge (Non Swap)

Back of Block Challenge (Non Swsp)


Thread: Festival of Quilts 2019
07/08/2019 13:24:42

Well done Rosemary. This was a huge undertaking on your part.

Constructive criticism helps us grow, and remember that you have given many of us the chance to boast that we have had our work exhibited at the foq!

Thank you.


Thread: Photos from FoQ 2019
05/08/2019 11:19:07

I see that I misunderstood the foq 2019 instagram account. Taj Mahal was made by Pippa Wardman and is a very well deserved 'Visitors' Choice' winner.


Thread: Show and Tell 2019
05/08/2019 10:26:46

Evening Group's Mystery Quilt. Final instructions revealed it should be Buckeye Beauty! Not enough contrast between my lights and mediums, but I prefer it this way. No one's actually turned out as a true Buckeye Beauty. Backing fabric was in my stash from yonks ago.

Mystery Quilt - should be Buckeye Beauty!

Back of Mystery Quilt


Thread: Photos from FoQ 2019
04/08/2019 13:00:28

I love the Taj Mahal by Sheena Norquay. It's subjective, but I would have rated it higher than 3rd.

Seem to be less of the really big names as winners this year?

Yesterday's pictures of miniatures - not really into miniatures, but the latest Quilt Now has a fantastic one that I would like to try - Twilight in Paradise by Kumiko Frydl.

Hope you got time away from the camera to appreciate the quilts!


Thread: how would you quilt this?
04/08/2019 10:39:51


Perfect! When I saw your first post I immediately thought of the Empire State Building. We should all use our fancy stitches more, too.


Thread: Photos from FoQ 2019
02/08/2019 13:43:33

Thanks for the photos Rosemary. Our quilt looks very nice and is hanging well. I am presuming the Group winner was long arm quilted? Hope you had a good time at FOQ.

Love the Art and Modern winners. Not sure about Best in Show, would need to see it in real life.


Thread: Chat
21/07/2019 10:57:26

Mental picture for you - I don't usually do the grocery shop on a Saturday and I had a job to park. Found a space for my small car between 2 'Chelsea Tractors'. Got out of the door o.k. and then got completely stuck, wedged in by the convex sides of the cars. Had to breath in hard, press my ample back side firmly against my car and wriggle free! After doing the shopping I knew that I would get stuck again, so this time I stood on tip toes to get my backside above the convex bulge and tip toe into the car!

Hope no one was watching!


18/07/2019 16:10:12

Hi Maria

I have the Sizzix Big Shot and the Big Shot Plus and love both. Both are fairly weighty machines and you need the space to store them as they do not fold up. The Big Shot Plus takes the larger, wider dies, but if you just plan on using it for simpler shapes like squares, hsts, triangles, circles and simpler applique then the Big Shot may suit you and is cheaper!

I am not too convinced on these new electric models, as what happens if something goes wrong with the electrics?


Thread: Festival of Quilts 2019
16/07/2019 14:36:35

Well done Rosemary. Hope they display it well.

Is it too much trouble for you to raffle it? After all your hard work we should try and raise some money for a charity from it.


Thread: Show and Tell 2019
16/07/2019 14:32:11

Well done, Eileen. By my standards, it is huge! Cold spell coming, as you predicted!


Thread: Oh to be able to use colour
16/07/2019 14:28:36

That is beautiful, Eileen. I am sure that your daughter will love it. Will it be a cat free zone, other than the decoration?


Thread: Show and Tell 2019
11/07/2019 09:50:53

This UFO has sat in a chest of drawers since 2007! It is a Susan Briscoe design for PP. I made the blocks as each of the 3 installments of the magazine was published and I started the QAYG, realised how much work was required and lost interest back in 2007.

I thought it would be a good idea to use charm squares on the back, all 256 different fabrics! I had been given a load, probably by Janet McElroy, and added some of my own. I used them as they came and chose not to trim them all to the same size. Hand sewing down the joining strips took forever!

Took a month to complete this UFO.


2007 UFO Susan Briscoe Log Cabin PP magazine

Back of 2007 UFO

Thread: Oh to be able to use colour
11/07/2019 08:44:04

Eileen, I was thinking of you last night. I took some african fabric scraps to my quilt group's final meeting. A friend's daughter has requested an African style quilt as a wedding present and fabric was being collected for it. Now all changed - daughter says African means grey, yellow and cream with grey elephants!


Thread: Festival of Quilts 2019
11/07/2019 08:37:54

Well done Rosemary. In this heat that is some achievement! Now I like sewing in ends as I find it quite restful. I either do it as I go along or leave it all to the end. Yesterday I was sewing in after each block was quilted. Mind you, I have only liked sewing in ends since I discovered self-threading needles. So much quicker!


Thread: Show and Tell 2019
03/07/2019 15:40:39

That's lovely Eileen. Really unique and a wonderful gift. If my google translator is correct, it is a good motto too. I do admire your meticulous planning as that part of my brain seems to be sadly lacking.


Edited By Margaret S on 03/07/2019 15:43:35

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