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Thread: Stay at home retreat....will you join me?
23/04/2020 16:39:16

That's lovely Rosemary. Thanks for the pattern. I will try by machine too.

Day 1 - I had planned to have this little lap quilt ready so that I could practice fmq with rulers on the borders, but I only had 1 day free last week to make the centre. I have added the borders today and it is now sandwiched ready for some walking foot quilting on the centre.


Getting ready-

Stay at home retreat-getting ready

Day 1- Borders added

Stay at home retreat-day 1 attaching borders

Thread: Chat
21/04/2020 12:36:42

Something that brought joy to my heart this morning - it's getting difficult to social distance when walking the dogs in the fields as there are so many dogs, walkers, runners and joggers that have suddenly appeared. I took avoiding action and went into a meadow that I have not been in before and there were drifts of cowslips. It took me right back to my childhood.


Thread: UFOs completed in time of "plague"(sorry I couldn't think of a better word!)
16/04/2020 11:56:58

Last year I was given a bag of blocks, some single and some joined in rows. I was asked if I would make them into a quilt and give it to charity. I said that I would on the understanding that they would be assembled as I saw fit. It was very liberating to join them whilst adding a few extra blocks and some fillers. However, I have hated doing the quilting and it has taken me ages to get the will to complete it. Love the finished quilt though. The backing fabric is from my stash.


Charity Quilt NOT ALL MY WORK

Thread: Chat
15/04/2020 09:32:23

During the lockdown, what is the oldest thing that you have found in your larder/food cupboard? I have found some 2014 cat biscuits. The cat died 9 1/2 years ago, so I must have bought these to see if the hedgehogs that used to visit would like them. Dh gets fads on breakfast cereals and there were 2 part bags of porridge oats 2014 and 2018. Conversely, today I found the remains of a current one in the bin because it is too watery!

I've also found some really old prescription meds. I thought that I regularly went through checking dates!


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
15/04/2020 09:22:59

Lovely, Steph. I was wondering how you were getting on with your new machine and I can see that you are having fun.

A number of us have Janome machines and like them.


Thread: Stay at home retreat....will you join me?
11/04/2020 20:52:39

Will try and pop in and out, Rosemary. Was meant to have a dental appointment on 23rd but we are self isolating and the dentist is closed for all but emergencies so I am free.

Could use the time to try out my new toys. I was watching for free on Blueprint, Angela Walters doing fmq with rulers. Now I've bought some of her rulers from Creative Grids. The beast, my Janome Horizon, has a convertible darning foot so I ordered a ruler fmq foot for it and it arrived today. Now I need to see if I can crack it.


Thread: UFOs completed in time of "plague"(sorry I couldn't think of a better word!)
07/04/2020 14:31:47

Finished my Round Robin Mystery Quilt. I asked for modern and abstract. I am thrilled with the result. It glows. My only expense during all the rounds was black wadding for my own quilt. Lost my mojo a little bit then 'lock down' concentrated my mind to get it finished.

It has a variety of quilting and thanks to some Youtube videos I taught myself how to do fmq pebbles. It's 45" square and the outer border is not quite as mauve as the camera says.

Round Robin Mystery quilt zapped

My usual quiet backing!

Back of Round Robin Mystery Quilt


07/04/2020 14:16:37

2 lovely quilts, Rosemary. It is going to be a lucky charity that receives them.

Lovely cushion, Sylvia, and a striking design. All those bias edges! Did you starch first?



Thread: Show and Tell 2020
07/04/2020 14:09:14

I am not a toy maker so I envy your skill Rosemary. Beautiful. Are they keepers?

My mum made lovely jointed teddybears but sadly I did not inherit that gene.


Thread: Chat
07/04/2020 14:04:52

So sorry for you Eileen. Why is it that things always go wrong at the most difficult times? Hope you soon manage to get it fixed and those woodworm get their come upance pdq! It's nice having floorboards, but I think those with solid floors don't have as many problems.

Winnie, may your washing machine continue to behave. The modern ones are so heavy and mine is not quite in the right place, but there is no way we have the strength to move it. Luckily it lives in the conservatory.

Stay safe everyone.


Edited By Margaret S on 07/04/2020 14:06:08

30/03/2020 22:18:23

So sorry for you Steph. I know that a lot of the Pfaff qe 4.0 were problematic. I've got the Pfaff qe 4.2 and it regularly has it's little go at thread getting caught round the thread cutting arm and breaking when it considers there is lint about, but I know how to strip it down and sort it. I love Pfaff but they are not made as well as they were.

I have been using 'The Beast', Janome Horizon 7700, to fmq for the last couple of days, and although it is not my favourite machine it has done everything that I asked of it.

Janome seem to be fairly reliable. Don't know anything about the Atelier, but if you are planning on doing fmq please read the reviews before you buy. The Pfaff 4.0 got terrible reviews.

Good luck.


Edited By Margaret S on 30/03/2020 22:18:55

26/03/2020 13:53:37


I have put the instructions for a quick and simple quilt in 'Show and Tell'. You can look at my photos to see how the pattern works out.


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
26/03/2020 13:49:56

Here are the instructions for the quick charity quilts that I have made. I don't know the author. The size squares that you use determines the finished size of the quilt. 2 1/2" squares make a small crib quilt. The pattern makes a square quilt. I made the top and bottom borders wider to make a cot size quilt. I also used 4 patch blocks rather than charm squares.

Simple and quick quilt instructions



25/03/2020 12:44:31

Sign of the times- made a batik fabric face mask for dh's doctor's appointment tomorrow. Going to make one for myself as well.


Sign of the times-batik face mask for dh

Thread: UFOs completed in time of "plague"(sorry I couldn't think of a better word!)
24/03/2020 10:27:29

Charity Cot Quilt #2, using the last of the PP swap 4 patches. Didn't enjoy this as much as the first one. With the final cuts you have no controĺ on the final block placements.

Charity Cot Quilt #2

Back of quilt using 'why did I buy this?' fabric, which has been in my stash for ages.

Back of Charity Cot Quilt #2

Have found 61 Hug Hearts in UFO pile!


Thread: Chat
24/03/2020 07:50:10

No eggs, flour, hand wash or toilet rolls but did manage to put in a food delivery order last night. We will wait and see what arrives on Wednesday. Our chinese neighbours kindly gave us some fresh vegetables.

We always used to grow our own vegetables but stopped when they became so cheap in the supermarket. Yesterday dh started digging up part if our back lawn for a veg patch.

Hope you are all managing to get the groceries you need. Keep quilting and keep safe.


Thread: Dawn's next quilt
24/03/2020 07:41:37

Looking forward to seeing this one, Eileen. Unless you have a tight deadline, if you are not enjoying it then sometimes it is better to leave it for a while. Good luck.


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
18/03/2020 14:12:52

Started on my 2020 Temperature Quilt. No idea where this is heading so I'll have to wait and see if like it. Triangles are night time temperatures. This shows Jan to Feb 1 -19. I have now completed the rows for these two months but temperatures where very similar and it is very blue at this end of the rows.

2020 Temperature Quilt


18/03/2020 14:04:27

Well done Rosemary and Eileen.

Following on from last year, here are photos of the last two borders I made on our Mystery Round Robin quilts.

I did the birds for someone who is a keen bird watcher and who asked for cheerful and pictorial.

Mystery Round Robin my birds round

I did the final round on this one. The owner asked for simple and two tone.

Mystery Round Robin  final round

I now have my own top back and will show it when the quilting is finished deadline 22nd April.


Thread: UFOs completed in time of "plague"(sorry I couldn't think of a better word!)
18/03/2020 13:43:13

Well I have made this very quick charity cot quilt. I tweek the original pattern, which used squares, and used some of the PP swap 4 patches from yonks ago. I found a very bland printed cot quilt top in my stash and used it on the back.

Charity Cot Quilt

Back of Charity Cot Quilt

I have added 7 blocks to the remaining 4 patches and I am working on quilt no.2. They really are quick!


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