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Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
10/06/2009 16:47:29
Thank you for your kind comments about my block.
I am very experienced at sewing but I am not arty. I marvel at the work you arty people produce.
No one should feel that they have got to make another block because of the ones already sent. If we are all making the blocks out of friendship and to the best of our individual abilities, then those are the best gifts to receive.
I think Caz is going to have one great quilt!
09/06/2009 18:21:38
Hi Caz
Yes it is paper pieced and all hand stitched. I don't do that too much these days!
It is called Alaska from Carol Doak's book '50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars'.
Glad you like it.
08/06/2009 19:50:09
I have posted your block today. I hope that you like it.
Thread: Posh Sewing Machines
08/06/2009 09:34:11
Hi Dusie
Don't just buy a machine because it is expensive and is a status symbol. Do your research and buy a machine that does what you want or need. Buy a machine that you will use enough to justify the price. If your machine does everything you need why replace it?
At the back of magazines you will find loads of expensive new machines for sale that it would seem were too complicated for the original buyer! 
My Pfaff cost about £900 and I use all it's features, but I knew it would before I bought it.
Tessa is right on more features can mean more problems. Nine years ago I bought a machine for £1200 ,(the most I have ever paid for a machine), and it was definitely a 'Friday' machine - started going wrong as soon as out of warranty.
I would love a new embroidery machine but some are the price of a small car and only have 2 years warranty. I cannot justify such an expense, let alone afford it, for the amount I would use the machine. I can live without it.
Thread: Chat
29/05/2009 19:38:02
Hi Jackie
My Group has a chairwoman's challenge each year, running from September through to July.
One year it was a mystery quilt. We have also had an A4 size journal quilt challenge where each member had to make a quilt depicting their favourite things and we had to guess the owner. This year we have had two. We have each made two elongated star blocks to assemble into a group charity quilt. We have also had a 3.5" unfinished pinwheel block exchange. We made multiples of 12. We have had three exchanges. So if you made 12 blocks each time you will now have 36 back. If you made 24 each time you will have 72. The challenge is to assemble your collection as you see fit.The challenge ends with a show and tell at our final summer picnic meeting.
We also have Secret Santa at our Christmas Party. We now have a set theme as Santa sometimes brought grotty gifts! Last year's theme was a christmas tree decoration. Only stipulation was that you must have made it.
My group are not overly keen on Sew and Chat. We prefer small projects and demonstrations of techniques.
I like frog stitch! We reverse sew!
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
29/05/2009 09:04:53
Hi Caz
Congratulations. My favourite colours!
Do you want star fabrics or a star design?
Thread: Scissors
27/05/2009 17:28:59
My scissors are Fiskars - Cutting Out, Dressmaking and Embroidery. All bog standard orange handle, but the nicest pair when my hands are really bad are Fiskars Softouch.
To keep them sharp - my husband is on pain of death if he even thinks of using  them on paper!
I would replace rather than resharpen.
Thread: Sewing Machines
27/05/2009 17:20:35
Thanks for the help.
I do like machines with as many 'bells and whistles' as I can afford! 
Which ever machine you go for, check the length of guarantee. Some dealers increase the manufacturers guarantee quite considerably.
27/05/2009 12:08:10
As for the message member bits at the bottom - yes it is just mine, everyon else is fine.
One thing I forgot on the Pfaff - is that you can sew in reverse. With the feed dogs up for normal quilting you can press the reverse button and it will keep going backwards! If you are clever with this there is no need to move the quilt around as much. As long as you remember to press the button again when you want to go forward! (I cannot do this but I know someone who can!)
27/05/2009 11:25:49
After years of having Husqvarnas, two years ago I bought a Pfaff Expression 2048. I love it. I think it is now discontinued but there is an equivalent.
As part of the deal it came with a quilters pack of extension table and quarter inch foot plus other goodies and a trolley bag. So shop around there are some bargains!
It has an integrated dual feed, so no need for a separate walking foot. Front loading bobbin and bobbin low indicator. Speed control. Needle up or down. A wider throat so that I can do wider embroidery or quilt stitches. It will also warn you if you have selected a stitch that is too wide for a twin needle. It has a hard case so I don't have to put it away.
Two slight gripes. The lighting could be better and the arm is a bit short.
For workshops I take my shopping channel purchase - a Toyota. Basic but goes in the trolley bag from the Pfaff!
P.S. Katy, what have I done? When I post I have lost  'message member' and 'ignore member' on the bottom tool bar. Was it when I changed my name or when I deleted tracking cookies?
Thread: Quilting frames
25/05/2009 09:33:25
Like Caz, I have just watched the video of John Flynn on his site.
Even if we cannot get the frame in the UK, the demo of machine quilting is great.
Thread: Slice quilts
29/04/2009 21:36:50
I am late picking up on this thread, but I would be interested in this as a group project. I have wanted to try for some years but there is not enough interest in my quilting group.
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
29/04/2009 12:09:16
Hi Ros
Block finished and posted to you today.
Thread: Chat
28/04/2009 20:58:04
I've remembered that the technique is called 'Meshwork'. Search for - quilt japanese meshwork on the web. has a free bag pattern and I am sure there are others. It might help you trace the book.
28/04/2009 16:38:47
It could be 'Taupe Quilt' Ref: 4538  £17.50 from Cotton Patch.
Unfortunately, the friend who has made some of these bags is on holiday at the moment, so I cannot ask her. However, the bags are fabulous but fiddly!
Good luck in your search.
25/04/2009 14:37:04
How I agree with Kim!
My Dad had breast cancer many years ago. When he felt unwell doctor gave him steroids for chest infection! He was an engineer in the days before they knew of the dangers of oil. Dad ignored it, but by the time they discovered the lump it was far too late.  People do not appreciate that men get breast cancer and men need to be more aware of the possibility.
It makes me angry too.
23/04/2009 14:43:23
Yesterday was a good day! Someone has been watching over me.
I've been off-line for a while dealing with a major unexpected health scare. Makes you realise how good the NHS is. Lots of care and attention. Loads of tests, x-rays, scans etc. All fast tracked and free. Then the phone call yesterday. PET scan diagnosis wrong, appears I have had a lung abscess. Now, instead of the possibility of chemo, it's strong antibiotics and a follow-up monitoring scan. Fingers crossed. Big relief.
Last night I won £10 on the lottery!
Back to quilting at last and thinking cap on for Ros's Friendship Block.
Thread: 2009 Friendship Block Swap
30/03/2009 20:20:06
Hello Janet
I have posted your block today. Our post is not always reliable but hopefully you will get it soon.
(It may say MAS on top left but please call me Margaret. Like a lot of women of a certain age in England, I was named after the Queen's sister. My name had already been registered when I joined.)
25/03/2009 16:49:23
Being new to this and as this is a 'Friendship Block Swap', are we signing the blocks we send out?
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