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Thread: Quilty Calendar for 2021
27/11/2020 11:20:43

Money sent. Hope I've got it right.

Many thanks.


Thread: Christmas 2020
25/11/2020 11:06:07

Rosemary, I have copied your roundrel wall hangings. How did you finish the back? Did you cover it with a backing circle of fabric?

I bought some 9" embroidery hoops. They were a little bit small, so I bought some 10" hoops and they were too big. Went with the 9". I have an idea of hanging them as a set of 3, but don't know if this will work yet.

Thanks for the idea.


Thread: Quilty Calendar for 2021
23/11/2020 21:15:35

If it's around £5.35 or cheaper, lol, + p&p then please count me in, Rosemary. Many thanks.


Edited By Margaret S on 23/11/2020 21:16:37

Thread: Christmas 2020
19/11/2020 14:03:46

Love the Christmas face mask.



Edited By Margaret S on 19/11/2020 14:07:17

19/11/2020 14:02:01

Here is my Christmas wall hanging. Used a Hoffman digital print panel. Metallic thread machine quilting. Went a bit ott with the embellishments as there are approx 340 sequins and beads hand sewn on. It sparkles!


Christmas wall hanging

26/10/2020 18:11:29

Really love these Rosemary. They are beautiful.


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
26/10/2020 11:17:34

Here you go Sylvia - well done.

Not my work - Sylvias pot

On my phone I download it into my gallery. I then rotate it and crop a little bit and then save. With a little bit of luck it stays the right way up!


Edited By Margaret S on 26/10/2020 11:19:11

Thread: Chat
18/10/2020 14:39:05

Got an email the other day. 'Quilt Now' has ceased publication. The pandemic and the fact that the distributors are so selective in the shops that they supply must make sales very difficult. Getting less and less quilting magazines.


18/10/2020 14:33:53

Only just seen your quilt Maria, and you have probably finished it by now. Looks fine. Maybe a darker outside border to tie it all together? What did you come up with?


P.S. The nautical quilt is great and if my memory serves me well, I can see my fabric.


Edited By Margaret S on 18/10/2020 14:35:40

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
18/10/2020 14:29:04

You are a clever lot. Lovely makes. Well done.

I haven't done any quilting for a while, been dressmaking instead, but the quilting urge is coming back.


Thread: Christmas 2020
18/10/2020 14:26:12

That is so pretty Rosemary. A lovely present and I bet you are having fun finding little gifts to put in the stockings.

Don't know if I am going to do anything for Christmas this year. Although I do have a fabric panel with a digital print of a Christmas tree, ( a different one from last year). This one is mainly blue and would go in my front room, so I'll ponder on that. Mind you I will have to find it first!


Thread: Chat
23/08/2020 10:28:19

Not doing major quilting at the moment. Bought an incredibly cheap notebook laptop. Quickly made a slip case for it - 2 x dog fabrics, 80/20 wadding, hair tie and one of my vintage mother of pearl buttons for fastening.

Slip case for new notebook laptop

Rosemary, love your underwear/ mask rules! Commando ha, ha!


20/08/2020 13:17:46

Well done Rosemary. It is lovely. The striped fabric is a great choice. It keeps turning up in newsletters that I receive so I think it is going to be very popular this year. Too technical for me.

Brenda, it is certainly scary to be in the at risk age group. I have become a bit of a hermit. Also clearing out the spare room. Found things I have lost for years, culling the magazines and filling the bins. Managed to give away 2 large bags of 4ply machine knitting yarn. Hurray. Suspect there will be a lot of yarn bombing going on around here! Major problem at the moment is the quilts that I have made for charity and no where to take them.

So hoping that we will see light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Take care all.


Thread: What product do I need? help!
10/08/2020 11:26:41

I have been very tardy in replying on machine quilt rulers. Because of arthritis in my hands I find them easier than fmq unaided, particularly the ones with a channel that the foot slots down into, but I find them nowhere near as easy to use as suggested by the demos you see, but I am a complete novice and the demonstrators can already fmq well. I think it would be easier with 80/20 wadding, but I have got a big roll of Hobbs poly to use up, and it does drag a bit on poly. Even my amateurish efforts are much quicker than walking foot quilting. Like everything it seems that practice is the key.


Thread: tying a quilt
10/08/2020 11:14:03

Never tried it Eileen, cos to be honest I'm not a fan. The dressmaker in me sees flattened tailor tacks! Vintage quilts seem to use a thicker, strong thread and you need one that will hold a double knot. Knot ends are on the top of the quilt and don't cut the ends too short. It would be pretty to knot in the middle of the blocks, particularly if you used different colour threads, but would this make the block joins poke up?

Can't you make it in units and quilt as you go?

Many years ago a member of our group who is American made a huge quilt for her sil, it was well over 9ft square and beautiful. She used 80/20 wadding and it weighed a ton! I often wondered how it was received when shipped to Hawaii, and how much it cost to ship!


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
22/07/2020 14:35:46

Hooray! Last of the 4 quilt tops that I was given turned into a quilt. Kept this one at it's original size, added wadding, floral backing and binding. Quilted with walking foot and Silesian Quilt machine ruler. I don't usually make 'pretty' quilts, but this one has turned out pretty. My stack of charity quilts is growing.


NOT ALL MY WORK - Last quilt top turned into finished quilt.

Thread: Mystery quilt
22/07/2020 14:26:17

Eileen, I am 'mathematically minded' too. My 'random' is usually balanced. I can't help it. It would indeed be a dull world if we were all the same and then we would have no need to bounce ideas off each other. I am of the school that if you like it and it pleases you then blow what others think.


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
22/07/2020 14:16:52

That's lovely Rosemary. It is hard to finish things for people who are no longer with us, but it will bring pleasure to her family for years to come.

I had to go through my albums to see if I made a block for this one and I did - second row, second from the left.


Thread: Chat
16/07/2020 09:35:35

Love the flower pin cushion, Rosemary.

Take it easy when recuperating, Maria and get well soon.


Thread: Show and Tell 2020
16/07/2020 09:31:50

Still don't know how this will pan out, but I'm catching up on my 2020 Temperature Quilt. Done Jan to April so far.


Temperature Quilt 2020 Jan-Apr

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