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Thread: Chat
31/10/2014 11:44:59

Busy Bees Patchwork is Back with a new shop, just around the corner from our old premises at Tredegar House.

Come and visit us at 6, Duffryn Shopping Centre, Newport. NP10 8TE.

We are open 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

24/09/2013 11:02:50

Not been on here for a while but absolutey loved that little set of drawers. You can find them on Ebay - put in 'Ceramic drawer chest' I have never seen them before but they are lovely..... Christmas is coming!


Edited By Margaret B on 24/09/2013 11:03:50

24/07/2012 08:33:39

Ref ants in cake - never give a product like this back to to retailer/producer, take it straight to the council and they have to deal with it! If that happened then there are obviously other issues with the shop.


Thread: Olympic Torch progress
24/05/2012 10:37:38

As Jan says - all that organising and then yesterday they were late at the Suspension Bridge in Bristol because they took a wrong turn!

My brother saw it in Charlestown, Cornwall on Sunday but it was a grey day and his reaction was that it was very drab as they are dressed in white and grey. He said the police cars provided the colour and it took them 5 minutes to light the lamp to go by road to the Eden Centre. He can remember going to see the 1948 torch in Windsor Park which I think made a greater impression.

Sorry - a bit with Jan on this one.

Edited By Katy on 24/05/2012 14:48:55

Thread: Chat
17/05/2012 16:25:06


Just read your comment re Insurance companies so thought I would pass on a story I heard today.

Lady over the road told us of the people who bought a house at the bottom of her garden. (They are 1960's houses)

They were talked into taking out an indemnity before they completed because the ground used to belong to Thornbury Castle many moons ago and it was used for Jousting ! Insurance in case anyone wants to come along to have a quick joust!!!!! Lady telling the story says she is going to do teas if anyone comes!

I keep saying the world cannot get any madder ..............


Thread: 2012 PP Online Quilt Show!
17/05/2012 10:33:15


I was going to back out of this as I do not have a competitive bone in my body and I do like everything I make to have a use!

I have had my machine out for my DD - she likes to make something out of very little and Mum usually provides the manual labour as she is good with ideas but doesn't sew!! A second hand foot stool for £5 plus a pair of red chenille curtains in the sale for £20 has resulted in a plush looking stool and (nearly finished) roman blind. It also started me thinking and I have an idea for this competition so I will draw it up but will have to wait a little to buy fabric......Hope I can get somthing done in time.

Margaret B

Edited By Katy on 17/05/2012 11:55:35

Thread: A personal challenge for everyone
24/04/2012 09:03:31

Hi Kate

Have a go at NYB - I find that points are not a problem if you use paper piecing. I used Stitch and Tear which is what I was shown at a class, it is easy to remove when finished.

Margaret B

23/04/2012 10:53:01

I have been intrigued by all the chat about NYB so thought I would have a go. I have to admit to quite a lot of unpicking to start but you soon get into a rhythm. It's not perfect but I didn't cheat!

I don't think it will end up as a quilt - sorry about the colours - I used what came to hand.

Margaret B


20/04/2012 11:09:13


Count me in this time - I don't do as much as the rest of you!

Margaret B

Thread: Warning
23/03/2012 10:55:50

If you use credit cards online rather than debit it is easier to get your money back. Several of my family have had problems - the worst was my daughter who had her whole months salary removed just before Xmas one year. It was taken from cash machines in a country ending in ...stan! She banks with the Co-Op and they were realy helpful.

I have never had a problem other than my Hotmail account but that didn't do any real harm. Must just be lucky.


Thread: Chat
10/03/2012 13:10:57

You have had me reminiscing - I moved down to the West Country in 1976 from Berkshire/Surrey border.

Now you youngsters - my son was born in 1966!! I don't even want to think about it!

My eldest GS was born at 29 weeks 27 years ago - the only sign is that his teeth have small white flecks in the enamel, something to do with the vitamins he was given. Only a dentist would know. He arrived very suddenly at home and I cuddled him in the ambulance on our way to hospital. Frightening but good outcome so all the very best to Kate's sister.

Just to make things worse (or better) haven't decided which yet........I am going to be a Great Nanny - only old people are Grandmas. Mmmm


19/02/2012 08:58:11


I don't write on here very often but feel a sense of relief this morning.

I live in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire and the Police have found the man they were looking for after the murder of our Vicar.

Thornbury is a lovely little community and everyone was shocked by what happened. Our condolences go to his family and everyone who knew Rev Suddarts.


01/02/2012 09:12:42
Hi Katy
I am sure the puppy was adorable but a strange choice for a big burly builder!
I don't like these designer dogs - a Jug. To me this is a little ball of energy that given the chance will run about all day crossed with one that has possible breathing problems. Not good as far as I can see.
Anyway - good for you!
My moan for the day............
Margaret B
16/11/2011 11:11:56
Well done everyone.
Mine was G - I don't do as much sewing as a lot of you so I don't have a stash as such but I have a carrier bag of bits and pieces. My cushion was made from these and it's amazing what you can do with tiny bits of fabric.
My cushion is obviously going to the little boy whose name is on it.
Margaret B
Thread: Chat
15/11/2011 11:59:19
Hi Alison
I would give the acupuncture a go. My husband used to have it once a month while he was working and I think without it he would not have worked to 65 as he had a manual job.
It won't make things worse and it doesn't hurt at all.

Edited By Margaret B on 15/11/2011 11:59:33

07/11/2011 10:35:34
Thought I would have a go as well but not the same as Kirstie - just the elements ie applique, embroidery and quilting. It will also be a Xmas present made out of scraps as that is all I had.No buttons as it is for a baby. Hope this will be OK.
Margaret B
Thread: BOM Hearts all around quilt
05/11/2011 16:54:53
Got it!! I only have enough for a square so will put a blue border round. It is hardly the fabric to be used again.
Quilt will not win "Best in Show" but will raise a few smiles and you can never have too many of those!!
Margaret B

05/11/2011 16:49:03
First of all I must appologise to the designers of this quilt, I did intend to follow the instruction but got carried away. Anyway here goes.

Cannot find the photo of backing so will do it seperately.
The panel just under the centre house is a very sketchy Family Tree - my main time waster.

Edited By Margaret B on 05/11/2011 16:56:35

27/10/2011 14:46:24
Juliet - such lovely fabrics, it is going to be a super quilt
Margaret B
24/10/2011 10:00:32
Thanks - it is going to turn into a quirky quilt but hope it will be appreciated bu DS and wife. They are mad in a nice way!!
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