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Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
01/10/2014 11:12:20

Carol!!! I've been ooohing and awwwing over my mug rug since I got home last night! It's too darn cute to use! I'm going to put it on my mantel as part of my Halloween decorating. I just love it. Your's will be in the post on Saturday. Work and life have gotten in the way of my sewing right now. So it's not as finished as I thought it was.

I just hope I can equal your expertise.

We've got some good stuff going here gang!


Thread: Chat
24/09/2014 19:43:06

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Yes, glad I made it, glad it's done. I've learned by lesson...I will not take a commission to make a quilt EVER again. Sucks the joy of sewing right out of my life.

Katy and Diane, hope you are feeling better. There is some nasty stuff going around. I'm going back to work after almost three weeks off, tomorrow. Still coughing but at least I can breath now. Ugh, I hate being sick.

Off to watch some TV. Thank God for being able to watch shows on the +1 channels. I can watch Our Zoo and Scott and Baiely!

XX Kim

24/09/2014 15:46:48

Happy Birthday Myra! May it be filled with fun, family, food, friends and of course fabric!!!!

Well, as promised here is a picture of the anniversary quilt I've been working on (off and on) for about a year. After getting the fabric sorted I got down to it in May and really started the actual cutting, sewing and cussing. Finally, it's finished. Please ignore the grotty garden...grass is too wet to get a good cutting on it.


22/09/2014 19:13:34

I am pleased to announce that Barney Rubble the garden wall has become Lazarus! He is risen. The guys came last Friday and started, they finished today around 14:30. Well done, and looks like it will last a bit longer (although I shouldn't complain the house is almost as old as me.

The dreaded Anniversary Quilt is finished and I am going to chill for a few days. I think I earned it.

Photos will follow tomorrow.

Hugs everyone. Kimmers

Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
19/09/2014 13:08:52

Our quiet little Thimble is a dark horse, sneaking Tessa and I into FoQ, organizing the swap...what next???

Thanks for making our PP forum such a fun place to be.


Thread: Chat
09/09/2014 08:18:46

Belated Happy Anniversary to Tessa and Terry from Dave and I too.

Shouldn't your family be visiting soon?

Winnie, have a great holiday

Irene, that post card is adorable. I wish I had thought to send some to my grandkids.

I've been sick with a truly miserable cold for the past 5 days. I got up yesterday and went to the utility room to get cat had been sick on the floor. "Well, at least it's here and not in the sewing room as per usual". Wrong! She was sick up there too! With hard wood floors in the lower half of the house, whey does she go into my sewing room to be sick? Always under my machine or the ironing board so I can't see it and step in it too! angry 2

At least she's feeling better today. Loving on me and the quilt I'm working on. I think if she could hold a needle she would help me. If she could hold a needle she could hold a screw driver and I send her into the train room to take the track apart, pack up the darn trains and help me move it all out so we could have a larger sewing room, instead of a shoe box. Hmmm, must close now...working on training the cat to use screw-driver.

Love ya'll


Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
09/09/2014 08:08:12

Hey Thimble, I'm open to either Halloween,Autumn, Harvest, Beltane, Fall, Thanks Giving (it's the Yank in me used the last two terms.) and just let me know what my person wants. Woo Hoo, I've almost finished the Anniversary Quilt! I can do what I want for a change.

laughbeernotecocktail Yes, all of the above!


06/09/2014 15:54:19

For Goodness sake!!! I've bought some more Halloween fabric to make bunting with and now I can't find it!!!!!

Why? Why does this always happen to me?

Colour me bright RED angry 2!!!!

Simply Red Kimmers

Thread: Wondering about Wadding
04/09/2014 19:57:48

Hi Gang,

I'm finishing up the Anniversary quilt. The pattern is the "Union" block with alternate blocks very plain. One of my questions is this. The Hobbs fushion wadding poly/cotton blend says can be quilted up to 3.5 inches apart. What happens if it's quilted farther apart than that? I have the "arms" on the star block that are 5.5 inches in length. They are outline stitched in the ditch, but trying to quilt the arms will really ruin the pattern.

Will the quilt shrink or the wadding fall apart? I'm a bit scared sleepless over this!

Any ideas, suggestions or words of wisdom????

XX Kimmers

Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
01/09/2014 06:46:38

It wouldn't actually have to be Halloween, it could be Autumn if no Halloween fabric is available, I would think. I'm still trying to find my Autumn Fabric swap table runner I made back when we first started...I put it somewhere safe...pretty darn safe huh?

This should be fun.


Thread: Chat
01/09/2014 06:43:46

h Sandra, what a sad time, but as the others have said, it will get easier...not better, but easier to deal with as it becomes the new normal. Hugs for you and your family. How very wonderful that you and your sister can do the flowers, one last thing you can do for your father, so show your love.

Belated birthday wishes for you too.

Caz, fantastic on the win for you quilt and mittens. Well done you!

I've finally finished the quilting on the anniversary quilt. Still need to tweek a couple of blocks and to bind it. Don't think I've ever been so happy to be finished with a quilt. I think it's pretty etc, but it's taken so long and because I'm being paid I'm a bit OCD with wanting it to be perfect. Never say "Never" but I will never do another quilt on commission again. It became work and just sucked the joy out of what I was doing. Pictures to follow in a few days.

Now if Mr.J will just get off his backside and start dismantling his trains, I might be able to move from the quilting cave to the big room by Christmas. His sister is getting ready to move to a Granny flat attached to her daughter's new house in a few months. We will need a room for her to sleep in when she visit...must stress that a bit so he will do it for her...Not for me, but for her...

Cheers, Kim

Thread: ufo
01/09/2014 06:23:21

I am speechless, that is just lovely. I hope you are going to use it and as Thimble said, take it off at night. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it! Well done you!!!!


Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
29/08/2014 19:47:42

I've just bought some halloween fabric...Yes! I'm in!


Thread: Hug Heart Thanks!
29/08/2014 08:01:57

Awww, Love you all so much. I just think that we've really bonded as a group and it's a good group and I wanted you all to know how much you mean to me.

Big Hugs


28/08/2014 07:42:18

Well, much to my surprise I had a squishy come through the post the other day. Hug Hearts from my PP friends. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. The wall being knocked down through vehicular mayhem,and not going to FoQ actually hit me harder than I thought it would.

I feel very vulnerable without that wall there. Why? I didn't have brick walls when I lived in the states. It's not like the one around Buckingham Palace with large spiked barbed wire. we don't even use the gate (he could have come in that way!) But now I have a pile of rubble, and a pile of stress.

The Love and Laughter we share at FoQ really goes a long way to sooth my soul since I've moved here. I have friends at work...but they are workmates and there is nothing in common with them except we work together (brought together by the common enemy-self absorbed managers).

Being so far away from my family, and having no real close relationship with Dave's family, you are my surrogate family. I love and cherish the Comin' Through Crew and the PP forum members. We support, pray for and teach each other constantly. Good for us!

So thank you for making my days just a tad brighter. Now if I can see the end of this stupid anniversary quilt I'll be celebrating even more than Carol and Paul.I may not always comment, but I'm lurking in the perimeter checking up on you folks.

Cheers and Hugs to one and all


Edited By Kimberly on 28/08/2014 07:46:05

Thread: Chat
13/08/2014 08:09:26

Oh Jayne, I wish I could take some of your pain, even for a couple of hours and give you a rest. Something I might suggest to God. A pain taking scheme, similar to a lending library. Just to give you a bit of relief. Very gentle hugs for you dear.

Glenda, I've got hugs for you too. Losing our furry family members is awful. I dread the loss of our Abbey. The best/worst mouser in England. She catches them, brings them in the house (alive) and then drops them. They run amok until I catch them in a corner and throw them back out. Guess that makes me the best mouser?

Insurance adjuster comes today to see the disaster of the front garden wall where a car drove through just before 1 in the morning. Five more feet would have been in our living room! Stolen car, the poor single mom owner had left her spare keys in the car (allegedly) and so she is now without a car, we are without a garden wall and we will all be out of pocket, except for the jerk who did a runner. Ahh well, it's just money and bricks. Not a loss of life so a blessing.

What a horrible end to my adventure at FoQ!

Hugs, Kimmers

Thread: Adventures of the Coming Through Crew
13/08/2014 07:56:55

I don't know about Tessa, but I think I had more fun than usual, saved more money and gained less weight!

Two years ago I took "Flat Stanley" to York for an adventure story to help a great nephew...we have taken Flat Stanley to a new level I believe. The Flat Crew...sneaks through!

Thank you Ladies for making it the best FoQ I never saw.



Thread: Chat
22/07/2014 07:07:16

Pam, you might have already started on the fishing line, but I used to have a necklace my ggmother made for me. She put the beads on some metelic crochet thread and as she crocheted she would slide the beads up every so often, so the necklace looked similar to laced chain. Wish I still had it but it vanished from my jewelery box during a move, along with a few other items.angry Noted to self; do not allow brother-in-law's light fingered friends to ever help move again.

Good luck with it and can't wait to see the finished product.

Glenda, good luck and congrats on the new job.

I too noticed the upside down quilt right off the bat as I tend to thumb through from back to front. Sheesh, at least pin a sticky note to the back showing top/bottom.

xx Kimmers

17/07/2014 19:42:51

Hi Gang,

Tessa, I looked too and that's what made me think a day trip might be enough. Carol, good ideas, but no coach trips that I know of. Well, it must not be meant to happen. I'll start saving now for next year and have a blow out four days.

Off to work on the quilt...over an hour to quilt one block...there are 7/13 left to do. Then another 12 in FMQ. Somebody slap me if I say I'm going to do another bespoke/commission quilt.

xox Kim

17/07/2014 19:42:50

Hi Gang,

Tessa, I looked too and that's what made me think a day trip might be enough. Carol, good ideas, but no coach trips that I know of. Well, it must not be meant to happen. I'll start saving now for next year and have a blow out four days.

Off to work on the quilt...over an hour to quilt one block...there are 7/13 left to do. Then another 12 in FMQ. Somebody slap me if I say I'm going to do another bespoke/commission quilt.

xox Kim

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