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Thread: Winnie's Village Quilt
26/11/2014 08:09:26

Well ladies, let me tell you my faux-paz at The Knitting and Stitching Show...I went with three friends and it was difficult to keep together with that many....I was searching for certain things and they were just having a of course I was all over the place.

Found the perfect fabrics for our Village block...from the LQS I go to anyway! However, I know it costs a lot to rent those stalls and I didn't expect Helen's Houses to be I helped her and she helped me. Win Win, not to mention a nice natter. As I wandered around looking at things I decided to have a go at the Pfaff 16.? The sit down at it mid-arm they have just come out with. I really loved it, but the lottery numbers haven't come up yet. I gave them my information so they could let me know about deals, and stuff. I finally found Lisa my workmate and we were both ready to go home so it was a Grand Day out. No Wallace and Gromet, but you can't have it al,l I suppose.

Got home and pulled my bag from the boot of her tiny sports car...wait, where's the other bag??? I'd only left it at the Pfaff stand! Lucky me I had their paper telling me about the machine and their phone number! I called them and they had sent me an email with a picture to see if it was my bag. What lovely honest people! So they are sending it to me. Sheesh! I hope those lottery numbers come in...I could reward them by buying that machine!

I'll send pics asap!


Thread: Help!!! Machine dilemma Janome, Pfaff, Brittania or Elna?
26/11/2014 07:57:07

Good advice from both Tessa and Rosemary. I had a Singer Futura 2000 from the 1980's when I got to the UK. DH picked it up for a song from a friend. I loved it, but it eventually gave up the ghost. So he bought me a Janome 6260 (not made anymore, had a new name no doubt). I've never had any trouble with it. It was around £350. I got a wild hair and decided Ineeded to upgrade and put myself in debt for a Husqvarna Sapphire. Lovely machine, but it's been in the shop twice in five years, is a bit picky about what threads it will use.

When you go to try different machines, don't just sew. Make sure you thread them and wind a bobbin. Do you feel comfortable with a front loading bobbin or do you prefer top loading? What accessories come with the machine? Don't be fooled by a "load of free threads" and scissors, they are a smoke screen. Go online and read reviews by purchasers of the machines you are considering. Take them with a grain of salt, but it will give you something to be aware of when you try them out. Good luck and show us a picture of your new baby when it arrives!

May your bobbin never be empty,


Thread: Chat
12/11/2014 07:54:00

Oh my goodness, how sweet and wonderful for everyone! Di, you must be dancing on the tables. Give them all quilted hugs from the PP folks. How very special.

Kim xx

09/11/2014 07:22:12

Thank you ladies! I really did have a great time. Completely exhausted the next day, but pleased with the results. Of course I'll have to up my game next year. I could be creating a monster so to speak doing this. However, since the grandkids don't come to visit very often, I'll get my "kid-fix" elsewhere. My boss asked if DH was going to take part. I said "Next year he's going to be you want to come be the donkey?" Yes, Boss and I have a very cheeky relationship. My neighbour who gave me the pumpkin, is his cousin. One of the neighbour kids asked if I was neighbour's mum...we are the same Boss calls me Auntie.

Caz, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to compliment you on that good looking and very talented son of yours. I know you are quite proud of him as well you should be!!

Well, more coffee and then up to the sewing room.

XX Kim

06/11/2014 21:55:37

Well ladies, with all that's been going on I forgot to let you see a picture or two of my Halloween costume and decorations...we had over 80 children and very few sweets left over. Needless to say we had a great time. I made the kids do tricks to get their treats...mostly touching their noses with their tongues...or attempting to at least. The kids, parents and I laughed quite a bit. Need a hand?

Thread: UFO Zapping 2014
06/11/2014 07:32:23

Thank you for the book! I really don't know what to say, except Thank you again! Snagglepuss, or Snags as I call him during our sewing times stands guard near the door. He's just too sweet to stuff into the closet again.

Working on the quilt I started buying fabric for two years ago, but never started. Bought the pattern book at FoQ, but the woman sold me the wrong ruler! I used two triangle rulers and made my own.

Hugs, gotta get the husbands breakfast!


Thread: Did you teach yourself? What resources did you use?
06/11/2014 07:23:11

Hi Meg,

I too am self taught. Although I come from a family of patchwork quilt makers, I had only made one totally awful quilt 30 years ago. So when illness kept me home from work, I dug out the box of fabric that came with my used sewing machine, and I started experimenting. Then I bought an issue of Popular Patchwork and on ebay a book called "Quilts, Quilts, Quilts". The book had a bit more jargon that made no sense to me and was a bit out of date for the way we do things now. Popular Patchwork advertised some left-over issues of a special they published several years previous, written by Divina McCall (I think that was her name). I ordered it and it was like having my family sitting in the room with me, giving me hints, and all the knowledge they have.

I seem to recall the magazine publishers revamping it...perhaps Katy knows and this would really help you a lot.

Of course we are always handy to help, advise, and comfort you when things go they will, but that teaches you more than everything going well will.

Hugs, Kimmers

Thread: Fill my Stocking
03/11/2014 20:41:15

Hi Katy, yes, I read all of that too. I'm just being nosy and trying to find out ahead of time the kinds of offers they have. I daren't let Dave know how much some of this costs, he'd have a stroke!

Hugs, Kim

03/11/2014 11:26:58

Hello Gang!

I've a question, and it's rather odd, but then so am I.

The shop Threads and \patches offers a "Fill my Stocking" sale/club whatever you want to call it. during December. My question is have any of you participated in this in the past? What type of products were offered? How good were the prices and general information. Not to say anything against the shop or to promote them, but to figure out if this would be worthwhile for me, as my DH and I don't have a clue what to get me for Christmas. (I honestly need nothing...except a larger sewing room, Fr. Christmas can't bring that!).

Thanks for any help/advice/information in advance.


Thread: Winnie's Village Quilt
03/11/2014 11:19:44

Hi Winnie,

Count me in! I'd love to do it too. With a maiden name of "Lamoureaux" could I not?


Thread: Chat
29/10/2014 06:05:13

Winnie, hang in'll be back in the pink in no time.

Everyone has been doing some lovely work. I've started a "new" quilt. The pattern was bought two years ago at FoQ. I've had the fabric for 6 or 7 years. I promised a workmate that when she finished her degree in Biomedical Science I would make her a quilt....(I used to make quilts for new babies or major illness...lucky she's had neither). Well, she graduated last Spring, but I was in the middle of the anniversary quilt. Three weeks ago she fell off her horse, did major damage to her arm/shoulder and had to be airlifted to hospital. That certainly put a fire under my bum to get to the's going to be great! ....No pics till it's finished though.

Hugs all round.


21/10/2014 07:50:52

Sylvia, I love bags with pockets too...then I can't remember what is in which pocket and I dump it all out and find a "black hole bag". I can then just dig around and I can tell by the feel what I've got. Much faster than checking each pocket. What can I say, That's either the sign of getting older or the sign that I'm common as muck. LOL!

Katy, thanks for adding Snagglepuss.! I'm becoming rather fond of him...being black he won't show dirt, but he'll sure show dust! Might have to keep him covered in a halloween quilt.Our Abbey cat hates him...neighbours cat is black and likes to hang out at ours. Drives her mad. She thinks I made Snagglepuss just to cause agro...mmmm maybe...


Edited By Kimberly on 21/10/2014 07:53:50

20/10/2014 07:24:03

Pam, that is a great bag. A baby bag like that would be perfect too. Not that I'm going to have any either!

Kimmers x

20/10/2014 07:21:28

KayKay, Bring 'em! A prize for who ever finds the most on the scavenger hunt...if they are older have them write the number of the quilts down with the different swirls, etc...keeps them from cheating. After the show have them guess how many quilts they looked at. Who ever guesses closest gets a sweet. Make it a game for them and leave 'em to it if old enough. Give them some printable quilt blocks to color on the trip to the show or coming back from it.

The Festival of Quilts even has kids activities...hint, hint.

I wish I had my grandkids here to take with me. A couple of them are very artsy and interested in sewing so who knows, I might have a future designer in my family?

Hugs everyone!


Thread: UFO Zapping 2014
19/10/2014 08:55:03

Snaggle pussHi Gang! Well I'm posting a picture of something that's been lurking in my closet for at least 4 years. It's never been on my list and I don't expect it to be counted. I just wanted to share.

My friend Karen gave this to me, it's supposed to be a door stop. 3/4 complete, pattern sent along too. I don't think she made it, I think it was passed on to her. What-ever, the head was cut smaller than the pattern, the muzzle cut larger. With the head too small the ears what were all one piece with it were un-seeable. So. I RE-VAMPED him. I sewed them together. Split the seam (not easy..couldn't see it, went by feel) and added new ears. Then I ordered some eyes off ebay, embroidered his face, Gave him some vampire teeth. sewed up the base, and made him a bow-tie. Snaggle-Puss has been born. You can also get a sneak-peak at my Halloween costume in the background. I crocheted a Top hat, last Saturday....having fun now the darn anniversary quilt is finished!

Hope you like Snaggle puss.


Edited By Kimberly on 19/10/2014 08:56:01

Thread: Chat
19/10/2014 08:47:22

Hello Ladies, I've been a busy bee around the house and recovering from a cold from Hell. However, I've been lurking and thinking of ya'll daily.

Just wanted to share this photo a friend posted on facebook. She found it online somewhere so I don't know the origin of it. Apparently a woman wanted to go to a quilt show, but didn't have a child minder, so she made it a day long scavenger hunt for her kids. Check this out...just brilliant! Hugs, Kimquilt show scavenger hunt.jpg

Thread: New Projects to make and Ideas to try 2014
17/10/2014 08:55:35

Great Quilt Chris!

I really love making kids quilts, you can pretty much do what you want and they don't mind mistakes.


Edited By Katy on 17/10/2014 10:33:30

Thread: Halloween Mugrug Swap 2014
10/10/2014 16:36:43

Some really great mug rugs! I'm so pleased with mine from Carol D I can't believe it. I'm using it on the mantel as a Halloween decoration, it's too cute to risk spilling coffee on it!

My goodness we've been busy!

What a fun swap this has been.

Thanks for organizing it Thimblelina.

Kimmers XX

Thread: UFO Zapping 2014
05/10/2014 08:47:19

Lillianpoppy, the sashiko cushion is beautiful! I've been trying to learn how to do it, without a whole lot of success. my stitches are all over the place. Yours are perfect. Well done you!


05/10/2014 08:43:44

You ladies are putting me to shame! Now that the anniversary quilt is done and dusted (except for the label), I can perhaps get to one or two of my UFOs.

Rosemary, Beryl and Margaret..WOW!!!! is all I can say.


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