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Thread: Chat
27/06/2017 19:00:54

Hi all, just want to give an update on the Orphan Block Raffle I did in aid of a friend in the states. The Happy Quilt was able to raise over £145. With the exchange rate in the US that should be around $180. So I'm quite pleased with those results.

A word of warning too! I used a pen that was supposed to dissolve when washed to mark a couple of the blocks. They didn't completely puddled in the corner of one block. So tomorrow I will re-wash and if it doesn't disappear a little creative applique will come into play. So remember to use some spare fabric and test those pens! Thank Goodness I've got a great winner who doesn't mind waiting a few days. It's for her Nan's bed when she visits. Again, Thank you all for your advice, blocks and good thoughts.

Big hugs from me to you!


22/06/2017 19:48:23

Pam, the cushion is gorgeous!

Thimble, as Tessa said; not this year, but next year, we are gonna be rockin' the NEC! The North American's will be in the building!

Being an American, I'm thinking of doing a quilt with blocks named after states my family lived in as the migrated west from New York to eventually living in Washington State, Oregon, and California. Too bad the UK doesn't have quilt blocks named for areas, town, etc.

Yes, many of my friends from this forum, those still on it and some who have left, are family to me now. I wouldn't have it any other way. As a matter of fact Marian, after our conversation Tuesday evening, Mr.J was grumpy because I was on the phone so long. I told him when my stitching sister wants to talk I'm gonna listen!

So we have to hang in there. I'm glad our new editor is getting involved. Good luck and welcome to the clan!

Hugs all, Kimmers

18/06/2017 07:57:52

I had heard about that and I think the media might have blown it up a bit, or perhaps they just opened the window to how it is and I've been naïve.

It's obscene that people can let religion or politics get in the way of creativity. I have friends who think the polar opposite of political agenda's than I do. We avoid those subjects. My friendships are more important to me than the joker in the White House (as a Yankee in the UK, I get to complain about both sides of the pond YIPPEE!).

However, make no mistakes, Quilting is Big Business in the states and that means BIG Bucks to be had, add to that small minds (with a sheeps tendency to follow a leader), and you have a recipe for the kind of thinking that can begger belief. Cronies, cliques, and "the In-Crowd", are exclusive, be it in the workplace, school, the local parish council, a craft magazine or a forum. Being exclusive might keep the riff-raff out, but it also leads to in-breeding and eventually it dies out. As we are seeing.

Alison, I feel badly that you felt apprehensive about posting. WE never wanted that to be the case. All are welcome and all are wanted! I've gotten very busy with my quilting, my ill husband and reading so I can be close to DH when he's feeling puny. We must hold on to the friendships we've formed here! Mandy I look at my clock that you made and think about you daily. Tessa and I keep in touch outside of the forum as we have for years along with a few others who have left the forum, but never our hearts. Winnie, as God is my witness, if I can get my little Aunt over to this side of the pond, I'm going to try to get her to come with me to visit your B&B! Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.

Hugs ya'll! Kimmers and sorry about the rant!

14/06/2017 19:59:13

Well, it all got a bit awkward for me. I wasn't much of a fan of the bag issue. Too many of them were a basic tote bag with new fabric. Not much to really get my teeth into. Then of course Katy left and I wasn't best pleased with how they've treated her for years... The article advertising things to buy had a blanket to buy for picnics...duh, we make quilts, why would we buy one? Then the fiasco of the copyright infringement was icing on the cake. Love my quilty friends, hate what is happening to the media that brought us all together.

Just my opinion, like noses, everyone has one.


14/06/2017 07:30:26

Orphan Block QuiltWell Ladies, My Orphan Block quilt is finally finished (well a tad bit of binding to sew down and some tweeking of the quilting to do, adding some buttons and bows so to speak. Raffle tickets are now on sale, if anyone is interested please pm me or send money to me via paypal at: £1 per ticket or £5 for 6 tickets. 1st prize is this quilt, 2nd thu 4th prizes are various patchwork items.

The money is going to help off set medical expenses of a young lady in the US. Hap Ingram-Riley. She has had a brain tumour. If you look on YouTube you can find a video of her by Recycled Percussion who visited her in the hospital. She's lovely. or you can look on Gofundme to find her story too.

Thank you to Rosemary and others who donated blocks, information and support for this project that is dear to my heart.

Cheers for all of you being you! What an outstanding group of people we have here on PP.

Hugs, Kimmers

14/06/2017 07:12:36

Rosemary! I'm your girl, I've been a fan of GoT since I began reading the books yonks ago. If you google Game of Thrones House emblems, you should come up with images of

House Baratheon's Stag. House Targaryan's Dragon, House Stark's Wolf, House Lannister's Lion.

There are also "sayings" that would be good on bookmarks. "A Lannister always pays his debts". "Winter is Coming". " It's what I do, I drink and I know things". "The night is dark and full of terrors". "Now his watch has ended." "Stick them with the pointy end"

I hope this helps. XX Kimmers

19/04/2017 07:42:39

Thanks Thimble, it's good to know Katy and girls are rockin' and rollin!

I solved the quilt problem, Thank you Sylvia! I hot ironed and steamed the stuff out of it.

Off to sew and then off to work. Back at it this week after three months!

xx Kimmers

Thread: Show and Tell
19/04/2017 07:33:06

Well, I've finished the quilt top and will be quilting it as soon as my backing fabric arrives. This is my Orphan Block Quilt, made through donations from several PP forum members. The wind was blowing like mad, so there is a whole row of blocks on the left not in the picture. Orphan Block Quilt

Edited By Kimberly on 19/04/2017 07:36:49

Thread: Chat
11/04/2017 12:01:15

B/W starsIt's so good to see our Fiona back in the saddle again. Take care of yourself Missy! It's OK to rest, ask for help and just let things go for a bit. We are all worried about you.xxxxxx........

Please forgive me for being quiet for a few weeks. I've been sewing. Going back to work at Stalag DRI next week, so I have to get some things finished.

I finally finished the quilt I was working on when I had my fall from grace. Now, having been quilted, bound, washed and dried, I'm very upset my the shrinkage or lack there of. Usually I find everything shrinks pretty much to the same percentage, so there is a bit of crinkling and the quilts look "homely". Well, I've used the bundle of Egyptian Cotton from Empress Mills...and it doesn't seem to have shrunk at all. My quilt that is for my husbands niece who is battling breast cancer is just a bunch of puckers along the seams (cotton thread) but the blocks have not shrunk. What to do, what to do?

If I attempt to add more quilting it will bunch up in places. If I iron it, it will just flatten out the puckers and gathers but it will not smooth it. Just really gutted over this. I know she is not going to like it like this.....crying​. DH being the soul of compassion, said "Don't worry about it, it's no big deal." Hmmmph, it'll be a big deal if I use it for his burial shroud!

Hugs, Ya'll!!! Kimmers

Edited By Kimberly on 11/04/2017 12:07:24

Thread: FOQ 2017
21/03/2017 12:50:47

I don't think ye olde hip will be up to it this year. Wish it was. Next year is a definite! Trying to talk my little Aunt Donna to visit from America. It will be double trouble if she is back on her feet after a bout of illness this year. I think she needs a BIG trip to look forward to.

Tessa, Maria, Marian and anyone who can't go, we should all try to long onto our phones and chat with you folks at dinner some night!

Kimmers, xxx

Thread: Chat
16/03/2017 12:37:25

Well, I've priced them new...choke, choke. Now will attempt to get it on ebay. Saw two of them for £450 which is about half price. I'm really going to hold him by the throat will I get it. Not often I pitch a fit, but it just might happen. Watch this space!

xx Zimmer Kimmer

15/03/2017 19:38:50

Trust me ladies, these are tears of Joy! I just adore the colours and the idea of Stars and Stripes behind it too. I've snuggled it so much it probably does need a good wash now. Just wish Mr. J could get his trains sold so I can get my sofa and chairs ordered.

Kimmers xxxxx

15/03/2017 18:07:20

You ladies just do not know how very much it means to me. Honestly, I've been weepy all day since receiving it. Words just cannot say how I feel whenever I think about it. As my grand-daughter said to me in emoji the other day Q-Q...tears.

15/03/2017 12:41:53

Jayne yes I got the parcel of ORPHAN BLOCKS...Ya'll are little stinkers!!!! I'm sitting here, blubbering and just keep looking at my quilt from my Stitching Sisters of the Heart and just loving all of you and it so very much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Honestly, words cannot express how I feel about this lovely gift. It will be so treasured by me forever. My only problem is figuring out how to fold it back up so I can get a photo of the label! The cushion covers are perfect too as I have two cushions I've grown tired of and they are the perfect size.

I will confess, when Jayne said it was a big package of Orphan Blocks, and I saw the guy walking up the drive I thought, "Dang, Jayne must sew worse than me if she's screwed up that many blocks!" I was so pleasantly surprised!!!

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will certainly get snuggled up with a good book this evening. Big Hugs and kisses, from Zimmer Kimmer. xoxheart

11/03/2017 17:39:55

Thanks Ladies! Sylvia, I just took the blocks apart, remade some into four patch with one colour and the multi colour, some into four patch using the extra blue and orange I tossed in the mix and then made them into disappearing four patch blocks. Then I grabbed some kids fabric I had only to discover it was a PILLOW CASE, my daughter had given me from her stash. So I took it apart and used it. It would have been better if my math skills were better, but I think it will make a good kids quilt, and hopefully become well loved. Thank you Sylvia for sending it to me.

XX Kimmers

10/03/2017 16:27:25

Sylvias quilt top v2sylvias quilt top.jpgHi Ladies,, Seems to be a lot of that Spam stuff making the rounds...Sheesh, Spam and cold callers!

Last month, Sylvia very graciously sent me a UFO quilt top for my fund raising project. Well, I want to thank her and show ya'll what I've done with it. So, here we go, It was supposed to be Before and After, but it's After, and Before!.


Edited By Kimberly on 10/03/2017 16:28:56

Thread: Thank you everyone
23/02/2017 17:41:03

Katy, you will be missed. However this is a good thing for you and your girls. Keep your chin up, know we will miss you so very much and hopefully we will see you at Festival of Quilts when you can actually be a part of the festivities!

We Love you so much, you will rock your new job. Best wishes and God Speed.

Zimmer Kimmer!

Thread: Chat
23/02/2017 17:36:37

Quick message for Sylvia and Maria, Thanks so very much!!!! I received both of your contributions to Helping Miss Hap. Maria, I love the house blocks, especially what I call the Beach houses with seagulls flying around and the cats at the doors! I think they are wanting to invite those birds in for dinner.

Sylvia, the quilt top is great. I will either applique something on it or, as per your suggestion remake. Possibly make it back into four-patch blocks and then make them "disappear". We must wait to see I guess.

Having miss cut some setting triangles, I've ordered more fabric and taking a break from my basket quilt. Pardon me, I have to go pound my head on the wall.

Ya'll have a great weekend...stay warm and dry. No small task with todays weather!

Big Hugs, Kim

20/02/2017 10:42:57

Maria, congrats on the anniversary. Beautiful family, and lovely cake. I'm pleased a good time was had by all!

Yes, any orphan blocks can be put to use. I'll pm you my address if you don't mind. Little Miss Hap (who I'm doing the raffle for) is home from hospital, I'm not sure when she will start any other treatments. I do know she's been to church and choir. She's a fighter, that is for sure and certain. I think I will have at least two quilts to raffle so that should increase my profits for her.

Rosemary, that fabric is beautiful! I'm drooling over it too. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I've been trying to catch up on a couple of UFO's. I learned that having broken my leg/hip, using that foot for the sewing machine pedal is more painful than expected. So I'm now ambi-dexterous with my feet! Seriously, I never even gave it a thought, till my leg hurt like crazy. Mr. J was excited, thinking it would stop me...silly man! I can always do English paper piecing.

If anyone else comes across some orphans, pm me please. I'm going to try to have both quilts finished by the end of March. I will raffle in April and then send the donation to Hap's Gofundme page ASAP.

Cheers and have a good week, may your bobbin never empty! Zimmer Kimmer.

06/02/2017 20:33:53

Hi Gang, I'm still hobbling about. Getting better every day. I've even managed to make a dent in the tidying of the sewing room. The backing for my Black/White quilt's more beige and black than white and black. But it will be on the back and I'm just so sick of this quilt, it could be purple and I'd be fine with it. Has anyone else ever been there? Just want it done.

On the plus side, I'm getting my groove back. I must be feeling better, I've been buying fabric! I've started gathering up orphan blocks from all the nooks and crannies as I find them in the tidying I've been doing. My plan is to make a quilt to raffle off. There is a 13 year old girl who is a neighbour to my daughter's family in the states. She has had 90% of a tumour removed from her brain stem. Her single-mother is recovering from breast cancer and of course having to be at the hospital for several weeks means her mother has lost her job...and the health insurance with it. So, any money I get from the quilt raffle will go to Hap Riley Ingram. If you are on FaceBook, please search for her. Try to find the video my Recycled Percussion of Hap singing. She is just an angel. I'm so pleased my grandkids have such a great neighbour. If anyone has any orphan blocks to donate please let me know. Thanks!

I just caught the cat drinking from my glass of water, better go check her water bowl. Hugs gang! Keep up the good work!

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