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Thread: Chat
20/05/2019 10:09:26

Hi Ladies

Rosemary has emailed me to say there was something untoward posted somewhere. Was it on the Facebook page? I've tried scrolling down both on here and FB but can't see anything.
My colleague in marketing may have taken it down already...

I've been working at Quilts UK since Wed so not been able to check.



Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
01/07/2018 12:41:26

Hi Maria and Sylvia

If you check out the 'Chat' conversation, there are instructions on how to get a new number so you can access the back issues online.
I'm assuming you had subscriptions to both magazines. Was just a glitch that popped up after the merger went through


Thread: Chat
19/06/2018 15:20:45

Hi Margaret

Ah that might explain my problem re my previous post as I had copied and pasted some text from Kate's email.
Good to know!

Interestingly, I had a problem logging in yesterday. Likewise, it auto-filled each time when I logged in and although I could have sworn I saved my password I couldn't find it, so had to ask to reset my password.
I wonder if that is to do with needing the new subs number as well as I had a subscription set up for me for Pop Patch as well as having one for P&Q.

I'll ask the question.....


18/06/2018 15:02:09

Sigh....I just tried posting my reply and it's disappeared. Something about posting from Word?!


As Jayne has already posted, if you are having problems with accessing content using your PP subs number, please phone the 0344 number or email and they will give you a new subs number.
Alternatively, you can email the subs manager, Kate Hall, as she has a list of all those subscribers affected. Her email address is

Once you have your new number, go to 'settings' on your account and add it next to British Patchwork & Quilting and you should then be able to access the content.

Any problems, I think email Kate. Please note she only works part time though, so please be patient if you don't hear back from her straightaway.


14/06/2018 16:12:59

Hi Margaret and Sylvia

Let me ask the web editor to take a look at what's going on. It may just be a glitch they haven't thought of in the merger.

Editor, P&Q

Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
09/05/2018 10:02:30

Hi Sylvia

​Yes I would assume so. You can email or telephone +44 1604 828748 to check though


08/05/2018 17:37:25

Thanks Rosemary. I guess we have always done the events page by date. Interestingly my assistant editor, Helen, has provided the text for the PP page over the last year or so....

We will be taking on board their look for our Exhibitions pages to some extent by adding a few images to brighten up the pages a little.


08/05/2018 17:35:06

Hi Margaret

​Thanks for your feedback. P&Q has always been aimed at the grassroots quilter and I appreciate once you have a few years of quilting under your belt, not all the projects may be for you, but then I'd hope our written articles might appeal.

MTM do subscription deals too (hint hint)

​We have featured a fair few smaller quilts recently, but I have to say they are difficult to style for photography sometimes!

​I understand completely re seeing the same quilt designers over and over again. It used to be one of my bugbears in the past. To some extent I hope have widened our contributor base in recent years, although some people are just geared up into making projects quickly and are quick to submit ideas of suggestions. I rarely say no to a project and if I do it's possibly because we've featured something similar recently. Maybe you'd like to submit something.....

​Of the designers you like, we'll be continuing to feature Stuart's projects as I've already said and have his newest Mystery Quilt starting in our August issue. Katherine Guerrier has long been a contributor to P&Q too, although perhaps more sporadically in recent years. Lynne's projects are usually via Makower as I haven't been able to afford her fees, although saying that we do have a project from her coming in the autumn.

​Sizzix usage - I'm afraid we always have to bear in mind not everyone has access to one of these time-saving devices so will always need to provide templates for those that don't have one.

I hope you all behave too!


08/05/2018 09:41:01

Morning Folks

​Gosh so many replies needed. As I'm a newbie to the forum, I'm guessing I have to do the replies either in one single post, or in a series of posts i.e. it's not Facebook (sorry to mention the F word wink) where I can click reply to each person's post?

​ goes.........((long!!))

xstitcherx - I'm not sure which subscription you don't want to continue, but if you have months left on your Pop Patch subscription, this will automatically change to a sub to P&Q. The trial sub to P&Q may not auto-renew anyway. To be sure you are best to phone or email the subs dept as mentioned in the letter you should have received with your copy of the June issue of Pop Patch

Sue 62 - First of all....Lovely photo! I think you are probably right in your feeling that P&Q is more serious. I think our written articles have always had a bit more meat to them than some other magazines, particularly some of the newer ones. I like to feature reviews of quilt exhibitions regularly as I feel quilters like to see pictures of quilts for inspiration.
​Again any remaining issues of your Pop Patch sub will transfer to P&Q so your P&Q subscription will effectively extend by that number of issues.
​I like to think P&Q has a good mix of contributors where you have those that seem to appear in various magazines every month using the latest fabrics and those that have used fabrics in their stashes.
​As regards Lewis & Irene projects, we did seem to lose our way with them for a short time but have a table runner from Sally Ablett in the June issue using Lindos fabrics and Naomi Clarke is beavering away at the moment making something using fabrics from the Hann's House collection.

Marian - thank you for your feedback. Sadly it is a fact for us that we need to use these free projects from fabric companies so that we can stay within our budgets. I guess Makower fabrics that are the ones we use the most and that's probably because they are most keyed up about it. They know exactly when their fabrics are due to arrive so it makes forward planning so much easier. If I use one of their in-house designed projects, I will always edit it into what I call 'P&Q speak' so all our projects have the same tone. In the last couple of years, if I haven't liked the project they are offering for a particular collection, they have provided me with fabric and I have designed something myself. The latest example is a quilt I've designed using fabrics from the Rex collection which is in our June issue.
​I do try to avoid having more than one project from a particular fabric company in any one issue but every now and then I have to put two in. However, they would always be from different collections. I wouldn't feature more than one project using the same collection.
​Sometimes, there is only one supplier at the end because they have designed the quilt and are stocking the fabrics.
​See my reply to Sue above as regards some of our contributors making items from their stashes.

Myra in Cheadle - thank you for staying with us. Glad to hear sanity has resumed. It's amazing how our craft can help many problems abate, even if it's just for a short time.

Rosemary Rosenfeld - I try to have a mix of projects as I know not everyone wants to make a bed sized quilt in every issue. Rating projects isn't always easy as it's subjective.

Maria Hewitt - Variety is the spice of life and if readers feel they want to take an idea in the magazine and run with it themselves, then that's great but equally there are quilters who want to make something exactly the same, and I guess that is where the fabric company projects hold their own. It is of course impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time but if I can keep most people content most of the time.....

​Phew! I think that's to open my magazine inbox. Wish me luck!


04/05/2018 13:47:08

Thank you Carol. I hope you are persuaded to continue with P&Q....

​To some extent, there has always been an overlap between both magazines but they have co-existed quite happily for so many years, well over 25 years maybe?

​As far as I am aware the forum will be continuing, although we may need to tweak the website somewhere along the line as P&Q now has a URL for it's website that is for a magazine that no longer exists.
​Like Emma, the sharing of the website hasn't been ideal for either magazine, but it was something we had to endure.

​I'm afraid I won't be able to be too proactive on the forum as I just don't have the time but I will be dipping in every now and then though to catch up on what has been going on and I'm sure my ears will be burning if I am being talked about


03/05/2018 17:25:24

Thank you Rosemary. Lovely to 'meet' you! And the rest of the forum members of course

​As far as I am aware the forum can and will be continuing.


03/05/2018 14:03:57

Hi Forum Folk!

I've not had the chance to post on here before. It is indeed a sad day. P&Q and Pop Patch have been friendly rivals for so many years as we were pretty much the first two patchwork mags in the UK I think?

​As Emma has said, we're taking on all of the projects she has already booked, including a new mystery quilt by Stuart Hillard and a BOM by Louisa Goult.
​We are also continuing Stuart's column and will be working with PP's designer over the next few weeks on a revamp of our look.

​A little bit about me. I have worked on P&Q since 2010 firstly as assistant editor to both Di Huck and Judi Mendelssohn and as main editor for about 4 years, or it might even be 5! I made my first quilt when I was 18 and haven't looked at another craft since, so over 30 years of quilting (wow!).

​I appreciate there are many reasons why many of you buy Pop Patch or P&Q and steadfastly will only buy one or the other, or maybe you just come here for the forum. I would like to hear about your favourite bits of each mag, and perhaps more importantly, which bits you don't like. Please be kind though! Both Emma and I have always done the best job we can do for our mags.

​Editor, P&Q Magazine

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