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Thread: Stay at home retreat....will you join me?
23/04/2020 18:45:31

wow Rosemary, that is stunning. You must have posted this while I was typing my message.

Eileen x

23/04/2020 18:41:21

that is lovely Margret, I love the colours.

I got an hour off from decorating and did the 5 1/2" ocean waves block. Though I thought Ocean waves was a series of these triangles joined together.

Eileen x

23/04/2020 15:07:08

That's beautiful Rosemary. I've been up ladders all day emulsioning so ne sewing for me. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to some of my mystery quilt blocks.



22/04/2020 08:34:51

Just realised it starts on the 23rd not yesterday. ah well ahead of the game. found the camera,

here are the blocks I did yesterday.

The fabric in the first block is much more green than in the picture.

Eileen x

5.5  square

triple rail

Triple rail reverse

22/04/2020 08:15:33

They look lovely Rosemary and thanks for the mice. I thought I had emailed a reply but it was unsent for some reason. So a big thank you from me.

I have been doing 2 of my mystery quilt blocks. the first was dead easy just 5 1/2" squares.

The second one was a triple rail in reverse colour way too. Cant do all day sewing as Steve has sourced paint so will be emulsioning every room downstairs. I now have to find the camera



Thread: Chat
22/04/2020 08:07:27

I know exactly what you mean Margaret. They haven't cut the verges in our village and they are awash with dandelions, daisies and cowslips. In the little spinney around the back of us into the fields there are bluebells too. Not many people have found the walks around the back of the village yet, though I have spoken to people in the street that I have only ever waved at as they have driven out.

Spring is so beautiful once you let it develop properly.

Eileen x

Thread: Stay at home retreat....will you join me?
20/04/2020 18:58:38

Hi Rosemary, i'd like the info for the little mice pincushions,.

we have managed to source paint so I suspect that will be decorating very soon. I will try and do this sew a long. I have a mystery quilt going with my local group and I still have to make Feb,March and April's blocks so I will do those too.

Eileen x

Thread: Chat
16/04/2020 19:38:43

A carton of UHT milk best before 2011, we still used it and it tasted fine and we woke up next morning haha. 2 2014 packets of pasta in sauce sachets. didn't try them as not keen when they were in date. Tin of spam that doesnt seem to have a date on it. Hubby has put it back as "it may come in useful and after all that's what tinning was all about".

have you been through the wardrobe and found clothes where you thought "when did I last wear that?" I'm not counting my wedding dresses though I did wear it on our 10th anniversary as a sarky hint that he had forgotten about it. His response." but darling every day married to you is special" mmmmh. I have a skirt that still fits but I've not worn it since 2012 when I went for an interview. Too good to send to charity shop but wont be attending any more interviews now nor do can I think where it would be suitable to wear.

Eileen x

Thread: UFOs completed in time of "plague"(sorry I couldn't think of a better word!)
16/04/2020 19:30:28

love it, someone is going to get a beautiful quilt.

I still cant get in my sewing room! Eileenx

Thread: Chat
14/04/2020 16:23:54

Ooh good glad you like them.

I hope to get mine tomorrow then. It will be odd not having any more for a while.

cheers Eileen x

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
14/04/2020 16:19:03

I think they look beautiful and as for the words I didn't think they were meant to be straight, its looks 'hand written' if you know what I mean.

Glad you like the Janome.

Eileen x

Thread: Stay at home retreat....will you join me?
11/04/2020 21:20:26

I will try and do that Rosemary, sounds fun. But the way things are it will probably be tidying up after steve got all the floor joists and floor boards back down. Having said that its 10 days away.....

I may even have my sewing room back up and running. we can but hope.

happy Easter

Eileen xx

Thread: Chat
09/04/2020 21:10:39

We have a 20yr warranty for the work done. We don't need to replace any carpets though hubby Steve has decided to lift the carpet in the hall and replace with laminate. it gets a lot of traffic in the house.

the kitchen floor joists are replaced and tomorrow the lino will go back down, then I can clean all the dust and muck off. Steve will then move onto the dining room followed by the hall and lounge.


Eileen x

08/04/2020 19:30:22

Yes Maria that is what we were told at the time we took the policy out. I did ask at the time how are you supposed to keep the 3mm beetles out of a property and she just laughed and said don't know but its not covered.

Well some good news any way. A mate of a mate is dropping off some floor joists and floorboards tomorrow. The woodworm guy said if we'd bought cheap carpets we would have detected the dodgy floorboards earlier!

Thanks Sylvia, we are just waiting for the treated boards to dry so we can put some of the carpets back down.



07/04/2020 19:54:34

you cant insure against wood worm apparently. I did ask about it several years ago. If the bath falls through the floor that is covered but not the replacement of the damaged wormy timbers. It is stupid I know.

Thanks for all the support it is appreciated. Eileen x

06/04/2020 14:11:43

Thanks Margaret. A few timber merchants are open but only will supply the trade. Hubby is competent and can do the work himself but isn't trade. We can get the house sprayed because that counts as essential. He spoke to several timber merchants this morning and whilst they are sympathetic they cant do anything to help us.

He is eyeing up the tanalised timber of my fruit cage, that may have to come down to do a temporary repair. Two of our friends have found a couple of 6ft lengths that will bridge a gap so we can walk from the house to the outside world. Good job we have a door out from the conservatory.

Glad you were able to get the washing machine repaired. I'll send you my washing as the joist mine sits on isn't safe anymore. I will have to teach my daughter the joys of hand washing clothes. She has been more than happy to wear the same cloths for 2 days running to help out. This was the girl who'd wear 2 or 3 outfits a day. Living by herself for a year last year certainly awakened the joy of housework and all it entailed. haha

Take care of yourself too



06/04/2020 12:43:41

Yes I knew that Rosemary as I have a Bargello wall hanging article due to be in it. It will be sadly missed during this troubled time. I will just have to keep going back over earlier issues to keep my spirits up.

As you know we have had to lift the floorboards to have an assessment for woodworm. It is worse than we thought. over 50% of the joists have gone too. they just crumble away when you touch them. & 75% of floorboards are affected too. Of course you cant get the timber anywhere to replace them. Not sure what we are going to do. The kitchen floor was at the point of collapse, so I am cooking on a camping stove outside as the cooker is now out in the garage for safe keeping. Fortunately the worm hasn't been into the units as they are MDF or some such composite wood.



01/04/2020 16:48:45

totally none sewing post but I haven't been able to do any sewing for a few weeks now. My sewing room is full of boxes, we had to bring youngest girl back from uni with all her stuff. and that is where household stuff has gone. We can only absorb so much stuff into the normal house. She finished uni this year and whilst we hope a job will become available it is not looking hopeful at the moment.

then to put the top hat on it we have found that half the downstairs has a wood worm problem. Thankfully it counts as essential work so I have to pack as much as I can into boxes and put them into the conservatory. They will come and spray/fumigate next week. Luckinly the hamster will not be affected by it at all.

I so much want to sew but cant.

31/03/2020 21:42:31

I have had a Janome for at least 10 yrs now Memory craft 9500 and it is an excellent work horse for me. So I would recommend Janome.

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
31/03/2020 10:39:50

They are lovely Rosemary. I haven't made a stuffed toy for years. Eileen x

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