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Thread: tying a quilt
11/10/2020 15:16:18

all done, the binding took almost 5 hrs as I hand sewed it down on the back.

3 photos, the fabrics, the sandwiching and the finished quilt. fabrics.jpg

quilt sandwich.jpg

finished quilt.jpg

you can just make out the blue knots well easier than the cream ones.



Thread: Show and Tell 2020
11/10/2020 15:10:33

they are lovely Fiona.

I have finally finished the extra large quilt. Sorry its laid on its side.finished quilt.jpg

Eileen x

Thread: Chat
10/10/2020 20:53:33

That is a lovely quilt Maria. I made a resolution not to start anything new until the current project was on going and apart from having to make baby gifts which have been a weekend job I have managed to do that. The latest big quilt is now finished so I can start sewing for my pleasure again.

How many UFO's have you got Maria?

Eileen x

Thread: tying a quilt
10/10/2020 20:48:18

well the deed is done. Its taken over 3hrs to do the binding, machined on then slip stitched in place. The threads are now 1" long and apart from the label it is finished.

I will put it on my bed tomorrow for a photo. I am really pleased with it. Thanks for the support ladies.

Eileen x

09/10/2020 22:56:08

I've used DMC Petra crochet cotton, similar to cotton Perle. Tied using reef knots as according to hubby they don't untie and are non slip knots. They also lie flat.

I think I'll cut them off at an inch long then..



09/10/2020 18:19:07

Well its all tied now and I have one question please. How short do you cut the threads. At the moment they are 2" long. The blocks are 51/2" square if that makes any difference.

thanks in anticipation.

Eileen x

Thread: FMQ beginner Janome CXL 301
20/09/2020 07:37:25

I have tried fmq on my janome 9500 machine with varied success.

I dropped the feed dogs but left the tension as I would for normal sewing. my machine came with a darning/embroidery foot and I used that.

I didn't have that much success but found a medium speed gave me the best results with better stitches and a better looking back of the work.

I just need to keep practising but I find it a bit off putting.

Thread: Chat
03/09/2020 17:47:18

I love that garden scene through the gate to the mountains. It has a feel of a Monet about it doesn't it? you deserve to be delighted with it Sylvie.

Eileen x

30/08/2020 18:07:53

They look amazing Fiona so they end up as 15" blocks if my maths is correct. I will have to have a go.

Eileen x

30/08/2020 07:49:57

Wasn't it great to get P&Q again. I have mine delivered and I have already read it cover to cover. Scrappy blocks, that sounds interesting Fiona. Do you have a favourite colour? mine is yellow but I have very few yellow fabrics. most of mine are blue and purple which is odd as I am blue/purple colour blind. [they all appear to be shades of the same colour so rarely looks wrong fortunately].

Have you any images of what you are doing. I don't do IG [took me a good five mins to work out what iG meant] or FB so I get my ideas from magazines and images on line.

enjoy the rest of the bank holliday weekend. I will be working on the top of the quilt I will tie. Eileen x

Thread: tying a quilt
26/08/2020 13:16:03

Thanks Fiona for your input and advice. I have been given crochet cotton to use and I had planned to do it row by row..

I often do a QAYG method and have used this one suggested by Karin before. However this quilt is 114" x 96" and will not fit under the throat of my machine. I will pin the quilt sandwich then tie. The top is almost complete and I will post pictures soon.



Thread: Chat
20/08/2020 08:15:53

congrats to your daughter Myra it hasn't been easy for them has it? is she going on to a higher degree or looking for employment? either way best wishes for her future. My daughter also had to finish her 4yr course at home but uni posted her results/certificate to her. she is not having much success in job hunting sadly.

Rosemary that looks amazing I don't think i'd have the patience with it. well done.

if you have been lazy and have sorted your sewing room Brenda what am I as I haven't even sorted that out. The covid 19 situation is very worrying isn't it. I just wish everyone would follow the guidance. People started off so well but so many now just don't seem to care.

Eileen x

Thread: tying a quilt
10/08/2020 15:10:34

thanks ladies, This will be the biggest I've made it will be11ft x 8 ft give or take an odd inch.

I have done qayg on her other quilts but she has bought the 108 " wide backing fabric so it doesn't get cut up, so I cant really justify doing it that way.

I had thought of using crotchet thread as that doesn't seem to slip as easily as say cotton perle. Though hubby says using a reef knot with a half hitch at each end will stop it slipping. I feel I will have a knot tying lessen soon! [he is a yachtsman after all.

I will be using 80/20 wadding and I hadn't thought of the corners poking up. I will have to have a play I think.

mmm! why do I take on these tasks? rhetorical question, don't go querying my sanity smile p

09/08/2020 20:10:51

I am on another project for my friend, Dawn, she wants a king sized bed quilt .She loves the idea of the quilt reaching the floor and tucked fully under and back over the pillows so the size will be 114" wide by 96" deep,

I know I wont be able to get it under my Janome memory craft 9500. So I was thinking of tying it in the middle of every 51/2" block . [there are 357 blocks in total]. Or would it be better to tie in the junction where every 4 blocks join?

Do you double tie each twin knot?

Do you have the lose tails on the top or the bottom?

Do any thread types do better than others?

I have read so much conflicting advice so any advice from those that have used this technique is very welcome.

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
03/08/2020 15:22:32

Several years ago I was given a pre cut peg bag project for mother's day.

Yesterday I finally got round to starting it and this afternoon I finished it. It holds 100 pegs.

peg cone.jpg

oops don't know why the photo is on its side.



22/07/2020 20:30:38

that is very pretty Margaret.

are the rulers easy to use? I have seen them and I am tempted but cost puts me off a bit in case I cant get on with them.



Thread: Mystery quilt
22/07/2020 08:30:20

wow that is so different to mine but I do like it very much. I have been teased by some of my group because I have made mine a 'regular' pattern. They say I cant do random and one copied me into a message I assume by mistake as she was rather catty about me being 'mathematically minded'. wouldn't it be a dull world if we were all the same.

as for your backing fabric being off the square I was given 2 pre-quilted panels 'denim bears' and asked to make them into baby quilts but they run off by 1 1/2" and the backing also runs off in the other direction. I really made me anxious when I was trying to do them. My daughter said it didn't really show. I will post photos later.

Eileen x

Thread: Show and Tell 2020
22/07/2020 08:06:52

Well that is coming on nicely Margaret. I think it is a wonderful idea and look forward to it as it progresses.

Eileen x

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
22/07/2020 08:03:22

That is so beautiful, but it must have been a bitter sweet experience for you and Sarah. Well done for completing it.

I am sure it will be treasured.

Eileen x

Thread: Chat
12/07/2020 21:26:49

They are lovely Rosemary, simple to use by the look of it.

I think I might look into getting some of it.

Eileen x

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