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Thread: Rainbow quilt
14/04/2019 13:40:52

I have now sandwiched all the blocks and am starting to do some quilting. Each one takes about 40 minutes to do. Nothing too elaborate as I personally find very close quilting makes the quilt not very yielding when used on a bed.

Photos to follow shortly.

04/04/2019 14:54:22

the last of the blocks are complete. I have cut out the wadding and all I have to do now is make the sandwiches, quilt them and then join them. did I say that was all??? oh and bind it. So far I am enjoying doing this quilt.

yellow block

yellow block

green block


I have done lots of gardening as well as visiting daughters but I am keeping a tally of the time I am spending on this one.

Eileen xx

Thread: Chat
03/04/2019 17:02:39

I enjoyed it on the whole but was cross that they didn't penalise if the product wasn't finished off properly. I was pleased that Juliet won as she had the best finishes on her garments overall. as for weights and rotary cutter I'm with you there Margaret. They should penalise for not following instructions too. that made me equally frustrated. Dare I say I don't like Stuart and I don't remember who charlotte is.

I did prefer the other woman, cant remember her name though. My eldest girl did a uni work placement with Patrick and she said he was so helpful and generous of his time. sadly she didn't get offered a job.


I thought Joe was a brilliant foil to them all and his dress sense was so off the wall that he wasn't competing with the designs.


Eileen xx

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Thread: Sewing machine for quilting
29/03/2019 22:04:43

message only just appeared for me too.

I have used many machines over the years and currently I am using a 13yr old Janome memory craft 9500. it suits me for dressmaking, embroidery and I have done all my patchwork & quilting on it too. The only extras I bought for it when I started patchwork 2 yrs ago were a walking foot and a 1/4" foot. it doesn't have a very big 'throat' the gap between the needle and the right hand side but I have managed to manipulate a king sized quilt through it. I tend to do outline quilting so not free motion.

but do try before you buy as it is an expensive outlay.

Eileen x

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
28/03/2019 10:36:26

that is one heck of a top. it is wonderful and don't worry about it not being pressed. such patience the curves are not easy to sew are they?

25/03/2019 08:58:28

they are so pretty Brenda. not heard of Mola before. So much to learn still smiley

Eileen xx

Thread: Chat
25/03/2019 08:56:25

I saw that but we are sailing up at Kelder so not sure what crafting I will be doing. I am reluctant to start another project whilst the rainbow quilt is in progress. Might have to take some knitting but not sure what.

glad you got the drunkards path done Rosemary.

Eileen xx

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
20/03/2019 22:21:21

that is a lovely thing to do. do they still get badges for sewing etc?

Thread: Rainbow quilt
18/03/2019 10:42:48

I have done the blue, indigo and violet ones now. the yellow and green are pinned ready to stitch and the orange just need their stalks and sashing doing.

I laid the blue end of the spectrum on the settee to see how they look. I'm really pleased with the effect.

fall leaf blue indogo violet.jpg

I plan to get out in the garden today as the sun is shining and the wind has dropped a bit.

Eileen xx

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
18/03/2019 10:37:39

they are beautiful Margaret , crochet is still a skill I have yet to master. I can do a basic chain and turn a corner but that is all. I do have 'how to books' but I prefer being taught.

Thread: Chat
18/03/2019 10:34:12

the scan although uncomfortable was over in 20 mins and I have had the best bacon and mushroom sandwich in the world laugh

I love the concept of unpicking being called frog stitching. sounds so much nicer doesn't it

As I said I have only used spray baste on small areas and probably used too much. it only lasts for about 2hrs before it lost its stick. Rosemary will be able to give you better advice.

I meant to say I thought your quilt was lovely Rosemary.

Eileen xx

17/03/2019 22:21:44

A cold does make you feel really grotty doesn't it. I managed about 5 hours today, working on my rainbow blocks. I have had to stay home as I have had a prep day for a virtual ct scan of my gut tomorrow. I am soooo hungry and had last of the preparations at 10 pm.

I reckon I would also be horrified by that Margaret. Can I show my ignorance [yet again] what is frog stitch?

I have used spray basting on table mats but nothing bigger.

Eileen xx

16/03/2019 17:56:34

well finally today worked out ok. When I planned my rainbow quilt I hadn't planned on 6" squares sashed together to make a larger block. As a consequence I was 10" short of 3 of my colours. I'd already sashed a set of greens together and then couldn't find any more to match properly for the outer border. I bought the fabric 18 months ago in Norfolk and they didn't have any more when I rang them. I have been round all my local shops and a bit further afield. and joy of joys I found some in a charity shop of all places. I have a close match in the yellow and blue and as long as I use the new materials in the same way it wont show.

So I've pieced and sashed the indigo blocks today, so 4hrs 20 mins. of sewing for me laugh

Eileen xx

Thread: Rainbow quilt
14/03/2019 10:02:51

No I hadn't, how would I go about doing that? Also I dont know if I want lots being made the same. cheeky

Its a nice idea though being in print.


Eileen x

Edited By Eileen Foster on 14/03/2019 10:11:27

Thread: Show and Tell 2019
14/03/2019 10:01:00

That is lovely Jayne. such a thoughtful gesture.

Thread: Rainbow quilt
10/03/2019 13:38:36

Due to the rain I haven't been indulging in my other passion, gardening. But I have made a good start on my blocks.

The red and violets are now complete.


4 red leaves.jpg


Sashed into their blocks, they are 17 1/2" square

red block.jpg


4 violet leaves.jpg


violet block.jpg


All the other smaller components of the remaining 5 colours are pinned and ready to sew.

Eileen x

Edited By Eileen Foster on 10/03/2019 13:43:08

Edited By Eileen Foster on 10/03/2019 13:43:40

Thread: Chat
09/03/2019 21:32:19

Oh dear Rosemary. Yes I follow what you are doing, I have had a similar problem in the past. Do you actually need help or is it a rhetorical plea?

glad you feel better having got it off your chest.



Thread: Rainbow quilt
06/03/2019 17:27:58

chain pieced all 360 rht to form 360 2" squares today. 6 at a time taking about 2 mins per set, to keep them in order.

chain piecing.jpg

then it was down to press them all open.

ready to iron.jpg

The red set are almost complete, I just need to applique the stems on.

red leaf.jpg

Tonight I am at my quilting group and I will start pinning the squares into rows ready for sewing tomorrow. After I have cut the dog ears off.

I am remembering to tally the time I spend. Ironing took half as long again than the sewing.

Thread: Chat
03/03/2019 18:22:11

that is a great result Margaret. I do similar things with plants that I have divided and have spare. I don't have unused unwanted craft stuff. Yet!



Thread: Rainbow quilt
03/03/2019 18:19:22

I was a scientist in an earlier life and I'm a Virgo so both conspire to make me 'logical and ordered'. Hubby reckons I'm not though as the garden is not ordered but looks more natural as a result. wink



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