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Thread: Show and Tell 2022
24/06/2022 10:21:01

Thank you Sylvia, I am really pleased with it. Eileen x

22/06/2022 05:48:16

I designed it my self and do have some rough sketches that I could write up for you if you wished. but I'd need your email address to send it or snail mail if preferred. message me if you are interested.

Thread: Chat
21/06/2022 08:31:36

well the end of an era with the folding of this lovely magazine.

Forum is still live this morning even though the notification was it would be taken down yesterday. Lets hope they forget about it and we can still chat etc.

enjoy the day light on this summer solstice. Eileen x

19/06/2022 15:18:36

Yes quite a shock really. I have also made friends on here and like you I don't do social media either.



19/06/2022 14:38:36

Is there any way we can rescue our photos?

this is such a disappointment as I liked the format of this magazine.

Thread: Rosemary
10/06/2022 21:50:44

Oh that is so sad.


I will send you a pm.

Thread: Show and Tell 2022
27/05/2022 15:57:26

Well after a 5 1/2 hrs binding marathon it is now complete. I hope she likes it. Eileen p1050796.jpgx

Thread: Chat
27/05/2022 15:05:11

Thank you for letting us know the situation with Rosemary. Such a difficult time for her and the family. Lots of love on its way.

Eileen xx

22/05/2022 08:31:16

Yesterday was the day my youngest girl selected her wedding dress. Hurrahsmiley she has tried on 16 and at last we have ordered it in her size.

So both girls are sorted. Elizabeth is getting anxious as her dress should have been ready in April but as yet it has not arrived. Admittedly her wedding isn't until October but it will need fitting to her as she has lost weight.

Victoria's should be ready for fitting in November and her wedding is April.

just me to go now. Eileen x

28/04/2022 16:55:49

but at least you had a good time. I love my Janome memorycraft 9500, had it for years and it manages most of my quilting needs.

I guess people just need a little more time to get comfortable with going back into crowded venues.

28/04/2022 16:55:45

but at least you had a good time. I love my Janome memorycraft 9500, had it for years and it manages most of my quilting needs.

I guess people just need a little more time to get comfortable with going back into crowded venues.

Thread: Show and Tell 2022
28/04/2022 15:12:36

the top is now complete and is 80" square. Hubby is trying to hold it straight so I hope you get the idea of it.

I am taking it to a friend to long arm it for me as I bought extra wide fabric and it seems a shame to cut it up.



Thread: Chat
28/04/2022 09:19:11

Hello Sylvia, glad you are alive and recovered from your eye op. The forum has been ever so quiet. I hope all are well and just busy doing other things.

How did you sprain your wrist? I agree about getting old, my back and hips ache after a day's sewing or riding pillion or gardening etc.

Your social activities will keep your brain active and get you out and about. That's what I missed the most during lockdown here. Most of my social groups are back with face to face meetings. Zoom was ok but not as good as 'in the flesh'.

I've been busy with the garden and wedding dress shopping with my girls. The eldest Elizabeth is pretty much sorted now wedding 31 Oct this year. Victoria [youngest] gets married 27 April 23 and we have several dress appoinments in May. I am hoping we find her dress soon.

hope all are well. xx

11/03/2022 17:41:22

Ooh Reenie what a lovely idea, are you going to embroider over the writing or getting them to use permanet fabric pens that are fixed when ironed?

Lets hope Wednesday dawns dry and sunny for the happy couple.

Eileen x

01/03/2022 15:46:20

I was always told the same thing Rosemary and I have instilled it in my daughters. Hope they follow it too.

That was a shame Maria did you take it to a specialist repairer?

Eileen x

01/03/2022 10:40:01

meant to say one of quilting group doesnt like the quilt I am making for daughter's mil. And she was quite rude so much so 2 other ladies took her to task about it.

Eileen x

Edited By Eileen Foster on 01/03/2022 10:41:49

01/03/2022 10:39:56

That's unfortunate Maria and so frustrating. I want to try a machine before buying and my next one will be a wider throat. I could do with less stiches after all I only use about 8 of them. Not keen on the rest. Hope you strike it lucky at Sandwich

That was a bit harsh Margaret wasn't it? I am sure as she is a friend she wouldn't have thought to upset you. My friend says 'Wow they aren't colours I'd have put together', meaning 'don't like it'. But it wouldn't do if we were all the same.

Our boiler went on the blink in December and it took them 3 visits to track down a faulty diode. Luckily we still have an open fire in the lounge and a gas fire in the dining room. It took me back to my childhood having unheated bedrooms. I really liked it and we have turned the heating to its lowest setting now. Not that it was particularly high.

Eileen x

28/02/2022 19:27:40

The forum is very quiet at the moment. I hope it is because you are all busy sewing or getting out and doing lots of interesting things. I have been sewing, gardening and going pillion with hubby. Hope all are doing well. Eileen x

Thread: Show and Tell 2022
23/02/2022 09:55:48

Good job I did placement before pinning & sewing. The central on point part [4 antique tile blocks] was slightly larger than the side sections of pinwheels and setting triangles.

central section

Decided to add an inner border and actually tried mitred corners. First 3 went really well and the fourth one was a mare. I had to unpick it 5 times before it laid flat. Inner borders now in place.

mitred corners on inner border

So far the top measures 56" x 56" but it will be 78" x 78" when finished.

Really enjoying making this one. Eileen x

19/02/2022 22:08:50

Ah yes the homework years. both my girls are in their 20's now, one 29, t'other 24 and they sill dont like being remind to complete stuff.

Eileen x

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