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Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
31/10/2017 10:30:06
Hi Rosemary, hopefully I will be able to get on with your block this week.
Sadly the blocks sent to me three weeks ago have still not arrived. I haven't given up hope yet though. Do you have any pictures?
Thread: Chat
31/10/2017 10:24:41
Thankyou Rosemary, am feeling much better, it was a horrid couple of days, I am taking it easy for a few days, don't want to take one step forwards and two back.
I haven't tried stamping on fabric, but have used various fabric paints for things. I believe many of the 'card' inkpafs are indelible, but you have to be careful to get the right amount of medium on the stamp, so it doesn't smudge. I have actually used acrylic paint on many types of craft projects successfully.
27/10/2017 10:28:32
Sitting here feeling sorry for myself, feeling dizzy, think it must be an ear infection following a cold. Can't do anything. Hope it goes away soon.
20/10/2017 16:31:24

Hope your back is better soon Eilleen, I remeber many years ago mynow-ex- mother inlaw being prescibed total flat bedrest. the complete oppostite to todays thinking..

margaret, I too had my flu jab earlier this week, pretty much keeled over this morning,,bad sleep (and worry) ( dd is taking ds to work with her, i had visions of him causing accident by not screwing the lamps on tightly, and plugging the wrong cables in blowing stuff up.... I should know better   added to it,

my daughter says there is a particularly bad cold doing the rounds, so it could be that too. used to know all the bugs that were about when the kids were school age, I no longer have that network!. still, I've spent most of the day sleeping, and am feeling much better, despite sniffles.

hugs to all, lucky germs are not spread via the interweb,


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
13/10/2017 14:29:13

Rosemary, the blocks havnt arrived yet, dont worry I'm sure they will come soon.


Winnie, hahaha Knew my french was a bit wonky !

Thread: Chat
12/10/2017 16:06:23

well, DS is at a 2 day job trial. we were late the first day, despite leaving 20 mins earlier than proposed . Ive never seen so much slow traffic. took the back roads today. got there in half the time. he has decided that manual lifting type warehouse work is not for him, so back to square one. whilst I havnt been able to concentrate, I have gained some mojo. ( having to get up for a purpose eg lift) I think I had a S A D couple of weeks, so need to get my lamp out.


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
12/10/2017 15:55:55

Merci Simone, votre bloc cest tres magnifique. J'adore les oiseaux.

here is the beautiful block from Simone, thank you so much.

my schoolgirl french thinks she said that it was a local lighthouse with a french flag.



Thread: Chat
09/10/2017 14:34:54
Rosemary, how about the foam from curlers, do they still do them? They could be cut to length. Trying to think outside the box.
Thread: Block challenge (non swap)
06/10/2017 15:27:18


this was a bit bigger than I thought, and needed imagination to get it right, but here it is.


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
06/10/2017 15:25:42

block from carol b


04/10/2017 15:07:06
Carol, Thankyou for your super block, it must have taken ages with all the pieces. Much appreciated. Love Maria. 😁
Thread: Chat
20/09/2017 11:35:25

Love to Dany at this difficult time.


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
20/09/2017 11:33:17

as promised here are the photo of blocks received. dont know how it turned on its side ?


15/09/2017 18:18:46
Thank you to Rosemary Margaret, Beryl, and Sheila's for your blocks, sorry my response has been a bit slow, I have had my friend from NZ to stay, and it's been a bit full on., will take a picture and pot over the weekend. Not to mention step brother in law passing away, andy operation being postponed. My head is spinning.
05/09/2017 10:19:22

Sheila, thankyou so much for your cute nautical block, it did make me smile.

hoping to put them all together for a quilt for DH, as its 'his turn' for a quilt.


Thread: Chat
03/09/2017 20:31:56
Glad you fixed it Rosemary, hope it holds up. My dh always uses grip fix, but he made a right mess of fixing my toybox my dad made me when I was five. W hen he stood on it many years ago. As you can't scrape off the hardened gunk. I still haven't forgiven him. And it's still a mess.
23/08/2017 14:47:29

Oh my!

just thought about my kids sewing machine which stitched chain stitch badly ( i made perforated 'stamps' for my post office with it mostly) will have to dig it out from the cobwebs.

Also my mums old jones hand machine, just googled and depending on the model may be worth a few bob. I knew there was a reason I wouldnt let him indoors hijack it for mending sails!


NZ friend currently flitting around europe, despite this I am busy with Invoices and VAT, and pre-op visits to hospital, will be full on when she returns, as she is not one to sit still for any lenght of time, we have a gin distillery to visit, and tickets to Kensington Palace, and tea on her last day, as her flight is at 10pm!

DD had fun in Japan, soo many things went wrong, flight cancellations , lost equipment, lost custom made equipment, computer froze just as the show started.still she now knows all the music and technical shops in Tokyo. and loves the Japanese can do, no problem, we'll sort it out,attitude. Future problems will now seem a breeze ( i hope)

DH working all hours , cussing the weather and the part time attitude of the student pickers. my ears ache.

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
23/08/2017 14:25:43

have posted anita's block , have a feeling ive used the same white on white as Margaret. !

I think Anita will have a super collection.


14/08/2017 20:23:20
Think I'm getting better with practise for these blocks. Apologies for any shortcomings in my previous blocks.
Thread: Block challenge (non swap)
28/07/2017 08:45:10
That is lovely Margaret, yes I have seen msqc, they always do lovely stuff, and suits me as it's individual accuracy.
My son (19) and I spent a while playing with the blocks to make all sorts of patterns. Not all symmetrical.
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