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Thread: Chat
29/12/2018 11:50:30
Sorry to hear about Sheila, whilst I didn't know her personally , I recall her many posts on this friendly page. Condolences to her family and friends.
22/12/2018 18:54:56
Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas with a healthy and successful New year.
Love Maria.
Thread: Festival of Quilts 2019
22/12/2018 18:53:13
Hope you can make good use of my inexperienced effort, maybe trimming down for an odd corner somewhere. I am well aware that my skills fall short of many members.
Love Maria.
Thread: Christmas Challenge....make a Christmas stocking for charity.
22/12/2018 18:49:31
6,4,8 are my choices, well done everyone.
Thread: Chat
26/11/2018 13:25:33
I'm considering getting a die cutting machine, for strips and squares and triangles up to six inch. To organize my huge fq stash.
Can anyone give me advice, I have no experience of these whatsoever, how do you know what die cutters are needed etc? I've Google it but not really sure. I don't want to spend more than ?100. Preferably a lot less, as I think the dies are extra? Thanks, Maria.
01/11/2018 17:08:41

love your monsters Rosemary, Im not a halloween person though. stems from chikdhood, and leaving a broom outside the door so the witches knew not to bother us. I did read on fb that someone put tabletsor drugs ofsomesort in a childs goodie bag, oh dear, i remember pins in apples one year in the 70's.sad

went to watch ..finally.... a concert that my daughter was lighting, rainbowin brighton, a band called superorganism. i didnt think i would enjoy it, but i was jiggling away, the performance outweighed the tunes, which didnt sound great on their own. she said it was rubbish lighting and a shh venue, but i thought it was good, I await the next performance invite,somewhen, when she thinks it will be better.smiley

went to an " escape room" for sons birthday, we managed to work out all the clues, but I think you need to do a couple to get the hang of it. although we were stuffed to the gills with sweet waffles and ice cream... a definate sugar overload. he had mates over on the day ..lovely to hear laughter and chat, I hid in my room, and read a book. (it was his 21st)laughcakebeer

mojo is still missing, its about somewhere...

dog has got her annual tummy problems, we really dont know what she is picked up from somewhere despite close supervision


16/10/2018 02:33:33
I have some lovely pastel rainbow strips lined up for a project somewhen that would look great in a bargello design. Project waist coat using a furry style sweatshirt, butchering the arms off. I have far to many ideas/stash/ufo's.
08/10/2018 18:52:17
Happy birthday Winnie 🎂🍾
I'm sure Rosemary wouldn't get it wrong 😉
Even so hope you are settling in well and can relax a bit. 😘
Love Maria. X
02/10/2018 20:14:21
Lovely blocks girls. Just thought I would highlight an article by myta of sew sew easy, which highlights a scientific article about how quilting can aid depression. It's quite long, but worth the read.
06/09/2018 21:31:24
Just a thought, how's Katy? And Fiona, haven't heard from them for a while. And a few others from the crew.
Thread: Show and Tell 2018
06/09/2018 21:26:23
Love that cassini quilt Margaret, I have a similar design in my head, with much larger pieces for my my night is your day. Still accumulating the required novelty fabrics though.. 😱 Not much space left in my room for them though! Maria
Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
06/09/2018 21:19:30
Oh Margaret, I do empathise, I've been having one health issue, after another lately. I hope you soon get some respite from your epilepsy, and all its related problems. My mum was epileptic, so I have a, small idea of what your suffering. I hope your move goes well despite, all this. Love Maria.
Thread: Chat
17/08/2018 17:38:18

sent DH off to the dart sailing championships with some bunting from makower, hope it doesnt get pinched.

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, having had scan/endoscopy/colposcopy in the space of 2 weeks, feeling a little tender. lets hope it sorts out whatever problems are going on inside so I can finally sort out the diabetes and boob replacement that is still outstandin. roll on Christmas ( my next personal deadline hope)

sewing has taken a bit of a backseat, but I have made a couple of bags and skirt. and spent a lot whilst surfing under my quilt. wink


Thread: Festival of Quilts 2019
17/08/2018 17:25:23

Id like to help but cant promise anything as I am having health issues at the moment, but I am happy to make contrribution/ jellyroll strips.

Ihad it on my list to go this year, but my health had other Ideas. sadIts now on next years list hopefully. DD has shown me how to air bnb so fingers crossed.


Thread: Chat
19/07/2018 11:03:37
Oh wow rosemary, that looks like a challenge and a half. Im sure you will make, a fantastic job of it. have a block a day still half unfinished, one day,....😱
Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
29/06/2018 17:26:33
Sue, your house sounds like mine, I have tried all the hobbies under the sun, and have the boxes of stuff to prove it. My parents encouraged me to do lots of things, as mum was epileptic, pretty unmanagable at the time, my outdoor activities were limited, but I'm now a very capable Jill of all trades.
I have at least 5 years worth of "torn out" dressmaking and knitting pattern from the 80's also up for grabs if anyone's interested.
Thread: Chat
28/06/2018 20:40:23
Don't like the heat, although we seem to at least had a slight breeze, which takes away the worst. Health hasn't been great on several fronts, but going back to doctors to try to hit the reset button. Hope that will bring me back to life.
Well done Rosemary, it is most rewarding when you get a nice Thankyou.
Love to everyone, maria xx
Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
28/06/2018 20:34:20
Sylvia, I cannot access the old stuff either, it was nice to have access to some of the reference type articles. I no longer subscribe, I have a stash of magazines almost as big as my fabric stash, and I am bearing in mind the huge pile of old mags I had to clear out fromy mothers. Don't want to do that to my kids.... And they are definitely not interested in sewing or craft of any sort.
Thread: Chat
17/06/2018 14:16:34
Claire, sending you love and hugs, this forum has always provided that bit of a boost for our little sewing group. Despite us all being a little on the quiet side recently, I hope you get that feeling coming to you through the airwaves.
Pam, hope you are soon recovering, and can get sewing soon
I'm sure there a tree others, I need to mention, but I'm sending you all love and hugs for your health, homes, and families.
Delighted to say my son has finally got a job,. My daughter is still whizzing around the world, learning that her worth is more than she is currently charging! Husband is silently dealing with my sporadic health hiccups, he is out sailing today, and has a good mate to chat to, so....
I'm currently addicted to sewing quarter, and not actually doing anything. Oops.
Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
06/05/2018 15:28:36
I did admire the compass quilt and bag using the same fabric, but thought about my enormous stash of fqs and decided not to buy more.And I have a large stash of UFOs. However I am a bit like Rosemary, the only time I've stuck rigidly to the pattern is when making a block for a community quilt, and I found that extremely hard. I tend to muddle along making adjustments and changes as I go, whether it be patchwork, quilting, bag making, dressmaking, or even cooking and other hobbies!
Everything usually turns out OK, and if it doesn't, I keep quiet, and nobody realises it's not supposed to be like that! lol 😂
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