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Thread: Belated Hello from Middleton Manchester :)
22/09/2016 10:16:21

Thank you for the welcomes. I've been told by hubby that I have to have a semi feet up day. I say semi because the dogs still need to go out and I still had to sort poultry feeds. He's fussing as I had a bad medication night when I woke up at 4am which is an hour and half off my pain patch being changed having started going into withdrawal So hubby got my top up Oxycontin to stop me contorting. So I'm a wee bit achy today. But the dogs have been huge fusspots and even my son's cat came and sat with me on the sofa. She normally just meows AT me till I get her treats. But because the dogs don't get treats without at least giving paw, the cat does also cause it wouldn't be fair otherwise. Had a SKY fitter's eyes almost fall out when Posh ran in the room and Sat when I asked and then gave Paw, left and right for treats. He asked if he had just seen what he had thought he'd seen. Yes, a cat who sits and gives paw. She also does Lie down and bedtime Soon as I said she's my son's Autistic Support Cat it suddenly seemed completely logical that she would. She's a Blue Tabby Point Birman who came int our lives 6 years ago. She'd actually been dumped on an industrial estate. She is like Nanny to the kids and fusses over them endlessly. She just gets bored if they are at school so follows me around

Hubby is on pins waiting for his sketchbook quit to come back in the post as with being his first ever thing he's made all on his own, he's rather proud. I am chuffed he loved doing it, tho I do really wish he'd learn to plaster (I wanted to but now can't) so we can get some rooms sorted properly but he can Tile (walls and floors) and is quite handy really as I have taught him most things in the 21 years we've been together. His dad was a landscape gardener and all he'd do was mow huge lawns when he worked with him. I ended up taking over while at Uni and holidays as I'd been brought up around farming and enjoyed proper gardening. I'm trying to get back to having a nice garden or at least section of it. We have 160ft x 40ft split into 3 sections. Currently the animals have 2 sections and we have the first section and patio tho the poultry don't hold to this and do tend to find ways to come and sit at the back door wanting to come in lol The Turkeys are just as bad as all were hatched in house and spent first few weeks being carried around on shoulders or sleeping perched on one of the dogs backs. They are just a lot larger now and having a bird 15kgs plus in weight with 5 to 6ft wingspan trying to fly to your shoulder or arm can be a bit disturbing of you didn't know that they then snuggle up to your face wanting kisses and hugs. We've kept turkeys now for the last 10/11 years. We can't eat Turkey now.

13/09/2016 13:03:13

Just realised I haven't posted a hello post. I'd posted on the sketchbook quilt thread but hadn't actually said hello.


HELLO!!! I'm Laura I'm 39 and I live in Middleton, Manchester with my Husband Stephen 39 and 2 Children. Alex, our daughter, who is 15 in November and Beren, our son, who has just turned 13 in August. Both are on the Autistic Spectrum.
We share our home with 8 dogs (6 Northern Inuit, 1 Choc Labrador and 1 working Springer Spaniel) 1 Welsh section C Pony, 6 Lavender Splash/Bronze Turkeys, approx 25 chickens, 7 Ducks, 1 house Cat & 4 Feral Cats 1 Lovebird and 1 Green Cheek Conure. So we have a very busy and packed house.

We like collecting Vintage things. Anything that catches our eye really. Alex loves Hornsea and has been collecting Heirloom storage Jars and table wear. She has collected a fair amount with my help. She also has a passion for vintage bedding like the wool blankets or Candlewicks. Again, she has a fair amount of these that she has found at an amazing Jumble sale we go to, mainly for 25p each!
Beren is more in to his gaming, but he also has a keen interest in Maths and Science. He does like vintage things but is very picky about what he likes and tends not to collect set themes.

Me, I collect Fabric. For the past 20 years plus I have been amassing a hoard of a stash. Anything that takes my fancy really. Vintage textiles, Bargains that you just can't live without and they will never be seen at that price I'll buy the roll if I can. I don't have nights out or Holidays (last one was 3 years ago and that was St I'd been on in Ayers). I'm spinally challenged so I have had to give up a lot over the years so sewing has become something that I have thrown myself into. I've done Custom Fleece Hats and Scarves, Curtains, Cushions, Adobes, Bed sheets, Costumes, Copley, Children's clothes, Shirts and shorts for Hubby. Bags, Purses, Pencil cases, Dog collars, Horse blankets and Field rugs.......the list goes on hehe. I use to do a lot of hand sewing but because of Arthritis in my fingers I have had to almost give it up. I share a 1950s Janome New Home Sewing Machine with my daughter, it's very basic but it's such a lovely machine to work on. Have to get hubby to lift it for me as it is very heavy.
Alex has just started her own Enterprise making Bags, Purses, Dice/Rune Bags etc which she started in order to pay for her own school trip to CERN as she didn't want us stressing about finding the money. She'd decided this before she'd even told us about the trip. She knows that she has complete access to the stash, we've always allowed them to have freedom to chose the fabrics they want to use as we don't want to prevent them from expressing themselves creatively. With them both being Autistic they can be very creative and we've tried to enable this in every way we can. So she really has thrown herself into this. She gets in from school, makes sure she's done any homework and then gets straight into her making. To help save her some time I'm doing ironing and cutting for her. She just makes me a list I can follow and tick off as I go. I really am proud of her for making her own choice in paying for her trip. She's paid it in full now with the help of her gofundme page which she offered 'rewards' of purses and dicebags. So now she has decided to keep her enterprise 'Lady Luthien' going in order to buy things she may need for school but she'd also like to buy her brother a Telescope that he can connect to the camera as he loves Space and because he is at Special school, he doesn't get the kind of school trips offer to him as she does and she can see that it does upset him, especially the CERN trip as he has read everything he can find about the LHC. So she wants to do something special for him.

As well as having Spinal issues (Degenerative Disc Disease), Arthritis and Nerve Issues I am also on the Autistic Spectrum as I have Asperger's. I struggle with crowds, tend to chat on (even typing lol) but I am very giving and if I can help someone in any way, sometimes I have been hurt because of this but I try not to let it stop me from helping the next person.

Well, that's me. I know it's rather a lot and I am sorry for that but hope I have given an insight into me.

Thread: Sketchbook Quilt Competition
13/09/2016 11:03:12

Not had ours back yet. Thinking about getting daughter's framed with it having been her first ever quilt. Hubby has even been sketching out plans for his next quilts. He's planning on doing a few on a theme (seems like it's all Star Wars at the moment lol). This is from someone who, tho he has supported and fed my fabric addition, he's always said there would be no way I could ever use it all in my lifetime lol. Well, now, he's in and out of my storage bags looking for 'I'll know what it is when I find it' fabric lol. He's even planning on making himself a 'Mad Max' inspired Cushion.

Alex is still making her purses etc but we have just bought a couple of 'Harris Tweed' Craft Packs and as a surprise Hubby had also ordered me 2 metres of a Gorgeous Pink and Purple Herringbone 'Harris Tweed'. Any scraps from the HT will be going into a nice winter lap quilt for me and the kids to snuggle under so Alex is going to be making it with me.

Can't wait to see the winners tho. And to see the ones picked to show in Octobers mag as those who weren't at the show will be able to see them better and be able to see the actual stitching and quilting (I hope lol) as I love to see the amazing ideas that others come up with, specially on the same theme

06/09/2016 23:29:54

We haven't heard anything either so looks like none of us won tho I knew I certainly wouldn't. It was good fun just entering as it has lifted my spirits somewhat.

On a happy note, Alex (my 14yr old daughter) raised enough money to not only pay for her school trip to CERN but also enough to get herself a knew phone. She's now looking to continue so she can earn and save enough for a Laptop to help her with GCSE work. Very proud. Her first ever quilt really showed her that she could sew and that she was capable. And all on her lovely 1950s sewing machine which she adores. She does love vintage things.

01/09/2016 11:23:58

We've been on pins in this house lol. Me and hubby kinda guessed we wouldn't be in with a chance and after seeing the photos of some seriously amazing quilts that put us to shame we know that we aren't lol But entering and just enjoying the whole process has been awesome. My daughter has been checking the facebook page daily tho and can't wait tofind out. She's been really busy sewing for the last few weeks and her Dicebags have been well received by friends of hubby's on the facebook groups he's in. So far she has raised enough to pay for her school trip to CERN and is now hoping to raise enough more to buy her brother something to make up for all the trips and things he doesn't get to go on being as he's at Special needs high school which we think is a rather sweet thing to do.

I'm loving seeing the close up photos of the quilts. You miss so much in a joint photo. All the detailing and such. They are all beautiful.

22/08/2016 13:50:01

We were in such a rush to get them in the post that we forgot to take photos at home . Sadly, we weren't able to get down to the show but it has been amazing just to see them hanging up with so many others.

My daughter's quilt is the 4th one. It's Lavender Fields. She even stuffed the Lavender rows with dried lavender from our garden. I really couldn't have been prouder as Alex had never made a quilt before and having enjoyed making it on her 1950's New Home Machine that she is flying away making Purses and Dice Bags to sell to raise money for her school trip to CERN. She's already sold 5 of the first 6 Dice Bags she made and had a couple of orders coming in for mock suede Dice Bags. I have given her 100% access to my epic fabric hoard that I have been building since my teens. Thankfully with Hubby being a Crafter he has large amounts of model building craft supplies (not as mad as mine but close lol) so he doesn't mind thankfully lol

Hubby Stephen's quilt is in the red section. It's a Star Wars Themed quilt of an X-Wing flying down one of the Death Star Trenches. He drafted his own templates and used Piecing, EPP and Applique. Again, same as Alex, he had never made a quilt before. In fact, he'd only ever stitched straight lines on the machine.
My quilt is the Dark and Light grey Squares (like a Chess Board) which I did in Woven Wool Fabrics and then quilted with Sashiko circles. I did it all by hand as both Alex and Stephen had the Sewing Machine so it was getting a bit hogged lol. I did plan to fully sashiko quilt it in every square but sadly my twisted Arthritic fingers had other plans so it became a central design instead I know it hasn't a chance of winning but just actually finishing something after over a year of not being able to due to illness and mental breakdown, it's helped me by just having completed it. It's ment that I have been able to help my daughter more with her enterprise.

21/07/2016 03:20:11

I was thinking Purple would be the predominant colour Then maybe Pink, followed by Reds, Blues and Yellows. Then some random colours and shades.
My daughter has entered the Junior section. It's her first ever quilt and she learned so many new things while making it. I loved how all I had to do was provide her with a huge bag of her chosen colour to pick from, the odd time she asked if a certain thread was the right colour match. She's made me so proud in how she has now gone on to making purses and bags. She'd only made a handful of things before, mainly at school. So to see how she has fallen in love with making and would now like to have a go at making a dress.
I can't wait to see photos from the show. I'd love to be able to attend. Maybe one day I really can't wait to see all of them and how people's favourite colour helped define the design of their quilts. Good luck everyone.

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