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Thread: Fusible Fleece
20/10/2013 17:33:17

Hi Margaret,

I see no reason that ordinary wadding wouldn't work. Be sure if your not fusing it that you baste it securely first! Learned this the hard way and more than once too How large of a piece would your pattern call for and how is your time frame for making it? If you'd like to have some for this or just to have and play with for the future I'd be happy to post you some. Depending how much you need I probably have it on hand as i have several pieces from other projects in various widths and lengths as well as a few uncut yards in the stash bins that would be full width. if your not in a hurry for this project then I'll get it to the post on Tuesday to you but the time to get it across the pond to you is unpredictable! I'll message you with my email so you can get a hold of me quickly as I can't always convince my computer to connect to this site

Thread: Secret Santa 2013
20/10/2013 17:24:23

YES INDEED A HUGE THANK YOU! I received your message and have the giddy fabric gremlin in me determined to get out to the sewing shop and play with stash fabrics and may even get a trip to the quilt shop almost justified, almost but not quite. Good thing my DH just smiles and tells me no reason is better than just because it's fun! What fun it is especially when itis a swap inspired trip to the shop!

Posted by Pam C on 20/10/2013 16:27:49:

Message received and thank you for all your hard work putting this together for us.

Pamela C

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
20/10/2013 07:23:03

Chris Hunt~ Thank you I had a squishy from you in the post today! I also have one from ??? nameless envelope..... I may have my DH open and reseal it for me and tell me who it was from. He already got to reseal Rosemarys and is now just as excited about the new squishies as I am.

thank you for this teasingly wonderful lead up to my birthday. Can't remember having such anticipation for a birthday since I was a young girl!

19/10/2013 13:26:32

Have a wonderful birthday Marian!

Thread: Ribbons....
08/10/2013 10:27:18

This is from an email I received. The tutorial to make this block can be found at **LINK**

Nice to see you here Laura, you seem to have sorted out your computer problems! Rosemary

Edited By rosemary Rosenfeld on 08/10/2013 12:58:12

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
23/04/2013 13:36:23


No worries on my part as to being paired with Jayne as far as I am concerned I don't mind the mailing expense and will send them as soon as I have them made. I was more concerned for Jayne as I am not sure if she realized I was in the states and anticipates the added price may make it easier for her to send them in a monthly mailing.


I've been working at organizing and sorting in the sewing studio all weekend and have grown excited now a few times as I have unearthed some beautiful blues that I had forgot that I even had! I am looking forward to getting back to a point where I can sew in here and working on your blocks!

Posted by rosemary Rosenfeld on 20/04/2013 14:24:31:

Hi Laura and Jayne, I have already sorted the partners for May and can't remember who is paired with who! I'll sort out for June if necessary!!



Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
19/04/2013 21:47:13


Your package finally made it out last Wednesday. I hope you get it quickly as I am so terribly embarassed that it took this long!

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
19/04/2013 21:42:12


No pressure on time to make them, and I am sure you will find that they worm their way into the to do pile eventually! Just to double check it is the 9 patch and the square in a square that you missed on, and you are already paired up with someone on the rail fence. Also your colors are medium and darker shades of blue and white. Being a blue fanatic I know once my sewing shop gets put back to gether I will have some lovelies for you! If all goes well I hope to send them out to you by the end of next week! It is a good motivator to get back to cleaning out reasembling my studio again, all my fabric is sitting out under the carpost on a make shift table as of yesterday, eeks! I'm so moody right now trying to make sence of my mess and my poor hubby made the mistake of talking to me, well actually he offered help, I think I must've grouled as he has made himself scarce!

Postted by Jayne on 19/04/2013 21:06:44:


That would be lovely Laura, I'm sure I can find some bits in my stash that are in your colours, you might have to wait a little while at the moment but yes please.


19/04/2013 03:14:45

the 9 patch?Susan,

Have you received the blocks I sent yet for the9 patch? I haven't been online much so I might have just missed the post saying you did.

Posted by Susan M on 01/03/2013 08:40:24:

The post to and from the USA seems rather hit and miss. Laura received my block just two weeks after I sent it but mine from her has still not arrived. Oh well better luck this month.

19/04/2013 03:10:18


I just saw your post (below). Would you like to do a swap with a 9 patch and the sq. in a sq. with me? I live in the states so shipping may be a detterant for you. I don't mind and perhaps we can ask Rosemary to pair us for an upcoming month and then include the blocks witht hat month? Just a thought. However, I don't mind sending them off to you as soon as I have them made. Ask Rosemary for my email and we can figure it out if this is something you'd loke to do!

Posted by Jayne on 09/03/2013 17:39:41:

Good afternoon folks,

I've been reading this thread and kicking myself for having missed the start, I was wondering if there was anyway I could join in. Please may I join in April? Rosemay I have messaged you with my other details.


19/04/2013 03:04:11

Hi Cam,

I just received you lovely block for March! Thank you it is beautiful. I still can't post pictures at the moment so I do apologize for this.


I sent you Aprils Rail Fence yesterday. I had a difficult time with the dusty pink and as I was cleaning today I found the perfect fabric, of cource! If the colors don't work for you just let me know and I can remake it with this fabric that you would like better I think. In fact I sent both blocks that I made as I was so uncertain with the colors. The first one was made with a lovely Michael Miller collection but it was just too busy looking that I hated the way it came out so I decided on the second block which did turn out better in my opinion. The first ine I was so proud of how well the points matched that I think it was my best yet too bad it was just so busy that you lost the design in it overall. But the second one is much easier on the eyes! Just let me know in an email to the address if you'd like me to send you a picture of this pink that I came across and I can whip up a new block and post it to you.



Thread: ATC swap 2013
24/03/2013 21:43:32

I have my fingers crossed that this post will not get eaten by the gremlins living in the laptop! I have received the amazing and beautiful ATC from January in the most delightful packaging! I loved the little card that held the artist card, but both are truly artistic, creative and fun! I have actually been looking at frame to display them in and have to now make up my mind on either individual frames for each month swapped or a colage type frame that will have me eagerly anticipating what joys that will fill the empty slots! I know that I'm leaning towards the individual frames just because of the wonderful fishy card that came with Januarys delight from Carol, as well as the gorgeous hearts that I received for February also being accompanied by a post card with a picture of the Rochester Castle in Kent That is just equally as stunning and placed beside their respective ATC's I can't imagine displaying them any other way! What do you guys think? How do you display or save yours? I have found a tutorial on Youtube for making an ATC box that holds approx. 12 or so in a cardstock constructed expandable type box. I am trying to post pictures of the cards and pretties that accompanied them.

Also I have been very bad and as I am pretending to clean up in the sewing shop I have realized that I still have not sent my February ATC. I must admit I had more fun in the process of making it although having not been pleased with the end result I kind of tucked it in a to do bin and figured on returning to it when not frustrated and that to do bin got burried in the back of my mind and under a few magazines so here I sit with 3 done but still uninspiring ATC's and a new whim to try making cloth paper instead of finishing and mailing one of these. Well it IS ONLY 2:30pm Sunday my time perhaps I will get lucky and by 10am Monday have got to the post office to send an incredible yet to be made ATC off! Need to be sure though that Irene is the one waiting for this slightly neglected and terribly late card?!

As for Aprils' swap I'd love to be a part of it if I am allowed out of my naughty corner by the months end! (As in actually finishing and MAILING LAST MONTHS card before this month is up! I swear they taught us how to use calenders over here I just fear I wasout sick that week!)



NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR personal EMAIL is xxxxxxxxx

Edited By rosemary Rosenfeld on 24/03/2013 23:03:59

14/02/2013 12:21:06

Katy~ I so agree I am VERY, VERY lucky to receive this beautiful piece! I am so in love with it! I felt like a child on Christmas morning as I opened this beautiful package. Jan out did herself with this and the beautiful card! I am so inspired with this that I have decided to make a potholder quilt eventually with this being my first block!

The fabric is the mottled type of a soft lavender and verigated purple thread which adds the extra special umph to it! I am surfing blogland as I want to start making additional blocks to be able to put together the potholder quilt with future blocks from this groups swaps as well as ones I make as a result of being inspired here! I hope to have it actually come to fruition one fine day and be able to show off pictures here of the wonderful things this forum inspired!

To think I could be so fortunate to have the first block be this wonderful piece!!!

I found a great blog on FMQ and will include a link. However, here is what she refers to as her guidelines for her fmq students. I am pasting guideline 2 as it is such a great idea yet so simple I never would have thought of it!

2. Have a quilting plan, but be flexible. I preview the quilting pattern on a piece of upholsteryvinyl using an air erasable pen holding it over the top. If I don' t like it I erase it and try another pattern.


Thread: 3D Flowers
14/02/2013 10:54:55


This is the best tuteroial I have seen for making a eibbon rose! Very easy to understand and follow plus looks very nice. I'm getting out my ribbon now to try it!

14/02/2013 06:13:11

Hi Reenie,

I am not familiar with plasti-card. I have to mail some things over that way this week. Perhaps I can slip a few foam sheets in an envelope and have it remailed to you. I will contact the two people that I am sending to this week and see if either of them will remail it for you and I can get your address to them if they say yes.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Also if you send me an email to I will email you a file (rather large) of lovely 3d flowers by japanese artists. It is in adobe format.


Posted by Reenie on 04/02/2013 20:17:08:

Hello Laura

I had forgotten about tutorials on youtube - thank you! Found some nice ones that I will try. Your foam idea sounds good - is it the same as plasti-card?

Thank you for some more inspiration!

Best wishes


14/02/2013 04:14:10


I hope that you and your husband are home together soon enjoying his continued improved health. I will keep you both in my heart and prayers.


I received your block and card tonight. You did a great job on it AND i AM SO IMPRESSED! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. i PUT A FEW PICTURES OF IT ON MY PHOTO ALBUM LABELED 2013 pLAAYING bIGTIME sWAP.


Block I rcvd Feb. 2013 from Jan

Edited By Katy on 14/02/2013 10:15:37

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
14/02/2013 04:02:12


I received the lovely block you sent me! I made a folder for the swap under my pictures and I have a few more in it. I absolutely in love with the fabric in the center block and the yellow florals, to the point that I will have to talk you into swapping me some of it for anything you'd like! I love the fabrics in the block as each and every one is so "ME"! In fact, the dark blue Moda "dimples", I think is the name of it, I nearly used the same one in my MIL's quilt but was talked into the brown instead!

picture 94.jpg

09/02/2013 05:13:07

Katy~ I am so glad it made it there to you safely! I was thrilled upon realizing that you were my partner in this swap and was determined to try and create something that was truly unique for you, I am just tickled with how it came out and so glad that you like it!!!

Mal~ To answer how that was done I first started with a piece of muslin. The muslin being a bit on the flimsy side of the faabric coin was in after thought sheer luck and worked out much better than a WOW quilting cotton that I tried to do the similar painting steps with. The cotton became much to stiff for my liking! So the idea initially came from a desire to get into dying, painting and designing my own fabric and a recent issue of Cloth Papper Scissors had these lovely hearts on hte cover, (which in truth is the only reason I bought the magazine!) They featured this painting technique using watercolors first then free motion stitching the pattern (a heart in the magazine), then highlighting it with acrylics.

Well had acrylics but no watercolors to start so I watered the acrylics down to a liquidy paint and applied it to the dry muslin as if it were the watercolors. I saturated the fabric with the watery paint allowing the colors to blend and run into each other until the entire piece was completely wet with colors. I use brown paper sacks under and ontop of the wet piece and ironed it dry to heat set the paint. (I who lack patience figured that the iron would be quicker than allowing it to air dry then heat set with iron per the directions! It worked lovely. I repeated this a few times until the fabric was pleasing to me. During the first and last application of these water acrylics I painted "KATY" on it creating the outline for the trapunto quilting. (Here is a good description of the technique, but I cheat and did it the easy way by layering wadding and the painted cloth, stitching the outline and tri,,ing the batting beyind the stitching, **LINK** I did this I believe 3 times to create the extremly puffed apearance, In order to accentuate this I needed to do a dense free motion pattern once the block was layered properly with the painted cloth wadding and backing. Before that was done I had watercolors by that stage and added those to the lettering portion only. After heat setting it I grabbed some nail polish that is clear with glittering metalic slivers in it and painted the upper most part of the lettering. Then it was the normal layer baste and quilt process.

After that was done my piece wasn't going to allow for binding so I zig zagged the edges. I was enjoying it so much but wanted to hang it up to admire it for a day more and that was when the attempt at couching came about and the disaster of my plan worked out well enough to make the little hanging loop on it!

So how did I do that you asked, ............BY PLAYING BIGTIME!

Thank you all so much for letting me come and play with you!

Thread: 4 Seasons Row by Row
08/02/2013 06:32:41

Let me know when you've sorted it out and star along again as I just skimmed the pages and loved it all! I love the autumn quote by Camus and will be lookibg it up on google! So double thank you

Thread: A New Swap for young quilters
08/02/2013 06:01:33

What a wonderful idea! I wish I had my boys as they would have loved this. Heck i would have loved it when I was a kid. I will enjoy just watching what the kids create! I will post a link in Quilt With Us and My Quilt Place in case any of the ladies over their will want to do this. These other sites however are primarily US participants. In case that will be a problem just let me know as I will be clear that it requires shipping to the UK

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