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Thread: Chat
14/12/2020 14:04:53

Hi Gang, it's been forever since I posted on here. It's been a very crazy 4 years since my husband and I bought our first home together.

I just wanted to say hello and wish all my PP gang a very happy and safe Christmas and let's hope that the new year will be a little worrying.

Take care all.

Tess xx

03/02/2018 09:34:39

You're welcome Emma... I know I have loads of magazines, but going back that far. It would have been interesting to have seen what she was looking for.


01/02/2018 15:13:15

Hi Margaret,

Sorry I can't help, but my magazines went back as far as 2004, when I moved back to England. Wish I could help but unfortunately I'm not able too.

Hope everyone on the forum are well these days.

Tessa x

20/12/2017 12:30:24

Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been on here....want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope everyone is well.

Tessa x

29/09/2017 17:07:49

Carol, have sent you a PM...

Tessa x

Thread: Show and Tell
18/08/2017 08:45:45

Fantastic results Jayne...well done to you and your group. xx

04/07/2017 08:42:16

Yes, it is a stunning quilt Alison.

Tessa x

Thread: Chat
04/07/2017 08:38:59

Thanks for the update on Katy, Carol. Sounds good all around.

Tessa x

Thread: Bags bags bags.
23/06/2017 20:37:22

Oh Yes,,,,I do like that bag Claire....and the front pocket is so sweet.


Thread: Block challenge (non swap)
21/06/2017 17:37:53

Hi Beryl,

Sorry to say that this BOM has nothing to do with me. Katy and I were going to suggest a completely different BOM some years ago but didn't have a chance to send out feelers to see how everyone thought of the way that Katy and I were planning on working it. Our way was not like what Rosemary has suggested, so I may consider trying to recommend it later in the year, so I won't be involved in this one.


Thread: Chat
20/06/2017 17:15:28

LOL... the case of the missing pillows. If I win the lottery, every goes to the Festival of quilts on year...this year I have a kitchen to paint, and put a new worktop, sink and taps in. It's so nice owning my own place again...the things you do, you do for yourself and your spouse.

Next year is a definite for the Festival of quilts, no matter what....and I think Kimmers will be on board with that as well... in the mean time I hope everyone going this year has a fantastic time.

Tessa xx

20/06/2017 16:17:57

Oh, great minds think alike Carol. So good to hear from you.

You are so right in what you have said...I hope everyone reads your post.

Years ago Katy and I were planning on a block of the month, but we needed the participation of at least 12 people. One person per month.... pick a block pattern...not just any easy pattern, but one that was really unusual...then make the block but also do some research on the pattern itself. Each month that person would tell of the information she had gathered about the block, post her picture and then if anyone wanted to make it, be sure that the pattern was available and share it. Sounds a bit complicated now, but it was a thought that we chatted about quite a number of times. There are 1,000's of patterns free on line.

Back to the place mats... face 9

Tessa x

20/06/2017 15:46:49

Hi Sylvia,

Even if members don't renew their subscriptions, either by post or digitally, we can still access the forum to chat with each other. Many years ago, my brother in law signed up to this website just to see what all the ladies were doing. I don't think he ever posted anything, but he needed to know what I was so interested in. Bless him, he passed away back in 2013.

Anyway, back to making a set of place mats that have been specially ordered....would rather sit and drink cold water and read, it's just so hot....even in Cumbria.

Take care all.

Tessa xx

p.s. maybe we should start another monthly the Underground Railroad we did so many moons ago...just a thought.

20/06/2017 13:38:40

Hi Emma,

Yes, as everyone else has just's good to hear from you and to hear that there are people on top of things that need seeing to.

With regards to the magazine subscription, I normally pay £9.99 every 3 months for my mags. Over a period of 12 months that's £3.33 each. That is still £1.66 less than in store, but we have been spoiled with that 13th issue. I've just sat and browsed through the latest magazine again, and find that none of the quilts are creating motivation to create. Maybe a rethink of some of the inclusions need to be taken into consideration.

As far as recommending a bag designer...well, off the top of my head Brenda Dean comes to mind. BUT, there are tons of forum quilt members that make bags that are beautiful....

I'm sure you've noticed that there is a group of friends on these forum pages that are no longer friends, WE ARE FAMILY.... we've been chatting about our quilting, our lives, our up and downs... meeting up at the Festival of Quilts and enjoying each others company. And it's all because of this website. I've been posting on here since 2006, been sewing and quilting for 42 years and it's the people that I've met via this medium that has kept so many of us going ... challenging each other to create... I truly wouldn't want it to end.

Anyway, I've had my little say...At my age, retirement means fun...and quilting is my vice, along with the whole gang on here, from every corner of the planet. Love you all.

Tessa xx

Thread: Bags bags bags.
20/06/2017 13:10:09

I too enjoy making bags Maria. I've done these 2 by following a pattern off a bag I received in a bag swap some years ago...such an easy but very effective look about them....

Tessa xx

Craft fair bags

Thread: Hug Hearts for June
16/06/2017 10:51:52

Have sent you a PM with new address Rosemary. xx

16/06/2017 10:46:46

Do you have my new address Rosemary...we moved last October... xx

16/06/2017 10:28:48

Hi Rosemary, my cousin Laura is being very's her dad's funeral today in Burry Port, South Wales...any chance of a few hearts to add to the ones I already have? I'm going to make a heart quilt for her. Her dad was a very special man, and her mum, a good friend.


Thread: Chat
16/06/2017 10:25:46

Agree whole heartedly with you as well Alison... things have changed...even though we still have a lot of the old gang still posting, we don't have the number of posts that we used to have... lots of disgruntled subscribers.

My payment for the mag will be coming out shortly for the next three months, then when it comes out of my account in September, I'll be cancelling.... that will take me to the end of the year.

If I ever need inspiration I have the PP magazines going back to 2006.... I can always go through those and get a lift from past articles and projects and the good times when we all contributed.

Next year will be a Festival of Quilts for me... here's hoping we can all still meet up and have some fun. I will continue to keep an eye on this forum though. Don't want to loose touch completely.

Tessa xx

15/06/2017 21:29:31

I agree with everyone about things happening in the PP mag and online. I've decided to continue with my subscription until the end of the year, then I'm cancelling.

As Jayne has said .... we are losing something...just not sure what it is. Katy is missed, the magazine is decreasing it's annual publication from 13 to12.... no bag editor who doesn't connect with the online quilters...I suppose we could go on and on.

So things will need to change big time for me to change my mind in December.


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