You can download the pattern sheets for 2017 issues of Popular Patchwork from here. These are pdf files and are usually A2 sized sheets.

To print an A2 pattern sheet, save the file to your computer, open with a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat, and print as tiled A4 pages at actual size (100%). If your required pattern covers more than one A4 sheet, then tape the sections together.

Please ensure that you save the pdf files before printing at 100%

January 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 - Quilted Leaves  - Part 1
January 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 - A Vase of Blooms templates
February 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 - Patchwork Flower Bucket and Village Playmat 
March 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 - Patchwork Flower Bucket and Village Playmat 
April 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 - Chevron Quilt, Flash Quilt, Fabric eggs, Wash Bag, Peek-a-boo Farm,
Weekend Bag 
April 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 - Weekend Bag 
May 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 - Ditsy Daisy Quilt, Orange Peel Quilt, Storage Baskets, Tomato Pincushion, Peek-A-Boo Farm (cont. overleaf) 
May 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 - Storm at Sea Lap Quilt, Peek-A-Boo Farm
June 2017 Pattern Sheet  - Bumble Bee Quilt, Hexies Framed Patchwork, Scissor Case, Spots & Squares Quilt, Summer Skies Tote 
July 2017 Pattern Sheet  - Teatime Napkins, Schoolhouse Blues, Denim Days,
August 2017 Pattern Sheet 1  - Lotus Flower Quilt, Miranda Bag, Belt Purse, Peaks & Valleys, Tea for Two Cosy & Mat
August 2017 Pattern Sheet 2  - Folksy Footstool Cover (Overleaf) 

September 2017 Pattern sheet  -  Bring-along bunny, Graphic Flower tote, Suffolk Puff cushion, Vase bag
October 2017 Pattern sheet  -  Orange Peel,  Shoulder Bag, Crazy Linen Floor Cushion, South Downs Landscape (overleaf) 
November 2017 Pattern sheet  -  North Star, Scrappy Bowl, Starry Night, Winter Bucket Bag, Appliqué Clutch Bag 
December 2017 Pattern sheet  - The Night Before Christmas, Dainty Decorations, Gingerbread Garland, Nordic Stocking, Take Note, Bottoms Up, Mystery Quilt, Hyggelig Hot Water Bottle Cover