Violets in the Orchard

Foundation piecing

Designed and made by Helen Kent

Hone your foundation piecing skills with this delightful summery quilt featuring fabrics from the Liberty Orchard collection.

((3 stars))

Size: 54" square Block: 17" square


Fabrics from the Liberty Orchard* collection from Liberty, or to your choice:

50cm Pink Primula Dawn (LF04775634Y)

50cm Pink Orchard (LF04775629Y)

50cm Blue Kimberly and Sarah (LF04775632Y)

60cm Pink Garden Gates (LF04775630Y)

50cm Pink Peach Bloom (LF04775626Y)

1¼m Pink Wild Cherry (LF04775627X)

75cm Pink Fruit Silhouette (LF04775628Y)

70cm Teal Fruit Silhouette (LF04775628Z)

64" Square wadding

3½m Backing

Foundation paper